There’s something nostalgic about rustic wall decor.

It almost feels as if there is small pieces of history in your space. It’s comforting to see something that’s worn and well used. Rustic farmhouse decor reminds us of days gone by and brings up treasured memories from the past.

Even if you don’t live on a farm or homestead you can still bring the farmhouse feel to your home using rustic wall decor.  Wall decor brightens up your living room and draws people into the heart of your home. I love each of these beautiful rustic wall decor items because of the vintage farmhouse feel that each would bring to your living room.

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Decorative Wire Back Wall Shelves 

These shelves are a beautiful addition to any living room. These shelves are perfect for displaying vintage books or other priceless knick knacks that you may have.

Find them here: Decorative Wire Back Wall Shelves

Distressed Wood Hanging Shelves

These hanging shelves are a fun and interesting way to bring the vintage feel to your living room. You can use these shelves higher on the walls (out of reach of the kiddos) to display family photos or potted plants.

Find them here: Distressed Wood Hanging Shelves

Barn Wood Rustic Decorative Shutters

These rustic shutters are the perfect addition to a living room window. The distressed wood brings the feeling that these shutters have been around for decades.

Find them here: Barn Wood Rustic Decorative Shutters 

Rustic Metal Windmill Clock 

This stunning windmill clock is pretty and practical. This clock would bring a subtle farmhouse feel to any living room.

Find it here: Rustic Metal Windmill Clock

Which of these wall decor items is your favorite?