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    • We are first timers and enjoy our girls. We have had 2 soft shells and a very tiny soft she’ll.
      Having read your page we can now look at what we are doing.

  1. I had my daughter looking after our 2 chickens they have only started to lay the last couple of weeks for a couple of days she had one soft shell and I have found one soft shell egg today when I came home

  2. We’ve got a buff who has been laying soft shelled eggs every time. Some in the box and some in the night off of the roost. She also has a nervous tick or something, shakes her head and makes a clicking noise. Ears are clear and no signs of illness. All the other girls are laying fine so we can’t figure it out!

  3. My New Hampshire Red was bound with a soft egg, which she eventually passed broken, after laying one from the roost. Took her to avian vet who found nothing wrong with her, and afterward she laid one tiny, pinkish hard shelled egg. She hasn’t laid a normal egg since, but laid a soft one in the box and another from the roost. She refuses oyster shell. Have supplemented calcium +D3 over sardines as a calcium-high treat. Today she is bobbing her tail and closing her eyes again, like the first time. She is acting completely normal otherwise… foraging with her sisters, etc. Her “fluffy butt” appears as though she is starting her first molt. I hope this explains the soft eggs and she takes a break to molt and it resolves itself afterward.

  4. I have a couple of hens laying ruff eggs in other word not nice smooth eggs. Then i have some that the shells have little separate hard bumps on them.

  5. I have one americauna hen that has the thinnest shelled eggs. They are whole and we can eat them but the difference in shell thickness is noticeable. Just wondering if this may be a trait of the breed, where they have a coloured shell all the way through and not colour on a white shell.? Does anyone know more about this breed and thin shells.

    • It sounds like she’s not getting enough calcium. Are you giving her a calcium supplement?

  6. I randomly get rubber eggs. Thank you for article. Very informative. I think mine are due to the west Texas heat. I have introduced yogurt to cool them down. They love it!!

  7. I’ve had the odd soft shell egg in the coop of hens that I raise. After I’ve played with it a bit cause after all it is very neat to see like. I give it to the dogs, if it makes it that far without popping. I just up the calcium available to the girls and things settle down.

  8. I found a broken soft shelled egg on the floor of the coop this morning. I thought it was probably due to them being new layers, and that they keep dumping the oyster shell, so I never never know if there’s enough out there. So I attached the container to the side of the coop. Of course, the weather is changing and I had to renovate a coop when the bought one started leaking, so they’re stressed a bit, too. Glad to read that others have laid at night from the roost, so finding it there isn’t too weird! Here’s hoping it all evens out!