10 Adorable Coops To Start The New Year Out Right

10 Adorable Coops To Start The New Year Out Right

Happy New Year! Here are 10 adorable coops to start out your New Year right!

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Good morning from the ladies 🐓🥚💕 — March will be 1 year of owning chickens. We have 10 hens now. We started with a small coop over the summer and kept adding on and adding on. What should we do next? An in ground pool? Fireplace? Only the best for my gals. I can’t wait until our baby chicks can go outside too. Happy Wednesday! 💕🐣 . . . . . #chickencoop #chickenmom #silkiechicken #countryliving #realhomesofinstagram #rsholiday #showmeyourholiday #hgtvhome #diynetwork #howiholiday #mybhghome #myhousebeautiful #mysmphome #lonnyliving #darlinghome #kinfolkhome #mypinterest #farmstyle #chickencoops #backyardchickencoops #diychickencoop #backyardchickens #backyardpoultrymag #theartofslowliving #thatauthenticfeeling #livethelittlethings #slowlived #thesimpleeveryday #smallmomentsofcalm #makeitblissful

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Some #chickencoop updates were made by my dad a few weeks ago, and then I finished some small decorative improvements. Behind the decorative window flower boxes, my dad and Walker built #roosting perches, since our #chickens like to rest up off the ground so much. I cleaned the two coops today, refreshed their pine shavings for winter, and added a mix of ash (from our fireplace) and #diatomaceousearth to their #dustbath, while the chickens enjoyed free ranging for a few hours. We have 4 younger chicks that will be integrated with the big flock around New Years. I think the #easteregger is so unique with her browns and creams, but I’m also intrigued by the mostly gray #oliveegger. #mychickencoop #chickencoopsofinstagram #backyardchickens #backyardchicken #chickencoops

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6 Beautiful & Easy Ways to Use Herbs in Your Chicken Coop

6 Beautiful & Easy Ways to Use Herbs in Your Chicken Coop

We all know I’m a fan of herbs in the coop…..but I get lots of questions from readers about exactly HOW to use herbs in the coop.


You can always put them in nesting boxes or feed….or you can try any of these ideas!


We collected these 8 inspirational and beautiful ways you can keep fresh and dried herbs in your chicken coop!


Every coop needs a little red wagon

I bet the chicks in this photo adore their perch near these herbs, and the wagon is adorable! The best part is how easy it is to change herbs and/or flowers based on the season!


The marigolds are a wonderful way to keep pests away, and I bet the cilantro smells great!


Just be sure to keep the herbs themselves fed with compost if you want them to last all season!



Hang herbs upside down!

Hanging herbs upside down is a great way to dry them….and it’s also a great way to provide the benefits of herbs to your flock!


Drying herbs is also a great way to preserve them for the winter – when your flock will REALLY appreciate the greens! It’s a great way to brighten a boring, cold day in the coop!


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Hanging some rosemary and sage in the coop. 🌿

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Make grazing bins from stock tanks

You probably know you can make pools from stock tanks, and you probably know you can make grazing boxes (if not, here’s my free grazing box plans for backyard chickens), but did you know you can make stock tanks INTO grazing bins?


These would be a great addition to any coop. You’ll just have to make a few of them and rotate the bins – otherwise, your flock will eat all the herbs in 10 minutes, and scratch the roots out in the next 20 minutes!


Build a raised bed “Salad Bar”

How cute is this idea? The rocks are perfect for retaining moisture, and the hens can nibble on the flowers or herbs!


Be sure to pick a place in the run that gets full sun, so you have lots of different flower/herb options!



Add them to nesting boxes….along with FRESH shavings!

It’s always beautiful seeing sparkling clean nesting boxes with fresh shavings AND herbs! Hens love them too!


You can add fresh herbs or dried – the choice is up to you! (If you want dried herbs, you can check out our nesting herbs right here. LOTS of 5 STAR reviews!)

Just toss ’em in there, and let the hens have at ’em!

If you’re pressed for time, or just have a LOT of herbs, then just toss them into the coop. The hens will know what to do with them!

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10 Adorable Coops To Start The New Year Out Right

10 Gifts Your Chickens Will Love

It’s christmas time, that means gifts, even for chickens. Your chickens will love these christmas gifts. Give them a small gift, like treats.Or make them something for the coop! Here are some ideas!

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Wishing everyone a beautiful and productive day!

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Im #Hühnerstall ist das Einstreu komplett frisch gemacht und die #Legenester sind auch mit frischem Heu mit Kräutern ausgestattet.Die Legenest-Gardinen sind weiterhin noch provisorisch. Da brauchen wir noch ein paar lange Abende, um die neuen fertig zu nähen. Aber eins ist sicher: Die #Hennen lieben die Legenest-Gardinen! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We cleaned out the #chickencoop and put fresh hay into the nesting-boxes. The curtains are still a little improvised. We need some more long evenings to get the sewed ones ready. But one thing is for sure: Our #hens love the nesting-box curtains 😊 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #backyardpoultry #huehnerberatung #hühnerberatung #gartenhühner #hühnerimgarten #hühnerliebe #homesteading #farmlife #diy #selbstgebaut #selfsufficient

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10 Adorable Coops To Start The New Year Out Right

10 Cute Christmasy Coops

It’s time for the holidays again! One simple way to make your home and yard more festive is to decorate your chicken coop! Even just a simple wreath, ribbon, or string of lights can dress up your yard and make your holidays even brighter! Here are 10 cute Christmasy ideas for decorating your chicken coop for the holidays!

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Christmas coop 🐔🎄

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10 Adorable Coops To Start The New Year Out Right

10 Beautiful Winter Window Boxes for Your Coop

Window boxes give every chicken coop a beautiful look.

You can have a lot of fun decorating your chicken coop, especially in the winter. Here are some ideas for a beautiful winter window boxes for your chicken coop!


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Well this right here makes cold fingers and toes all worth it! If you’ve followed along the last few days in my stories..I’ve been sharing how I go about filling my windowboxes and porch pots..well I finished them up today! ~Can you believe some of the mums in there still looked good?! Crazy!!🤷🏼‍♀️ Next up.. garland and lights! I just love how the house looks when it’s all lit up and decked out for the Holidays! ✨ . . #homefortheholidays #winterwindowboxes #christmaswindowbox #happyholidayhome #mycountryhome #cozycottagefarmhouse #howiholidayhome #fabfloralsinbloom #seasonalspaceswelove #blessedhomestyle #simplefarmhousestyle #betterhomesandgardens #countrylivingmagazine #americanfarmhousestyle #realsimple #crazy4christmasdecor #bhghome #christmasinspiration #christmasjoy #deckthehalls #farmhousechristmas #merryandbright #holidaycheer #bhgcelebrate #buffalocheckchristmas #buffalocheck #buffaloplaid

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6 DIY Farmhouse Sign Ideas Perfect For Your Chicken Coop!

6 DIY Farmhouse Sign Ideas Perfect For Your Chicken Coop!

No coop is complete without a sign….so this week, we’ve complied 6 must-have DIY signs that are perfect for any coop!


You can make your own rustic sign using our plans here  or use the photos below as inspiration for your own!


Luckily, building a farmhouse style sign takes little more than a plank of wood (you can even buy those at big box stores!), some paint, and your imagination.


Using a finish nailer or just a hammer, you can easily add it to your coop for some fun decor!


Turn your coop into a palace for your hens!

We love how adorable this sign is – and it’s perfect for making your hens feel like royalty!


Add rose petals to their nesting boxes, and your flock is all set!


Remind them how special they are!

Fluffy butt hut….LOL! This is adorable, and it reminds your hens how special their fluffy butts are!


You can use a stencil like this one for the hen!


Here’s another Fluffy Butt Hut sign for inspiration:


An Old Timey Western Style Sign!

I love coops that use western-style architecture, and this sign using western-style font looks perfect on them!


I especially love how it stands out against the yellow background. I bet some happy hens live there!


Let the world know YOUR pet makes you breakfast!

This sign is hilarious….and true! Chickens ARE the only pet that makes you breakfast!


To make this sign, you can use pallet wood, paint it red, then use stencils for the letters and hen!


And one extra for good measure!

If you like off color jokes, then this sign is for you!


Which sign is your favorite? Leave us a comment below!