Hey y’all! Here’s this week’s sneaky peek photos of life on our farm!

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Enjoy the photos & be sure to share some of yours with me!







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  1. Hi, I’m a fairly new chicken and duck mamma. I love your advice. For the fly repellent, I want to use essential oils to replace the fresh herbs in your recipe, can you share the recipe for that?

    Also, I read something about not using bleach in the coop, and I think you wrote a recipe using vinager, water, peppermint and lavander for a natural cleaner, if you have a recipe/ratio would you share that? Thank you for your awesome insights into raising farm animals. Beckki, Chattaroy, Wa

    1. Hi Beckki! Yes, you can replace the fresh herbs with oils. I use 1 drop of oil for 8 ounces of water/witch hazel, etc. The recipe for the coop cleaner is the same – 8 ounces white vinegar with 1 drop of the oils you want to use. Peppermint, lavender, and melaleuca are all great!

  2. Wow I love your posts and i wish I was on instagram but parents lol I still follow you on your website etc. where do you get the crawfish?! And what’s a good treat for 4-6 week chicks?

    1. Hi! We got the crawfish from a local seller. A good treat for 4-6 week old chicks could be some herbs (small pieces) or small pieces of mealworms. I usually wait until they’re a little older to start giving treats though – about 10 weeks. Thanks for following me!

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