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Up close of hands holding 4 black chicken eggs
Chickens | Egg Laying

Black Chicken Eggs AND the Fountain of Youth

We’ve all heard all the hype about fake news. What about fake eggs? There’s no end to false information being passed around, but do black chicken eggs fall into this category? You might just be surprised by the answer. Grab your basket and go on an egg hunt with me…starting…NOW. Black Chicken Eggs – Fact…

Brahma Rooster on all white background
Chickens | Roosters | Uncategorized

10 Awesome Rooster Breeds

Lovely flock of hens desperately seeking strong, protective, handsome rooster breeds. Have you seen this advertisement in your local paper? Probably not, but if chickens (or chicken owners) could make it happen – they would. Roosters play an important role in the world of chickens. They not only have a built-in nostalgic alarm, but they…

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