If you’re raising chickens with neighbors near you, or if you haven’t gotten a flock yet because you’re worried about ticking off your neighbors, then this podcast is for you.


I talk with Karen Thompson of Lil’ Suburban Homestead who is passionate about teaching people to grow food and raise chickens on a suburban homestead.


In particular, Karen and I talk about how she raises chickens with neighbors on either side of her North Carolina homestead.


You’ll learn:


  • Karen’s top tip for raising chickens with neighbors without becoming the plague of your community
  • Why giving your neighbors eggs isn’t always the best way to smooth the path to chicken ownership
  • How she keeps in touch with her community to promote chickens – that you can replicate
  • About her “old, old” hen that she tells her husband is still laying



Links we discuss:


Lil’ Suburban Homestead website

Lil’ Suburban Homestead Facebook page



Coming soon.

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