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Do Chickens Have Tongues? (It’s a valid question)

We all know chickens have beaks but do chickens have tongues? Well now, maybe you haven’t even thought of that question until reading this! Now, you MUST know!  First, go look inside your chickens mouth…wait, that easier said than done 😆. But we have you covered. Backed by scientific facts and sprinkled with some fun…

The backside of a light blue chicken

Do Chickens Fart? (Pardon Me)

Among the myriad of questions we chicken lovers ask, one query stands out as particularly amusing: Do chickens fart?  It’s a question that has the power to both tickle our funny bone and ignite our inquisitiveness. So, hop on the flatulence investigation bus and be sure to get a front row seat!  In order to…

Polish chicken looking adorable with coop and other chickens blurred in background

Hen vs Chicken – What In The World Is The Difference?

These feathered creatures play essential roles on our farms and in our backyards (and sometimes on our tables), but do you know the facts that unravel hen vs chicken? What about pullets and cockerels…where do they fit in? Maybe you’ve never thought about it, or maybe it’s kept you up all night! Either way, let’s…

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