10+ Gift Ideas That Make Winter Actually Bearable

Sometimes I wish I could hibernate through winter. I hate being cold.

There are some products that I’ve found just make winter a little bit easier. So today I thought I would create a compilation of gift ideas that make winter actually bearable.

These gifts are perfect for giving to family members for Christmas, or you might end up just keeping them for yourself.

[This page might contain affiliate links, which means for any item you purchase using our links, we earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks for supporting our website and being a part of the Pampered Chicken Mama family!]

Winter Boots

A good pair of winter boots is a must have, especially if you live on a farm. There is no way I could make the long trek out to my chicken coop to check on my hens in freezing cold weather without a good pair of waterproof boots. There are some great boots on Amazon here

Homemade Body Butter

I love homemade body butter. Trust me. Once you make the switch to making your own homemade body butter, you will never look back. Homemade body butter is also the perfect quick and easy gift! Check out my recipe for homemade body butter here: Coconut Oil Lavender Whipped Body Butter

Here's how to use raw organic coconut oil and lavender to create salon-worthy body butters! Only 2 ingredients - make it today with ingredients already in your pantry! From FrugalChicken


Blankets are definitely a go to gift for me. You can never have too many blankets (in my opinion). I would not survive winter without large plush blankets like this one.

Echinacea Tea

Echinacea tea is perfect for a “get well soon” gift for someone who is feeling a little bit under the weather. Nothing makes me feel better when I’m sick than a warm cup of herbal tea.

Find it here: Echinacea tea


Mugs are another one of my favorite gifts to give and to receive. They’re just fun and they’re perfect for drinking hot chocolate, herbal tea, and coffee. Here are some of my favorite mugs:

I Like Chickens Mug

Crazy Chicken Lady Mug

Love Chickens Mug


If you haven’t noticed already, I love beanies. Especially during the winter! They’re the perfect inexpensive gift that makes winter just a little bit easier. I love these beanies here.

Ice Scraper Mitt

Scraping the ice off of your car is the worst. I love this ice scraper mitt because it makes scraping the ice off of my car a little bit easier (especially since my hand isn’t frozen by the end!) You can also check out my recipe for homemade car de-icer spray here.

Lip Balm

With winter comes dry skin and chapped lips. That’s why lip balm is the perfect gift for the holiday season. You can make your own lip balm to give to your family and friends with my pumpkin spice lip balm recipe or my lemon balm lip goo recipe!


There are very few things I hate more than having cold hands. I’m that person who has two pairs of gloves in my purse and in my car AT ALL TIMES. I love mittens because they keep my hands warmer than gloves. You could make your own mittens for a DIY gift or you can buy mittens here.


Slippers are the best. Nobody likes having cold feet and slippers are the perfect solution. I love these slippers here. You can stuff slippers full of goodies for a fun and simple gift this year.

Bath Robe

Getting out of the hot shower in the winter is not fun. But having a soft bath robe makes it a little bit easier. I love this bathrobe here


I have a large collection of crazy socks. I figure if I can’t wear flip flops, I might as well wear fun socks. Here are some of my favorite crazy socks that I want to give as gifts this year:

Chicken socks

Chicken Feet Socks 

Chicken or The Egg Socks


What do you do to make winter more bearable?



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6 Brilliant Gift Ideas For Your Chickens

Today we are going to talk about the top five gifts for your chickens!

It may seem like giving gifts for your chickens is somewhat frivolous, but if you’ve followed me for a while, you know that I support chicken toys!!! I think that they’re a good idea. Even though on the surface they seem frivolous and maybe a little bit ridiculous, at the same time, they do serve a very important purpose when it comes to your flock.

Why should you get gifts for your chickens?

As we know, chickens are very bright. They are smart creatures and given the right circumstances, things can turn into a Lord of the Flies situation very, very quickly. One concern that regularly comes up on the blog is what to do about chickens that pick on each other or develop bad habits. It is something that does happen!

Chicken toys can be way to avert those bad behaviors. It’s a way to distract your chickens from developing those bad behaviors. When winter comes and the chickens tend to be in the coop more, bad behaviors (such as picking feathers, or picking on others) can set in very easily. And that can make your life difficult.

So let’s talk about different toys you can get for your chickens that they will definitely appreciate this winter. Also just remember that even though we’re talking about things you can buy in this post, we’re also going to go over how to make them at home so you don’t have to spend money on them!

[This page might contain affiliate links, which means for any item you purchase using our links, we earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks for supporting our website and being a part of the Pampered Chicken Mama family!]

Chicken Swings

The very first chicken toy product I wanted to talk about are chicken swings. Now chicken swings probably get the worst rap for being a frivolous item to purchase for your chickens. But chickens really do seem to enjoy them! What your chickens can do on the chicken swings is they can perch on it and they realize very quickly that they can use their weight to make the swing go back and forth. Chickens are smart right?

And to them is something entertaining to do, much like swinging on the swings is entertaining for kids (and adults too!)

It gives them something to distract them from the boredom of being in the coop all day. Now there are a lot of different options for chicken swings out there and there’s no one particular project that I support. To me a chicken swing is a chicken swing. So I advise you to go ahead and pick the one that works best for you. You can find a chicken swing online right here: Fowl Play Products Chicken Swing

DIY Chicken Swing

Now let’s talk a little bit about how to make a chicken swing at home. Because as I’m sure you can imagine, these are actually not that difficult to make. And there is a little bit of an advantage to making it at home, which is that you can use naturally found items.

On our farm I’ve found that using natural perches such as branches or logs does a really good job as a natural perch and the chickens seem to like it. I like how it lends a more natural look for our coops and runs.

So when it comes to a chicken swing, go ahead and use a naturally found twig, branch, or wood! You will want to make sure that the branch you choose is fairly wide. Chickens don’t wrap their toes around perches, like other birds do. They tend to sit more flat footed so using a thicker circumference branch or log is a really good place to start.

Now to make your chicken swing all you need to do is drill a hole in each end vertically on the log so that you’re able to put string or rope through it. I recommend using a thicker rope or twine, so that you can easily knot it after you put the string through your holes. You can tie it similar to how this old fashioned swing was tied in the photo below.


I suggest using rope as opposed to something like chain. If you use something like a chain your chickens might get caught in it. Because let’s face it chickens are masters at getting into trouble.

So I do suggest using something like rope because it’s more solid and they’re not going to get hurt as easily in it. Just have enough length of that rope so that it can get off the ground. I would definitely suggest keeping it close enough to the ground so that they still have access to it easily and it’s in their daily line of vision.


Now the next item on our list is a xylophone. I’m talking about those children’s xylophones that have a lot of different colors on them. And obviously it’s a musical instrument so it makes noise. You’ve probably seen that video going viral on Facebook that shows chicken playing with a xylophone.

I really this idea because chickens are very motivated by color. They do see color and they can distinguish colors and they seem to enjoy the idea of making music or at least entertaining themselves with the different tones of the notes.

This is something that we are definitely going to try this winter. I can see it be it being a mental exercise for them, an opportunity for them to exercise their intelligence and also just a way to distract them from the boredom. And it maybe if you spent some time training them you might end up having some musical chickens on your hands;)

I do suggest going with a xylophone that has different colors on it because chickens are attracted to the different colors and I could see it just being a lot more entertaining to them than the noise itself. 

Here are some options for xylophones on the web:

Now unfortunately, this is the one item on our list that I can’t really tell you how to make because I really don’t know how to make a xylophone. If you don’t want to buy one and if you have one hanging around, you can easily repurpose it as a chicken toy for your coop. Or you could check out local thrift stores to see if you could find one there!

Nesting Herbs

Now the third present for your chickens on our list are actually my Frugal Chicken nesting herbs. Basically what this product is, is its the herbs that I give my own chickens. It’s a custom blend that I’ve put together specifically because I believe that these are the herbs that you know help your chickens be healthy.

Now one of the reasons I chose herbs is because they are specifically geared towards helping you raise healthy chickens. The way you use the product is you sprinkle the herbs in their nesting boxes. As your hens are laying their eggs, they’re going to pick at the herbs. So they’ll get the healthy benefits of it.

You can mix herbs into their feed (depending on the herb). Either way will work very very well.

Now if you do want to make this at home, all that you need to do is go ahead and buy the herbs separately and then just go ahead and mix them all together. Or if you happen to have them growing on your farm, that would be perfect to! My chicken nesting box herbs are all organic so if you have an organic farm, you can easily recreate these at home. 

I also sell lots of yummy treats for your hens too! One of my favorites is my Bee A Happy Hen Treat Mix. It’s a mix of bee pollen granules, hard red wheat berries, peppermint, parsley, mealworms, and rose petals. No joke, your hens will LOVE it! You can find it in our store right here.

Hanging Treat Basket

Now the next product on our list is MannaPro’s Mealworm Medley and a hanging basket to put the block into. Now the mealworm medley is,  basically just a block of chicken treat. So it’s a single block about three inches by three inches and the nice thing about it is you can just put it in a hanging basket. It doesn’t last very long in my coop because my chickens love it so much!

It gives your chickens an extra treat that’s full of nutrients, protein, and vitamins that are good for them! But it also helps them mentally because they’re able to peck at and hunt at it. So that’s why I really like the MannaPro Mealworm Medley. So if you did want to go ahead and get the mealworm medley, go to the thefrugalchicken.com/medley

You definitely also want to get a hanging basket. It’s a heavy duty wire basket, that lets you suspend the treat, so that your chickens can peck at it and so that it doesn’t get dirty. 

You can also make the treat for the hanging basket from home! On the blog I have an article for making your own homemade suet treats that you can easily put into a hanging basket.

I love this recipe because the coconut oil has a lot healthy fats in it for them and you can pick the ingredients you want to put in there. So you can put in sunflower seeds, mealworms, their regular feed, corn, or whatever works for you and your flock. 

During the winter you don’t have to worry about the coconut oil melting.  Coconut oil has a 77 degree melting point and in most places it is much colder than that in the winter!


Now obviously, we just talked about some treats for your chickens, but I wanted to talk about some other options you can give your chickens!

One option is mealworms. I rely heavily on mealworms for my chickens. They love them and it gives like them that extra little bit of spark because they are hunting something. I’m not sure what it is about mealworms, but there’s something about them that my chickens get all excited about. They hear the mealworms, they smell them, they are just all over it. It’s kind of insane! You can pick up some mealworms from the store right here: Mealworms-LoveBugs For Hens

On the blog we have tons of free treat recipes that you can make at home for your chickens. Some of my favorite are: Wheat Berry & Lemon Balm Happy Tummy Treats, Frozen Beef Tallow Treats (for summer), 5 High Protein Treats For Fall, Lavender Treat Mix, and Pumpkin Seed, Cayenne & Wormwood Deworming treat

You can also check out my book “Cluck Cakes” that has tons of treat recipes for your chickens!

We also have tons of treat options in the store such as:

Treat Dispenser

Since we’re talking about treats, the final gift for your chickens on our list is a treat dispenser.  If you haven’t seen them, they work a little bit like Kongs for dogs in the sense that you can put the treat in it and your chickens have to figure out how to get the treat out. Once they figure out what it does, they’re going to play with it a lot!

The one that I like is this one from Manna Pro: Manna Pro Treat Dispenser

But you can also easily make this at home with something like an old soda bottle or an old water bottle. All you need to do is poke some holes in the old water bottle, put the treats in the top, and then screw the lid back on. Then your chickens will try and peck the treats out of the holes! So that’s a very, very simple way to make it at home with products you probably already have on hand!

You can put whatever you want in your treat dispenser! I would stick with dry foods though, so that it doesn’t get messy and gross. You can put corn in there, you can put mealworms in there, oats, calendula, or anything else you feel would work for your flock.

That’s all for today folks! Are you going to buy your chickens gifts this year? If so, what are you going to give them?

The Perfect Gift Guide For Backyard Chicken Lovers

Everyone, Christmas is coming! 

Christmas sneaks up on us so quickly, doesn’t it? I swear it was just July! One of the worst parts of Christmas is trying to think of gift ideas for everyone on your list.

It can take hours and can be stressful too. Well, let me take the stress away. I’ve been scouring the web for gift ideas for the chicken owner in your life and I’ve found some pretty goods ones (if I do say so myself).

There are practical gifts, fun gifts, and gifts you’ll want so much you’ll just buy them for yourself! I’m not judging, I’ll probably do it too.

Alright everyone let’s get going, here are some of my favorite gift ideas for a crazy chicken lady!

[This page might contain affiliate links, which means for any item you purchase using our links, we earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks for supporting our website and being a part of the Pampered Chicken Mama family!]

Home Items

These gifts range from home decor to kitchenware, but they’re all sure to be a hit for the chicken owner in your life!

Farmhouse Hen Container With Lid

This hen container is the perfect way for the chicken lover in your life to bring their love of hens into their home! This container is the perfect decor item for an office or kitchen! Find it here: Farmhouse Hen Container With Lid

Chicken Oven Mitt

Isn’t this fun? It’s such a cute oven mitt and any chicken lover is sure to adore it! Find it here: Chicken Oven Mitt


Decorative Rooster Stoneware Container

I love this rooster stoneware container, it’s the perfect home decor item for a chicken lover. You can find it here: Rooster Container

Egg Frying Pan

Not only is this mini egg frying pan cute, but it’s also practical! It’s the perfect size for making fried eggs! Find it here: Egg Frying Pan

Galvanized Dozen Egg Carrier

This is the perfect home decor item for a chicken lover! With this egg holder they can display their chicken eggs with pride! Find it here: Galvanized Dozen Egg Carrier

Wood Framed Farm Rooster Print

Aren’t these stunning? This would be the perfect home decor item for the chicken lover in your life! You can find them here: Wood Framed Farm Rooster Print

Wood and Metal Farm Fresh Eggs Sign

I love this sign! I might need it for my kitchen! This farm fresh eggs sign would add the perfect touch to any chicken owner’s kitchen! Find it here: Farm Fresh Eggs Sign

Chicken Wire Basket

Isn’t this basket cute? I love the shape and that you can use it to collect your eggs! It’s the perfect gift for any chicken lover! You can find it here: Chicken Wire Basket

Practical Gifts

Ok, so these are the practical gifts for chicken lovers. Think like the socks and underwear gifts of the chicken world. While these gifts are not nearly as fun as the previous gifts, they’re also incredibly practical and will help simplify life for your favorite chicken lady.

Egg Gathering Apron

I’m seriously in LOVE with this gift idea! It’s fun and kind of silly, but I love it! You can make this yourself with this tutorial here. You can also find a similar one here or I’m a fan of this “driving my husband crazy one chicken at a time” apron here😉


Chicken Boots

Not only are these boots adorable, but they’re also practical too! They’re perfect boots for heading out to the coop to clean! You can find these boots here: Chicken Boots

Chicken Swing

Chicken swings are the best! Not only do they entertain chickens during the long boring winter months, but they’re also entertaining for chicken owners! Any crazy chicken lady would love this chicken swing! Find one here: Fowl Play Products Chicken Swing

Treat Dispenser

Just like the chicken swing, a treat dispenser leads to hours and hours of fun for chickens and chicken owners alike! You can find one here: Manna Pro Treat Dispenser

Nesting Herbs

I love nesting herbs because they’re great for any chicken owner’s flock. These are the perfect practical gift for a chicken owner! You can find nesting herbs here: Nesting Herbs

Chicken Tote Bag

This chicken tote bag is perfect! It’s a cute and practical gift for any chicken owner. You can find it here: Chicken Tote Bag

Chicken Coop Signs

Having a sign for your chicken coop is a must have for any backyard chicken owner which makes them the perfect gift! They’re fun and they’re normally pretty cheap (bonus!). You could even make some of these chicken coop signs yourself (check out my favorite DIY coop signs here)

DIY Chick Inn Sign

This is for my DIY gift lovers out there. This simple chick inn sign is the perfect gift for any chicken lover! It’s simple and easy to make and it will look stunning on any coop! Tutorial here: Make your own chick inn sign

DIY Chicken Names Sign

I love this sign! It’s a simple project that you could make with materials you might already have at home! Check out the tutorial for this coop sign here: Chicken Names Signs

Chicken Coop Rules Sign

I love this chicken coop rules sign! This rustic sign is the perfect gift for any chicken lover! You can find it here: Chicken Coop Rules Sign

Chickens The Pet That Poops Breakfast Sign

I got a good laugh out of this sign. It’s so true though! This is a fun gift for your favorite chicken lady. Find it here: Chickens Coop Sign

Coop Protected By Crazy Chicken Lady Sign

This sign pretty much explains my life and my relationship with my chickens! I love them! This is a great gift for the crazy chicken lady in your life. You can find this sign here: Coop Protected Sign

Gifts Under $15

And last, but definitely not least here are my favorite gifts for the crazy chicken lady in your life that are under $15!

Chicken Socks

I’m kind of in love with these hilarious chicken socks. These would make the perfect stocking stuffer or gag gift! Find them here: Chicken Socks

Chicken Mug

This is so true! You really can’t have too many chickens! You can find this awesome mug here: Chicken Mug

Well that’s all for today! Which of these gift ideas was your favorite?


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The Perfect Gift Guide For Backyard Chicken Lovers

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10 Stunning Farmhouse Christmas Decor Ideas

I’m starting to get really excited for Christmas! Between the stores filling up with Christmas decor and the Christmas themed ads I see all over social media, I’m getting excited to decorate my home for Christmas this year. 

This year I am absolutely loving the farmhouse style Christmas decor. It looks fantastic, but it’s not too over the top which I love. I love how simple and effortless the farmhouse Christmas theme looks in any home.

Since my Pinterest feed has been full of Christmas decor for the past week, I’ve decided to put together some of my favorite farmhouse Christmas decor ideas that I’ve come across!

So let’s get going! Here are my favorite farmhouse Christmas decor ideas!

[This page might contain affiliate links, which means for any item you purchase using our links, we earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks for supporting our website and being a part of the Pampered Chicken Mama family!]

Red Farm Truck Pillow

I’m a huge fan of the rustic red farm truck look (it’ll make more appearance throughout this article, promise) It adds such a old-fashioned, vintage feel to any home! This pillow is so cute and would bring a vintage Christmas feel to your living room!

Find it here: Red Farm Truck Pillow

Rustic Wood Christmas At The Farm Sign

This rustic wooden sign brings back the charm of an old fashioned tree farm. This sign would add the perfect rustic farmhouse touch to any home!

Find it here: Rustic Wooden Christmas At The Farm Sign

Buffalo Check Accent Pillow

This checkered pillow reminds me of a warm soft blanket and makes me want to snuggle up on my couch to drink hot chocolate and watch a Christmas movie! It’s the perfect subtle Christmas touch for any home!

Found here: Buffalo Check Accent Pillow

Cones and Berries Holiday Door Piece

This door piece would be absolutely stunning for any entryway. It’s the perfect way to welcome your holiday guests into your home!

Found here: Cones and Berries Holiday Door Piece

Decorative Countryside Christmas Mailbox

I love the subtle Christmas look of this mailbox. This countryside Christmas mailbox would be perfect for kids to mail their letter to Santa in!

Find it here: Decorative Countryside Christmas Mailbox

Framed Peppermint Cocoa Wall Sign

Wouldn’t this sign look stunning in a kitchen? This framed peppermint cocoa wall sign would add the perfect farmhouse Christmas touch to any kitchen!

Find it here: Framed Peppermint Cocoa Wall Sign

Cotton Red and White Table Runner

This table runner is perfect for the effortless Christmas decor look. This simple table runner would look fantastic on a wood table, topped with your favorite holiday centerpiece!

Found here: Cotton Red and White Table Runner

Rustic Christmas Stockings

These rustic Christmas stockings are perfect for any mantelpiece. The simple patterns and burlap would add a subtle Christmas touch to any living room.

Find them here: Rustic Christmas Stockings

Merry Christmas Metal Sign

This simple metal sign would look stunning hung on any wall in the home. The simplistic look combined with the rustic accents are sure to add to any farmhouse Christmas decor.

Find it here: Merry Christmas Metal Sign

Retro Truck Stocking Holder

And last, but definitely not least we have another retro truck! This retro truck stocking holder would look stunning with the rustic stockings from earlier and I love the vintage Christmas feel this decor item would bring to any home.

Find it here: Retro Truck Stocking Holder

Which of these farmhouse Christmas decorations was your favorite?

12 Genius Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap Hacks

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite eco-friendly gift wrap ideas with you.

I love Christmas, but unfortunately there are some negative environmental impacts of the holiday season. The EPA estimates that during the holidays Americans produce 25% more waste. Which is about 1 million tons of trash!!!! (source)

That’s a huge environmental impact! One way to reduce your environmental impact this holiday season is to use eco-friendly gift wrap. Obviously the most eco-friendly idea would be to not wrap your gifts, but for most of us that’s probably not going to happen. Opening gifts is a huge part of the fun of Christmas right?

I used to think that gift wrap could just be recycled, it’s just paper right? However many types of gift wrap have dyes and plastics that make them difficult or impossible to recycle. So today I decided to share some of my favorite gift wrap ideas that are eco-friendly and pretty too!

[This page might contain affiliate links, which means for any item you purchase using our links, we earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks for supporting our website and being a part of the Pampered Chicken Mama family!]

Buy Eco-friendly Gift Wrap

This is one of the easiest options. There are many brands that sell eco-friendly wrapping paper. One of my favorite brands is Wrappily. They’re wrapping paper is 100% recyclable and they have tons of really cute prints! You can find their wrapping paper here: Wrappily Wrapping Paper

One of my favorite ways to wrap gifts is to buy basic brown kraft paper. It’s really inexpensive and it’s recyclable. There’s also the added benefit that kraft paper doesn’t slip as much and is easier to fold, so you won’t have to use as much tape (or even any tape at all) when your wrap gifts with it.

You can find brown kraft paper here: 100% Recyclable Kraft Paper Roll

Reuse, Reuse, Reuse

I know some people think it’s tacky, but I reuse old gift bags and tissue paper from gifts that I receive. Maybe I’m just cheap, but I think it’s better than purchasing new gift bags and tissue paper because I’m not creating new waste. I would rather reuse an old gift bag than throw it away and having to buy a new one later on.

Skip The Tape

One way to reduce the environmental impact of your gifts is to not use tape. You can secure the edges of your packages by tying twine around it (obviously this trick will only work if you are wrapping a square/rectangular gift, it’s a little bit trickier with odd shaped packages).

You can also wrap your gifts without any tape! I love this video (see below) that shows you how you can wrap gifts without using any tape!

Make Your Own Gift Bags

It’s fairly easy to make your own gift bags. One of the great things about making your own is you can use whatever type of paper that you have handy. You could use leftover scrapbook paper, brown paper, or even some of the eco-friendly wrapping paper we talked about earlier!

Here’s a simple tutorial for how to make your own gift bags: Make DIY Gift Bags

Use Leftover Paper

If you have scraps of scrapbook paper or printer paper you can use that to wrap smaller gifts! Scrapbook paper would look so cute as wrapping paper and if you tie it with some twine it will look fantastic!

Brown Paper Bags

One of my favorite eco-friendly (and budget friendly) gift wrap ideas is to use brown paper bags. I always try to get paper bags from the grocery store if I forget my reusable bags (which I do a lot) so I always tend to have a couple extra paper bags hanging around.

I just cut the bags open on one side, turn them inside out, and then wrap my gifts! It’s a simple and easy way to wrap gifts with something you already have!

You can also throw on some pine cones, or sprigs from a pine tree to add a beautiful touch to your gift!

Draw Your Own Patterns

Another great way to make plain brown paper look fantastic is to draw your own patterns on it. You can use a white colored pencil, chalk, or a chalkboard marker to create beautiful, custom designs for your gifts!

Christmas Tree Map Gift Tags 

Don’t you love these homemade gift tags? I love that the Christmas tree is made from an old map! I also love how simple and easy these eco-friendly gift tags are to make!

Lunch sack 

I love this idea for wrapping your gifts. I love the beautiful Christmas sayings and the added bonus of eucalyptus stems!

Winter Scarf

I love the idea of wrapping your gifts with a winter scarf! Not only is the wrapping super cute, but it can be used and it part of the gift! You can learn how to wrap gifts in a scarf here: Wrapping gifts in a scarf tutorial

Use Newspaper

If you still get the newspaper you can use newspaper to wrap your next Christmas gift! It looks absolutely stunning and it’s recyclable!

Homemade Bows

I had no idea you could make your own bows until I found this tutorial. Aren’t they so cute? You can use leftover scrapbook paper or kraft paper to make these bows to add the perfect touch to your eco-friendly wrapping. Tutorial here: Homemade Bows

Which of these gift wrap ideas is your favorite?



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10+ Recipes That Are Perfect For The Holidays

The holidays are coming y’all and I am so excited for the food.

I LOVE all of the delicious food that shows up around Christmas and Thanksgiving. Since the holidays can get a little bit crazy, I’ve created a collection of holiday recipes that you can use for any of your holiday recipe needs. I’ve got holiday recipes perfect for kids, office parties, family events and more!

So let’s get going! Here are some of my favorite holiday recipes.

Amish Farmhouse Sugar Cookies

These farmhouse sugar cookies are made with simple ingredients you probably already have in your pantry. Seriously these cookies are to die for! What I love about these cookies are that you can customize them depending on your taste. We used raisins in ours, but if you’re not a raisin fan you can use chocolate chips, nuts, butterscotch chips, or maybe even some toffee.

Recipe here: Amish Farmhouse Sugar Cookies

Left Over Ham Pasta Salad

Having a honey baked ham is a must have for any holiday gathering. But after the holiday party you have to figure out what the heck to do with all of the leftover ham. Leftover ham pasta salad is the perfect solution. Not only is this recipe a huge hit, but it’s simple and easy to make.

You can find the recipe here: Left Over Ham Pasta Salad

Southern Style Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes And Gravy

If you’re looking to keep things simple this holiday season, this instant pot mashed potatoes and gravy recipe is for you. The gravy and the potatoes are both made in the instant pot, so you’re looking at only dirtying one pan! Heck yes. This recipe is going to be my go to for mashed potatoes this Thanksgiving

Recipe: Southern Style Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes And Gravy

Pumpkin Puree & Pumpkin Spice

Everyone goes crazy for anything pumpkin spice in the fall, but did you know you can make your own? I love this recipe for pumpkin puree and pumpkin spice because they’re so versatile for the holiday season. Plus, homemade pumpkin puree is everything. It tastes sooo good. You can use it to make pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins, even pumpkin soup!

Recipe: Pumpkin Puree & Pumpkin Spice

puree pumpkin and spice

Pie Recipes For the Holidays

There’s nothing better than homemade pie. Literally nothing. I have so many pie recipes that I love for the holidays that I definitely couldn’t fit all of them into this blog post. But, don’t worry, I have an entire article that has all of my favorite homemade pie recipes.

Find it here: Homemade Pie Recipes for the Holidays

Here are some of my favorite pie recipes:

Maple Pecan Pie

Fresh Pumpkin Pie

Easy Key Lime Pie

Homemade Corn Syrup

If y’all didn’t know, store bought corn syrup is really processed and likely made with GMO corn. Enter my homemade corn syrup recipe. This recipe is great if you still want to make homemade Christmas candy. Because is it even Christmas if there’s not homemade candy? This recipe is a lighter corn syrup substitute that’s perfect for using with your holiday recipes.

Here’s the recipe: Homemade Corn Syrup

Christmas Morning Pancake Mix With Einkorn Flour

I love this Christmas morning pancake mix recipe made with Einkorn Flour. This is perfect if you want to provide a healthier breakfast on Christmas morning (since you’ll probably be having tons of unhealthy foods the rest of the day). Plus you can make this mix in bulk and store it so you have a quick breakfast option for busy mornings! Top these pancakes with homemade lavender syrup or strawberry jam, and you have the perfect Christmas morning breakfast!

Recipe here: Christmas Morning Pancake Mix

Want an easy but nutritious breakfast? Make this DIY pancake mix now & have quick breakfasts all week!

Orange Cherry Olive Oil Cakes

These small cakes are bursting with delicious citrus flavor. These cakes can be easily wrapped in a red party favor bag and gifted to friends and family. But make sure you keep some for yourself because these cakes are delicious!

Recipe: Orange Cherry Olive Oil Cakes

Sugar Free English Egg Custard

Looking for a yummy comfort food recipe for the holidays? I love making this sugar free English egg custard recipe for an afternoon treat. It’s also great to take to potlucks because the ingredients make it seem much more complicated and decadent than it actually is;)

Recipe here: Sugar Free English Egg Custard

Chocolate Cookie Mice

Aren’t these chocolate cookie mice the cutest? This recipe is perfect for a Christmas treat for the kids. You can make these mice cookies and eat them while you read a Nutcracker storybook. Your kids will love having this tasty treat while hearing about the Nutcracker and Clara fighting the Mouse King (here’s my favorite Nutcracker storybook).

Recipe: Chocolate Cookie Mice


Vanilla and Chocolate Shortbread Cookies

Shortbread is a traditional Scottish recipe that is perfect for the holidays. These cookies literally melt in your mouth and they are perfect for topping desserts. Since these cookies are shaped like buttons, they are absolutely perfect for topping snowman themed cakes or cookies!

Find the recipe here: Vanilla and Chocolate Shortbread Cookies

Easy White Bread Recipe

Think you’re no good at making bread? Trust me you can make this easy white bread. Homemade bread is perfect for the holidays. I love serving fresh homemade bread with any holiday meal.

Recipe: Easy White Bread Recipe

In this no-fail bread recipe, I walk you step-by-step so you can make your own loaves. Easy recipe that anyone can master. From FrugalChicken.

Oatmeal Peanut Butter Cookies

These cookies are perfect for a cold winter’s night. They’re the ultimate comfort food for the holidays, and your family and friends will love them! Plus this recipe makes about 60 cookies which makes it a easy recipe to gift to neighbors or take to the office potluck.

Recipe: Oatmeal Peanut Butter Cookies

Stacks of oatmeal peanut butter cookies

Chocolate Chili Brownies

Looking to add a little spice to your holiday dessert? This recipe has some kick. I love the combination of sweet and spicy in this chocolate chili recipe. It’s perfect for mixing things up at the office potluck or family Christmas party.

Recipe: Chocolate Chili Brownies

chocolate chili brownies

Sugar Substitutes

Looking to have a healthier holiday season? I hear ya. I could probably do with less processed sugar in my life. Here are some of my favorite options for substituting sugar:

Which of these recipes are you going to try this year?

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