If you’re looking for an ideal backyard chicken, the Columbian Wyandotte is a perfect choice. These chickens are visually appealing with their striking, black-and-white feathers and are also quite hardy and easy to take care of.

Columbian Wyandottes are a unique breed that many simply haven’t heard about before. Let’s do this thing and learn all about the Columbian Wyandotte – the best unknown backyard chicken.

Columiban Wyandotte chicken standing on green ground cover with fence in background
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Columbian Wyandotte Breed History Snippet

Did you know that the World’s Fair that was held in Chicago back in 1893 was also referred to as the Columbian Exposition? You might guess why…and it has to do with Christopher Columbus. That exhibition was aimed at celebrating the 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’s arrival in the New World.

It’s weird but true and the Columbian Wyandotte knows all about it! Why? Because this breed’s debut was as this exact exposition and it became called the Columbian Wyandotte. Columbian because of the name of the exhibition, and Wyandotte after the Native American tribe called Wendat (although it’s a bit of a mystery as this breed has no specific ties to that tribe as far as we know).

The Columbian variety is not the only one though, there are many varieties of Wyandotte chickens. The first strain that was accepted to the American Standard of Perfection was the silver-laced Wyandotte. They are lovely as well, but let’s not get sidetracked…let’s stick to the Columbian.

Columbian Wyandotte Appearance

Lovely. Adorned. Stunning. I just love the look of this pretty lady chicken. These girls have a special little notch in my heart because my daughter owned one, which she endearingly named Banana (you can guess their color as chicks). Banana was a beauty for sure. Although she had some name identity questions in her adulthood! 😆

The Columbian Wyandotte is the result of crossing a white Wyandotte and a barred Plymouth Rock. The combination was a winner in every way.

This breed is mostly white (super fluffy) with artistically placed black feathers as a collar around its neck with a matching array of black feathers blended throughout its tail feathers. There’s just something special about the simplistic, yet complex, combination this makes.

They have a rose comb and a plump body, which is especially beneficial if you live in cold climates. Both hens and roosters have wattles and yellow beaks.

They are nice in size with hens weighing around 6 1/2 pounds and roosters weighing about 8 1/2 lbs.

Temperament of Columbian Wyandottes

This breed is great for beginners because they are pretty laid back. Certainly not aggressive birds, and oftentimes pretty docile. If you handle them a lot as chicks and while they are growing, and you give them treats to know you are their best friend – you will have friendly birds.

Simply put, this is a docile bird in the chicken world.

Need To Know Facts About Columbian Wyandottes

  • Egg happy chickens that lay around 200 to 250 medium eggs a year. Pretty good.
  • Their medium size lends well to provide meat (if you are interested in dual-purpose chicken breeds).
  • Cold hardy extraordinaire! With fluffy feathers and a rose comb, these birds know how to handle cold weather better than your average chicken.
  • Excellent free rangers! They LOVE hunting and pecking all the live long day! Goodbye ticks and other irritating bugs!
  • Even though they love to free range, they are also content in confinement.
  • Columbian Wyandotte chickens lay brown eggs (which is all the rage).
  • If you allow them to hatch some chicks they are excellent mothers.
  • Recognized by the American Poultry Association, or the AP, back in the 1800s.
  • Columbian Wyandotte chicks are yellow and grow into white and black feathers.
  • They can be confused with Delaware chickens, but Columbian Wyandottes have a more defined black collar around their necks.

How To Care For a Columbian Wyandotte

If you have other chickens then you pretty much know how to care for this breed. They do not need any special care. Simply provide fresh water, plenty of shade, predator-safe housing, oyster shells (provides calcium), a high-quality feed full of protein, and some good nesting boxes – and you are set.

A quick note about feed. It’s important to feed a high-quality feed (check this one out, I promise you won’t see the same ingredients in average farm store feed). Otherwise, you will see more health issues and less egg production. You are what you eat, and it’s no different for our beloved pets.

One thing to be on the lookout for are parasites. My favorite way to help fight these nasty creatures is by putting these herb blends right in their laying boxes. They love them and they repel things like mites and provide many other health benefits.

Where To Buy Columbian Wyandottes

Click on the names of the hatcheries below. They are some of my favorites and the links will take you right to Columbian Wyandottes.


If you are looking for a lovely and useful breed to add to your backyard flock, but want a unique breed of chicken that isn’t in every barnyard – then a Columbian Wyandotte might be your next backyard buddy.

Want to learn about other Wyandotte chicken varieties like the Black-Laced beauties or the Blue Laced Red lovelies? Wyandottes are some of the most strikingly beautiful chickens and great egg layers. Click here to learn more.

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