I’ve compiled a list of homesteading resources and articles to help you out.


Where to buy essential oils



What to Feed your Chickens for Better Tasting Eggs


5 Chicken Breeds for Colorful Eggs


5 Chicken Breeds for Your Starter Flock 


What The Cluck?! – My weekly podcast about chickens available on iTunes.


How to Grow Fodder – Something essential to homesteading with chickens


Sustainable Ways to Upgrade Your Chicken Coop – and some ideas to make it look pretty, too.


Feeding Your Hens Right – My online video course that shows you how to raise happy hens for the most nourishing eggs possible. 



Homesteading Resources

Free ebooks – A listing of the free ebooks I have for you. Great homesteading resources.


Where To Find Free Land – a listing of all the places in the US where homesteading land is free. Great resources.


9 Tips To Afford A Homestead – Resources for how we afford our farm.


Homestead On! – A book of resources to help you find homesteading land and opportunities in your area.




Non-GMO/Heirloom Seeds

Baker Creek – Organic, non-GMO seeds perfect for homesteading. A ton of different varieties as well as harder to find (in the USA) fruits/veggies. Great resources.


Seeds of the Month Club – Get packets of seeds sent to you every month for a low fee. Take advantage of this – only seasonally appropriate seeds are sent! (affiliate link)




Raising Meat Rabbits

Everything About Chickens

Why Quail Are Perfect For Every Homestead

How To Raise Ducklings
How Goats Will Save You Money

How To Tell If Your Eggs Are Fresh Or Not




Fermented Ketchup

Easy White Bread Recipe

Probiotic Mayonnaise

19 Pie Recipes For The Holidays

How To Puree Pumpkins For Pies

Pumpkin Pie Spice

Homestead-Style Tomato Sauce

No Fail Pizza Dough

50+ Egg Recipes

Peach Basil Jam

Zucchini Chevre Sandwich

How To Make Greek Yogurt

How To Preserve Eggs

How to Make Bone Broth

How To Ferment Vegetables

Fermented Ketchup

Probiotic Mayonnaise

How To Make Greek Yogurt




How to Preserve Eggs

The Basics of Canning Anything


Traditional Skills

How To Make Soap Without Handling Lye

How To Reuse Kitchen Waste You Usually Throw Away

4 Easy Ideas For Going Off Grid

40 Traditional Skills You Can Learn By Video

10 Tools To Make Homesteading Easier

How to Use Telephone Poles for Homestead Projects – How we’ve been upgrading our homestead using free telephone poles

How to Use Pallets for Homestead Projects



Organic Gardening

Using Banana Peels In The Garden

How To Grow An Herb Garden

6 Companion Planting Mistakes to Avoid

9 Familiar Herbs for Beginners – great for homesteading starters.

How to grow Wheat – basic resources for growing non-GMO wheat.



Homesteading Resources For Beginners


  1. Oh Maat! How funny, I was just thinking that I needed to get to reading some homesteading books today! AND I got my Baker Creek seed catalog in the mail today!

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