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Columiban Wyandotte chicken standing on green ground cover with fence in background
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Columbian Wyandotte – The Best Unknown Backyard Chicken

If you’re looking for an ideal backyard chicken, the Columbian Wyandotte is a perfect choice. These chickens are visually appealing with their striking, black-and-white feathers and are also quite hardy and easy to take care of. Columbian Wyandottes are a unique breed that many simply haven’t heard about before. Let’s do this thing and learn…

Salmon Faverolles on an oll white background

Faverolles Chickens

What comes to mind when you hear these attributes: beards, 5 toes on each foot, and muffs? Did Faverolles chickens come to mind? Probably not. Finding a breed of chicken with such oddities could certainly make your home flock the talk of the town. If this is what you’re after, then a Faverolles Chicken is for…

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