7 DIY Coop Signs For Crazy Chicken Ladies

7 DIY Coop Signs For Crazy Chicken Ladies

I love chicken coop signs! I think they’re so fun and no coop is complete without one.

Every crazy chicken lady needs the perfect sign for her coop. Luckily for you, chicken coop signs are so easy to make yourself! So today I decided to put together some of my absolute favorite DIY chicken coop signs. These signs are great because most of them just require some wood and paint!

Let’s get started! Here are some of my favorite DIY chicken coop signs!

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The Ladies DIY Coop Sign

I love this sign. Remind your “ladies” of how important they are every time they come into their coop! You could also throw in some rose petals to their nesting boxes to give your “ladies” an extra treat.

Tutorial: The Ladies DIY Coop Sign

The Waddle On Inn

I LOVE this sign! I need this for our new duck pen! This sign would be SOOOO easy to make. All you need are some wood letters like these ones here and you are good to go! I can just see my ducks in this cute coop munching on some yummy treats.

Free Range Chicken Jail

Not only is this the cutest coop ever (the inside is amazing), but I love this free range chicken jail sign! It’s so creative and your friends and family are sure to get a good laugh when they see it. You could DIY this sign with only some paint, wood, and a stencil (like this one here)

Check out the rest of this adorable coop here: Free Range Chicken Jail Coop

The Chick Inn

I love this coop sign! Again all you would need to DIY this coop sign is some paint, wood, and a stencil! Or if you’re short on time and still want a cute coop you can buy it here: The Chick Inn

Last One In Is A Rotten Egg

Don’t you love this one? This one is another simple DIY project or you can buy it here: Last one in is a rotten egg

Farm Fresh Eggs

Not going to lie, I kind of want this sign for my kitchen. But it would look amazing on a chicken coop! This sign is made with an old fence post and only takes 1-2 hours to create!

Tutorial: Distressed Farm Fresh Eggs Sign

Wicked Chickens Lay Deviled Eggs

I got a good laugh out of this one! You could easily DIY this sign with some paint, stencil, and scrap wood. Or you can buy it here: Wicked Chickens Lay Deviled Eggs Sign

Which of these coop signs is your favorite?

How To Make Mittens Out Of An Old Sweater

How To Make Mittens Out Of An Old Sweater

When my husband shrank one of my cashmere sweaters, I decided to use an old sweater mitten pattern to breathe new life into an item of clothing I would otherwise have to discard.


During winters on our homestead, the winds can get pretty chilly, particularly from the North, and a good, sturdy set of mittens can mean the difference between a miserable time filling water buckets and being able to complete tasks without freezing fingers.


While gazing at this ruined sweater, I remembered an old sweater mitten pattern I had used in my childhood, and decided now was a good to put it to use.


Looking for a free sweater mittens pattern? Here's a free DIY sweater mittens pattern you can use to upcycle old sweaters!


The pale blue sweater itself was in good condition, there were no holes or stains, so it would have been a shame to just toss it.


Winter was settling in, and since I needed new gloves anyway (and you can’t get much warmer than cashmere!), I settled on making new mittens.


Since I love reusing items I might otherwise toss, I was happy to try making myself a new item of clothing. I’m always game for saving a bit of money, too!


Making yourself new gloves using this old-timey sweater mitten pattern is easy. As my husband puts it, you just “draw a turkey and sew it together.”


Here are more specific instructions to help you out!


Repurpose old sweaters into mittens with this pattern!


Trace Your Hands Using a Marker

To make life easy on myself, I chose to make mittens with the sweater, rather than gloves with individual fingers. Although I’m sure eventually I will tackle gloves with fingers, I needed mittens quickly since I had to fill water buckets in whipping 30-mile per hour winds!


Tracing the shape of my hands on the sweater was easy enough, and since the marker would be on the inside of the finished product, I didn’t worry too much about using a marker that would dissolve in the wash.


Repurpose old sweaters into mittens with this pattern!


When tracing my hand, I left about a ½-inch of extra space between my hand and the line drawn with the marker. This ensured that when I sewed the mittens, there would still be enough room for my hands, and the mittens wouldn’t be too tight.


This is particularly an issue for your thumb, since it will end in a tighter space than the rest of your hand. I suggest leaving a good ½-inch or ¾-inch space to give your thumb a comfortable amount of space.


Here’s a little pro tip:


For these gloves, I chose to make the opening of the glove commence at the manufacturer’s hem of the sweater. That way, I could prevent the mittens from unraveling. It just seemed easier.


I repeated “drawing the turkey” four times, so I ended up with a front and back for each mitten. I’m right handed, so of course, the left pieces were more precise than the right, but this dilemma is easily resolved if you can get help with tracing your hands.

Sewing the Mittens

To stitch the mitten pieces together, I first mocked up a mitten by pinning two pieces together, making sure to line up the ends as closely as possible.


Pinning them together also made it easier to stitch later, and I made sure to line up the tops of the mittens, figuring if the opening of the gloves was uneven, then I could always just sew a hem.


When you’re mocking up your mittens, remember to keep the marker lines on the outside, so they will be hidden when you invert the gloves after sewing them.


I also made the gloves a little longer so they could cover more of my arm during the cold weather. This has kept drafts out of my sleeves during the windstorms that plague our farm during the winter.


To actually sew the mittens, I used a blanket stitch to ensure the mittens would stay intact as I worked around the farm.


Repurpose old sweaters into mittens with this pattern!


This type of stitch also allows the thread to expand without breaking, I’ve found, and the mittens don’t let in any cold air through the seams, so I know this type of stitch is doing its job.


Once the stitching is finished, just turn the gloves right side out, and they’re ready to wear!


I chose to hand sew the mittens because the project was fairly simple, but you can probably save a bit of time by using a sewing machine.


I kept the mittens the same pale blue color the original sweater was, but if I want to, in the future, I might dye them, especially since, thanks to the pale color, they’re starting to look a little dirty.


Goldenrod and onion skins are two natural dyes for wool I might consider testing out in the future.


Using this sweater mitten pattern, not only was I able to save some money and reuse a ruined sweater, but I was also able to provide myself with a new item of clothing to keep me warm!<!– Default Statcounter code for

How To Make Mittens Out Of An Old Sweater

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Try This DIY Hanging Pumpkin Treat For Your Chickens

Try This DIY Hanging Pumpkin Treat For Your Chickens

Today I wanted to share a simple DIY hanging pumpkin treat that you can make for your chickens.

The idea for this project comes from reader Herdy Bell! Thanks for sharing it with us Herdy!

My chickens love pumpkins and since it’s right after Halloween there tend to be a lot of leftover pumpkins around! You can snag great deals on pumpkins at grocery stores or at farms after Halloween. I always stock up on pumpkin, so that I can feed them to my flock.

Remember, however, that pumpkins are treats – not a replacement for a good basic diet.

Now this project is pretty simple, basically you’re just going to hang a pumpkin in your coop.

You might ask, why would I hang my pumpkin and not just give it to them? Well you can definitely just slice your pumpkin in half and give it to them. Trust me they’ll love it.

But hanging the pumpkin provides some different environmental interest for your chickens. It’s something new and fun for them to do. Providing environmental activities is important, especially going into the winter months.

When winter comes and chickens tend to be in the coop more, bad behaviors (such as picking feathers, or picking on others) can set in very easily. And that can make your life difficult.

Providing stimulating activities in your coop or run for your chickens can distract them from developing negative behaviors.

Plus it’s just fun to watch your chickens play with and figure out new toys and treats!

Here’s how to make this DIY Hanging Pumpkin Treat

All you need is:

  • A pumpkin
  • Rope or twine
  • Serrated kitchen knife
  • Drill

Step One: Drill a hole 

Now the first thing you need to do is drill a hole in the stem of your pumpkin. You’re going to want to choose a pumpkin with a think, sturdy stem. Then you need to drill a hole through the pumpkin’s stem horizontally, as close to the base as possible.

After you drill the hole you can thread your twine through the hole. I recommend using thicker twine so that the weight of the pumpkin doesn’t break it.

You can also thread a second piece of twine through the hole to make sure that it’s secure. After your twine is threaded through, you just need to tie the two ends of the twine together so that you can easily hang the pumpkin from something in your coop.

Step Two: Scrape off parts of the outer pumpkin shell

Next you need to scrape off parts of the outer shell/skin. This will make it easier for your chickens to be able to get to the insides and seeds of the pumpkin.

You could do this a variety of different ways. I used a small serrated knife I had in my kitchen. All I did was start sawing at the side of the pumpkin with the serrated knife.

The point here is you want to take parts of the outer layer of the pumpkin off, so that your chickens have access to the soft insides of the pumpkin.

After sawing with the knife I was able to pull off parts of the skin and keep going. You don’t have to take off all the skin (that would take forever), just enough that your chickens will have access to the insides.

Step 3: Hang your pumpkin

Now you can hang your pumpkin in your coop! I would hang it fairly close to the floor of your coop/run, around 6-12 inches off the ground, just to be safe.

And that’s it! I love how simple and easy it is to make this DIY treat for your flock! Thanks again Herdy for sharing your idea with us!

More Chicken Treat Articles:

10+ Thanksgiving Decorations You Can Make With Your Kids

10+ Thanksgiving Decorations You Can Make With Your Kids

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Can you believe it?

This year has flown past! One of my favorite things about Thanksgiving is making fun, simple crafts to decorate. I’m definitely on a budget when it comes to decorating for the holidays, so I typically make my own DIY décor.

This year I thought it would be fun to involve the kiddos in the decoration making process. So I’ve found tons of fun DIY decorations for fall that you can make with your kids! These crafts/decorations are simple and easy to make which is a must when you’re already busy getting ready for the holidays!

So let’s get started! Here are my favorite DIY Thanksgiving decorations that you can make with your kids!

Glitter Leaves

This might be my favorite DIY Thanksgiving decoration. It’s so easy to make! And it will cost you less than $5! All you have to do is cover some artificial leaves with Elmer’s glue and then cover the leaves with glitter! After it dries you can punch a hole in each leaf so you can hang them around your home!

You can find the full tutorial here: Glitter Leaves

Yarn Pumpkins

I love these yarn pumpkins! They’re so cute and would be easy to make with your kids! All you need is orange yarn, Elmer’s glue, a balloon, and a green pipe cleaner!

You can find the full tutorial for this project here: DIY Yarn Pumpkins

Mini Felt Pumpkins

These felt pumpkins are adorable! This is a simple sewing project for teaching your kiddos how to sew. All you need is some orange and green felt, green and black string, and cotton balls.

First, you’ll need to cut out two pumpkins shapes in your orange felt. I recommend printing a template from google, so that it’s exact. You can also cut a small green rectangle from the green felt for the stem.

You can stitch in the eyes and mouth of the pumpkin, or you can draw them on with sharpie to make it simpler.

Next, start sewing the two pieces of felt together! Remember when you reach the top of the pumpkin to put in your green rectangle for the stem and sew it in! Once there is only an inch of unsewn space left, stuff the pumpkin full of cotton balls. Then sew it up the rest of the way! Simple!

This is a great beginners sewing project, and I think these pumpkins would look adorable in a fall wreath, or in a fall garland!

Pine Cone Turkey

This might be the simplest project on here! All you need is some orange felt, a pine cone, googly eyes, glue, and feathers. Cut the felt into a small triangle for the turkey’s beak. Glue the googly eyes and beak to the bottom of the pine cone and glue the feathers to the top! I love how simple, but cute this DIY decoration is.

DIY Paper Pumpkins

I love these simple paper pumpkins! It’s an easy project for your kids and it looks great when it’s done! You can find the tutorial for this project here: DIY Paper Pumpkins

DIY Glitter Pumpkins

I love these glittery pumpkins! This DIY décor item is probably better for older children (it could get messy with little kids!) I love how simple and easy this project is and I think these glitter pumpkins would be the perfect addition to a mantle or dining room table!

Tutorial here: DIY Glitter Pumpkins

DIY Thankful Tree

I love this cute DIY tree. I think it’s an adorable decoration that’s also great for getting your family thinking about what they’re grateful for! This easy decoration is perfect for kids and they’ll love being able to write down what they’re thankful for on the leaves of this tree!

Tutorial: DIY Thankful Tree

Fruit Kabob Turkey Centerpiece

I love that not only is this a creative and fun centerpiece for Thanksgiving, but it is also perfect for displaying your fruit and cheese appetizers. This project is so simple, and your kids can help you put all of the fruit and cheese on to the skewers!

Tutorial here: Fruit Kabob Turkey Centerpiece

Cute Candy Turkey Treats

These little Reese’s Pieces filled turkeys are so cute! They’re so easy to make and they would be fun for a classroom treat or for a fun treat for your Thanksgiving guests.

Tutorial Here: Candy Turkey Treats

Turkey Hershey Kisses

These cute turkey’s are made from some card stock and Hershey Kisses! These would be a quick and easy craft your kids could make for their classmates or they would be a fun “appetizer/dessert” on Thanksgiving.

You can find the tutorial here: Turkey Hershey Kisses

Thanksgiving Placemats

These placemats are adorable! I think they would be absolutely perfect for the kids table at Thanksgiving dinner! Your kids will love that they got to put their handprint on the place mats and it’s a fun and easy project for you!

Turkey Reese’s Pieces Bowl

I love this cute turkey candy bowl! It would be so easy to make and your kids will love getting to trace and cut out their hand prints for the turkeys feathers. This is perfect for displaying any yummy treats you have on Thanksgiving!

Tutorial here: Turkey Reese’s Pieces Bowl

Scarecrow Popsicle Stick Magnet

I love this adorable magnet! Your kids will love getting to put the cute scarecrow face together. This would be a cute addition to any refrigerator or front door!

Tutorial Here: Scarecrow Popsicle Stick Magnet

Which of these Thanksgiving crafts is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

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Make Your Own Makeup With These Simple Recipes!

Make Your Own Makeup With These Simple Recipes!

Today we’re going to talk about how to make your own makeup at home! 

On a normal day, I typically don’t wear any makeup, but it’s nice sometimes to get a little bit dressed up. I love using natural products and I think it’s great to make your own makeup at home!

Natural products are better for your skin and when you make your own makeup you get to control exactly what ingredients are in the products you use.

Now obviously I’m not a dermatologist, so I can’t guarantee that a switch to natural products will work for your skin. But it worked for me, so I’m sharing my experience with you.

A couple of months ago I talked about my favorite natural makeup products and brands (you can find that article here) However, I know a lot of you are interested in making your own makeup from home, so I decided that I would share some of my favorite homemade makeup product recipes.

Something to keep in mind is that making your own makeup is a very personal process.

Different products will work best for different people, so use this article as a stepping stone for experimenting with making your own makeup products. You’ll have to adjust these “recipes” for your own skin tone and for your skin!

Also remember that if you’re making the switch to natural makeup, be patient. I’m not going to claim that natural makeup “does the job” exactly the same as conventional makeup products. Because honestly in my experience it doesn’t. But it’s an adjustment that you have to be willing to make and it all depends on how willing you are to adjust your expectations for makeup. So keep that in mind:)

Also please remember that just because something is natural doesn’t mean that you skin will love it! None of these ingredients are harmful, but that doesn’t mean you should slather it on without testing it first.

I recommend that you start by making small batches of makeup and then try it in a small area of your skin like the inside of your wrist or a small area of your face to make sure you don’t have any allergies to any of the ingredients.

So let’s get started! Here are some of my favorite homemade makeup recipes!


Personally I typically only wear a face powder, unless it’s a special occasion. If you’re interested in learning how to make your own liquid/cream foundation you can head over to this article here: Natural Liquid Foundation

Here’s how I make my own powdered foundation. Keep in mind that I can’t give you an exact measurement because this recipe will be different for every skin tone.


Base: Arrow root powder

Color: Cocoa powder

If you have light skin, use more arrow root powder. If you have dark skin use more cocoa powder. Slowly adjust the color (add arrow root to make it lighter and cocoa powder to make it darker) until the mixture is right for your skin tone!

You can then place the mixture in a small mason jar to store!


My bronzer recipe is exactly the same as above! Use arrow root powder and cocoa, but add more cocoa to make the mixture slightly darker! I like doing it this way because it makes it simpler and I don’t have to go and buy different ingredients (because I’m cheap LOL!)


I’ll be honest with y’all. I have not attempted to make my own mascara yet…I love my favorite mascara brand and I’m holding on to it for now…But I found an amazing tutorial for homemade mascara that you can use if you want to start making your own! You can find it here: Homemade Mascara


Homemade blush is fun to make because you can easily adjust the color depending on your preference!


Arrow root powder

cocoa (optional)

beet root powder

You can make your own beet root powder if you want to save some money. Here’s a recipe for how to make your own beet root powder at home: Homemade Beet Root Powder

All you have to do is mix the arrow root powder with the beet root powder until you reach the desired color! Simple! Store in a small mason jar!


Eyeshadow is fun to make at home because you can experiment with making different colors and shades! You can use arrow root powder as the base and then combine it with different combinations of nutmeg, cocoa, beet root powder, and turmeric to create your own shades! If you want specific recipes for different color shades head on over to this article! It has different recipes for different shades of homemade eyeshadow: Homemade Eyeshadow


I have yet to attempt making my own eyeliner, so I don’t have a personal recipe to share with you. But I love this recipe from the Coconut Momma! There are only 3 simple ingredients! I’m also excited to try out this recipe: Homemade Eyeliner

Homemade Lip Balm

I love homemade lip balm and my favorite recipe is for lemon balm lip goo.

For this recipe you will need:

You can use any brand of essential oils, but I’ve done a lot of research and recommend  Young Living oils.


First off you’ll need to infuse your lemon balm in oil if you haven’t already (Follow this link here to learn how to infuse oils with herbs).

In a mason jar combine all of your ingredients.

If you want to add a little bit of color to your lip balm you could try adding some beet root powder to the mixture. I’ve never tried this since I’m not a huge fan of lipstick or colored lip gloss, but just experiment with how much beet root powder you need to create your desired color!

Make a double boiler by placing the mason jar in a pot of water. Heat until the beeswax is melted, stirring occasionally so the ingredients mix well.

Once melted, use a funnel to pour the mixture into tubes or other lip balm containers. Allow to cool undisturbed. The lip balm should be somewhat soft and easy to apply to your skin.

You can also try my pumpkin spice lip balm recipe here!

Have you made your own makeup before? What is your favorite makeup product to make at home?