Real Homesteader Stories Episode 5!: The Ditch That’ll Save Us All, Broody Hens, & Duckling Update! [Video]

I had to take a break from recording anything thanks to chronic strep throat, but I’m back with a new episode of Real Homesteader Stories!


In this episode, I reveal the ditch that’s supposed to save us from the flooding in the MidWest (you can guess about how well that went). I also give you a sneak peek at the broody hen who’s hatching quite a few eggs, and you’ll learn how to tell whether your ducklings are male or female without vent sexing!



Real Homesteader Stories Episode 3: They Call It A Bird Brain For A Reason + Baby Bunny Update!

This week on Real Homesteader Stories, I tell you about our duckling drama & an update on the baby bunnies!


It’s been a couple weeks since my last Real Homesteader Stories (TM), and that’s because I’ve finally got the cough that wouldn’t die to go away. BUT I’m back now, with more stories about our farm!


Things were interesting as we tried helping a renegade duckling that broke free of the brooder and swallowed a string. You also get to see the baby bunnies (including the fosterlings) up close & personal!


(BTW, if you’re wondering, after three weeks of misery, I applied Eucalyptus + Melaleuca daily for 4 days using a roller bottle. Neat, no dilution. Learn more here.)




Real Homesteader Stories (TM) Episode 2: The Duck Finds Love, We Almost Meet The Big One, & #GroceryStoreRant

It’s time for this week’s Real Homesteader Stories (TM)!

The duck has found love, y’all……AAAANNNNDDD I realize we don’t have a plan when disaster comes round, and I go off on a #GroceryStoreRant and explain why homesteaders are smart to grow their own food. Super exciting & not to be missed!


Grab the companion planting guide by clicking here


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