Why Is There Water In My Eggs? Today’s Q&A!

Why Is There Water In My Eggs? Today’s Q&A!

Today’s daily question comes from a reader who’s finding water in the eggs her hens lay.


Yep, it was a mystery to me at first as well, but after asking some questions, I was able to sort out why this hen has been laying eggs filled with water – and my answer is not to be missed.


I also answer questions about how to break a hen who has gone broody, which hens you can raise if you WANT a broody hen, and whether Rhode Island Reds are good for hatching eggs.


You can see all my answers in this 7 minute video here:



If you have a question about raising chickens you’d like answered, you can email me at [email protected]! While I can’t answer every question live, I do my best to answer as many as possible!

My Best Hack To Build A Chicken Run On The Cheap

My Best Hack To Build A Chicken Run On The Cheap

Today’s backyard chicken question is from a reader who asked me about how to build a chicken run, the size it should be, and whether she should allow her chickens to free range, and for how long.


Specifically, the question I was asked is:


“I’m getting chicks in march! Yay! Ima do bantams and I found a coop but it doesn’t have a fence, do I need to build one or do I buy one cheaper ???? Also I think if I build one I could do it safer for the chicks. When do I let them go to there coop and run around and stay in the coop?”

Healthy Hens Love Nesting Herbs!

nesting box herbs



So, in a short video, I’ve answered all those questions! I give my super secret money saving hack to build a chicken run without spending your 401K on fence posts, as well as the one place you definitely DON’T want to be cheap about.


I also give a few tips about safer free ranging.


Here’s my answer:

Q&A about backyard chickens and free ranging!

Posted by I Love Backyard Chickens on Monday, February 12, 2018