Lovely flock of hens desperately seeking strong, protective, handsome rooster breeds. Have you seen this advertisement in your local paper? Probably not, but if chickens (or chicken owners) could make it happen – they would.

Roosters play an important role in the world of chickens. They not only have a built-in nostalgic alarm, but they are also great at protecting their flock from predators, fertilizing eggs, and more! Not everyone wants a rooster, but if you do – there are some pretty awesome rooster breeds out there that you need to know about!

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Ten Awesome Rooster Breeds

Let’s jump right in and talk about ten awesome rooster breeds. You may, or may not, know that there are MANY chicken breeds. It can be hard to sift through all the varieties and find your match. If you are like me, you’ll end up with 20 or more different breeds just to try and figure out what breed is the best.

There are breeds that are popular because they are pretty, there are some known for being a dual-purpose breed (eggs and meat), there are breeds that are coveted because of their hardiness, and on it goes. Let’s just say – there are a LOT of choices out there. Chicken keepers have no lack of breeds of chickens calling their names – that’s for sure.

There are so many wonderful breeds out there, so don’t get too focused on a small list. But I will tell you that these ten breeds will get you started with a bang. They are truly amazing rooster breeds that you simply can’t go wrong with. If you want to add a rooster to your backyard flock, THIS is a great place to start.

#1 Welsummer

This breed holds a special place in my heart as my very first rooster was a Welsummer. I wanted that iconic Welsummer rooster – with a boisterous, large full tail sporting plenty of beautiful, shiny green feathers! As far as I knew, it was THE rooster to have. 

Read all about this breed in this article called Welsummer Chickens – Iconic Chickens With a Royal Twist.

Developed in the 1900’s it was first imported into this country in 1928 for its large brown egg. The Welsummer eggs will vary in tints of dark brown eggs and most of the eggs will have a real dark speckled pigment in the egg shell. The Welsummer is a large, upright, active bird with a broad back, full breast, large full tail and a single comb. Welsummers have a docile and friendly personality. 

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Welsummer Chickens

#2 Silkie

Cute, cuddly, fuzzy, and cheerful. You can’t help but love this unique breed. For full disclosure, these are a bantam breed (which is a smaller size than a standard chicken). This breed is definitely a hit for kids and make great pets.

My son had a gray silkie he named Muskrat. Muskrat was the main attraction of our farm for a while. You would see my son bouncing around the farm with Muskrat in his arms. It was precious.

Read all about this breed in this article called Silkie Chickens: Pet Facts and Fiction.

Silkies are named for their unique fluffy plumage, which feels like silk. They have several unusual qualities, such as black skin and bones, blue earlobes, and five toes on each foot (although not all of our silkies will hatch out with five toes). Calm and friendly and the most docile of poultry.

Hoover’s Hatchery

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White Silkie rooster on green grass

#3 Australorp

Although some folks might be more excited about how many eggs the hens lay, I get most excited about the beetle green (and sometimes purple) iridescent color that shines within their plumage. It is magical in my opinion. AND they are beautiful soft feathers to boot!

The Australorp roosters are just plain gorgeous and they are also extremely sweet birds, making them for great families.

Read all about this breed in this article called All About Australorp Chickens and Where To Buy Them.

Find more information and prices here: Murray McMurray Hatchery

#4 Speckled Sussex

Speckled Sussex chickens have wonderful, inquisitive, and “big” personalities, not to mention the beautiful “speckles” on their feathers! The Speckled Sussex rooster can have green in its feathers as well! Don’t be surprised if they willingly sit on your lap or take treats from your hands – they’re the perfect pet chicken!

They don’t require special feed, are docile, and the hens don’t get very aggressive during brooding. The roosters are equally a joy to be around!

Read all about this breed in this article called Speckled Sussex Chickens – Gorgeous, friendly, productive, and so much fun to own!

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#5 Polish

They have a natural talent to shine in the coop or shows. They’re adorable, friendly, full of personality, have a loving temperament, and make great companions.

Polish roosters are most consistently thought to be from Spain originally and then imported to Holland. They did not appear on the scene in America until around 1830 or so.

The name Polish either comes from the idea of Polish soldiers’ helmets OR the prefix “pol” meaning large head. Either way, their head crest remains their claim to fame. Read all about this breed in this article called Polish Chickens: Eggs, Colors, & More.

Find more information and prices here: Hoover’s Hatchery

#6 Brahma

While Brahma chickens are known for growing into beasts the size of large turkeys, giving it the nickname “The Majestic One” by the American Brahma Club, and the equal honor of the name “king of all poultry” (due to its size and vigor). However, the average Brahma isn’t quite that large.

Brahmas are very friendly, as long as you’ve raised them to enjoy the company of people (feed them lots of treats and they’ll be yours forever). They are pretty good around small children too, although the kids might be intimidated by a large bird!

Brahmas are quiet, docile, and calm birds who love to take treats from your hand and get cuddles. They get along great with other chickens, as well.

Read all about this breed in this article called Brahma Chickens: What To Know Before You Buy!

Find more information and prices here: Murray McMurray Hatchery

#7 Salmon Faverolles

Salmon Faverolles would be awarded “Entertainers of the Year” if there were such a thing as chicken entertainment awards! Plus they are friendly, cuddly, and cute!

Faverolles chickens come in a wide color palette, from Mahogany, Black, Buff, Blue, Blue Salmon, Cuckoo, Ermine, Laced Blue, to Splash. But only two colors are actually recognized by the American Poultry Association: White and Salmon. 

These bearded beauties are great docile birds that are very friendly. The breed originated in France and became the premier meat and egg laying breed at the Paris market in the late 1800s. The salmon color is the most prominent in Europe and where they are available in the U.S.

Hoover’s Hatchery

Read all about this breed in this article called Salmon Faverolles Chickens Owner’s Guide.

Find more information and prices here: Cackle Hatchery

#8 Orpington

What’s not to love about the Orpington chicken? First bred in 1886, this bird is one of the oldest heritage breeds and is now raised for eggs, meat, and exhibition. This is a good solid bird, and the rooster is no exception.

If you’re in the market for some Orpington chicks, you’ll find a ton of hatcheries specializing in all kinds of Orpingtons – including Buff, Black, Blue Laced, Red, Lavender, Barred, and more. You can even buy bantam Orpingtons or fertile hatching eggs online!

The Buff Orpington and the Lavender Orpington are probably the ones you have heard about most often. But all of the varieties are pretty awesome.

Read all about this breed in this article called Buff Orpington Chickens: Buyer’s Guide.

Find more information and prices here: Hoover’s Hatchery

#9 Wyandotte

If you want a truly beautiful hen in your flock, you can’t go wrong with a Wyandotte rooster. With their intricately laced feathers and easy-going personalities, they’re the perfect addition to any backyard flock.

While the exact color will depend on the variety, the laced versions have beautiful dual-colored feathers – a main color (such as silver or gold), edged with black. Many people refer to the Golden Laced Wyandotte as a “black and gold chicken,” which is an accurate description.

They come in so many varieties including the Silver Laced, Columbian, Gold Laced, Blue and Black. Read all about this breed in this article called Wyandotte Chickens: Buyer’s Guide.

Find more information and prices here: Murray McMurray Hatchery

Stunning Wyandotte rooster standing on ground

#10 Cochin

Be ready to fall in love with a big, fluffy, friendly mass of feathers when you start raising Chochin rooster breeds! Whether you raise the full-size version or a bantam, you are sure to have a new best friend!

You’ll know it’s a Cochin chicken you’re looking at when you find most of its body covered in feathers – even hiding its legs. Their feathers swoosh around their legs as they wander around your yard!

These cuties come in a large variety of colors. Everything from Red, Blue, Silver Laced, and Buff…all the way to Columbian, Lavender, and Barred. (and more)

Cochin Bantams are extremely docile. If you’re looking for a tame chicken to keep around the house or farm, the Cochin Bantam is the perfect option.

Cackle Hatchery

Read all about this breed in this article called Cochin Chickens: Eggs, Colors, Personalities & More!

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A Few Tips

  • Roosters of any breed have the potential of showing some aggression during mating season.
  • If you have to keep your flock in confinement (not free ranging) be sure they have enough room so they aren’t cramped. If they are too cramped they will become angry birds and fight with each other. So make sure their coop is sufficient.
  • Keep your rooster to hen ratio in check. Read about that here.

Where to Buy These Rooster Breeds

Here are three great hatcheries that will get you started. Other than hatcheries you can check with local breeders, local farm stores (at chick days), and Facebook Groups.

Want to Learn About Other Rooster Breeds?

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