8+ DIY Holiday Decorations For Your Chicken Coop

8+ DIY Holiday Decorations For Your Chicken Coop

So I tend to go a little bit overboard with Christmas decorations every year.

I love Christmas, so I have to try and reign myself in every year when I want to decorate my house all out for the holidays. I’ve been looking at Christmas decorations on Pinterest all week (obviously) and I realized that I need to start decorating my chicken coop for the holidays! I think having holiday decor on the chicken coop might motivate me to leave my warm house to go check on my chickens. Or at least it would make a trip out to the coop more enjoyable right?

So today I thought I would share some of my absolute favorite DIY Christmas decorations for the chicken coop with all of you. Most of these DIY decorations you can make for cheap, or maybe even for free! So let’s get going, here are my favorite DIY Holiday decorations for your chicken coop.

Pine Cone Wreath

Wouldn’t one of these pine cone wreaths look fantastic on your chicken coop? If you have a pine tree in your backyard you could make this simple DIY wreath practically for free. You can find the tutorial here: Making Pine Cone Wreaths

Chicken Coop Garland

I love this adorable chicken coop garland for your hens made from fruit and chicken treats! Not only is this garland adorable, but it’s also a great boredom buster for your hens during the winter months. You can find the tutorial here: Festive Garland for a Chicken Coop

Holiday Herb & Berry Wreath

I’ve made this adorable wreath for my chicken coop, and my chickens love it. It looks adorable, and yes your chickens are supposed to eat it! It’s a great way to feed your chickens herbs in a fun and festive way! Tutorial here: Holiday Herb & Berry Wreath

Hot Chocolate Bar

Ok, so this isn’t exactly for your chicken coop, but after running out to the coop to check on my chickens in freezing weather, I definitely need some hot chocolate. So this DIY decoration is for the chicken owner:) I love the idea of creating an everyday hot chocolate bar because who doesn’t want hot chocolate everyday? This DIY project is super simple and I love how fun and festive it would make a small corner of your kitchen feel. Tutorial: Everyday Hot Chocolate Bar

Feed Bag Stocking

Isn’t this a great idea to use your leftover feed bags? You can make feed bag stockings to hang on your chicken coop for free using your empty chicken feed bags. Tutorial here: Feed Bag Stockings

Edible Christmas Garlands

Here’s another fun Christmas garland idea for your chicken coop. This one is made from radishes, cranberries, Brussels sprouts, and boiled eggs! This probably wouldn’t last long in my chicken coop, but it’s a fun and simple Christmas decoration! You can find the tutorial here: Edible Christmas Garland

Cookie Tin Water Heater

This cookie tin water heater is festive and practical! It keeps your chickens’ water from freezing! I love that this project is festive and useful at the same time! Here’s the tutorial: Cookie Tin Water Heater

Festive Chicken Coop

Don’t you love this coop? It looks STUNNING and it would be fairly simple to replicate! You can see more pictures of this adorable coop here: Holiday Chicken Coop

Do you decorate your chicken coop for the holidays? What chicken coop decorations do you love?

The Perfect Gift Guide For Backyard Chicken Lovers

The Perfect Gift Guide For Backyard Chicken Lovers

Everyone, Christmas is coming! 

Christmas sneaks up on us so quickly, doesn’t it? I swear it was just July! One of the worst parts of Christmas is trying to think of gift ideas for everyone on your list.

It can take hours and can be stressful too. Well, let me take the stress away. I’ve been scouring the web for gift ideas for the chicken owner in your life and I’ve found some pretty goods ones (if I do say so myself).

There are practical gifts, fun gifts, and gifts you’ll want so much you’ll just buy them for yourself! I’m not judging, I’ll probably do it too.

Alright everyone let’s get going, here are some of my favorite gift ideas for a crazy chicken lady!

[This page might contain affiliate links, which means for any item you purchase using our links, we earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks for supporting our website and being a part of the Pampered Chicken Mama family!]

Home Items

These gifts range from home decor to kitchenware, but they’re all sure to be a hit for the chicken owner in your life!

Farmhouse Hen Container With Lid

This hen container is the perfect way for the chicken lover in your life to bring their love of hens into their home! This container is the perfect decor item for an office or kitchen! Find it here: Farmhouse Hen Container With Lid

Chicken Oven Mitt

Isn’t this fun? It’s such a cute oven mitt and any chicken lover is sure to adore it! Find it here: Chicken Oven Mitt


Decorative Rooster Stoneware Container

I love this rooster stoneware container, it’s the perfect home decor item for a chicken lover. You can find it here: Rooster Container

Egg Frying Pan

Not only is this mini egg frying pan cute, but it’s also practical! It’s the perfect size for making fried eggs! Find it here: Egg Frying Pan

Galvanized Dozen Egg Carrier

This is the perfect home decor item for a chicken lover! With this egg holder they can display their chicken eggs with pride! Find it here: Galvanized Dozen Egg Carrier

Wood Framed Farm Rooster Print

Aren’t these stunning? This would be the perfect home decor item for the chicken lover in your life! You can find them here: Wood Framed Farm Rooster Print

Wood and Metal Farm Fresh Eggs Sign

I love this sign! I might need it for my kitchen! This farm fresh eggs sign would add the perfect touch to any chicken owner’s kitchen! Find it here: Farm Fresh Eggs Sign

Chicken Wire Basket

Isn’t this basket cute? I love the shape and that you can use it to collect your eggs! It’s the perfect gift for any chicken lover! You can find it here: Chicken Wire Basket

Practical Gifts

Ok, so these are the practical gifts for chicken lovers. Think like the socks and underwear gifts of the chicken world. While these gifts are not nearly as fun as the previous gifts, they’re also incredibly practical and will help simplify life for your favorite chicken lady.

Egg Gathering Apron

I’m seriously in LOVE with this gift idea! It’s fun and kind of silly, but I love it! You can make this yourself with this tutorial here. You can also find a similar one here or I’m a fan of this “driving my husband crazy one chicken at a time” apron here😉


Chicken Boots

Not only are these boots adorable, but they’re also practical too! They’re perfect boots for heading out to the coop to clean! You can find these boots here: Chicken Boots

Chicken Swing

Chicken swings are the best! Not only do they entertain chickens during the long boring winter months, but they’re also entertaining for chicken owners! Any crazy chicken lady would love this chicken swing! Find one here: Fowl Play Products Chicken Swing

Treat Dispenser

Just like the chicken swing, a treat dispenser leads to hours and hours of fun for chickens and chicken owners alike! You can find one here: Manna Pro Treat Dispenser

Nesting Herbs

I love nesting herbs because they’re great for any chicken owner’s flock. These are the perfect practical gift for a chicken owner! You can find nesting herbs here: Nesting Herbs

Chicken Tote Bag

This chicken tote bag is perfect! It’s a cute and practical gift for any chicken owner. You can find it here: Chicken Tote Bag

Chicken Coop Signs

Having a sign for your chicken coop is a must have for any backyard chicken owner which makes them the perfect gift! They’re fun and they’re normally pretty cheap (bonus!). You could even make some of these chicken coop signs yourself (check out my favorite DIY coop signs here)

DIY Chick Inn Sign

This is for my DIY gift lovers out there. This simple chick inn sign is the perfect gift for any chicken lover! It’s simple and easy to make and it will look stunning on any coop! Tutorial here: Make your own chick inn sign

DIY Chicken Names Sign

I love this sign! It’s a simple project that you could make with materials you might already have at home! Check out the tutorial for this coop sign here: Chicken Names Signs

Chicken Coop Rules Sign

I love this chicken coop rules sign! This rustic sign is the perfect gift for any chicken lover! You can find it here: Chicken Coop Rules Sign

Chickens The Pet That Poops Breakfast Sign

I got a good laugh out of this sign. It’s so true though! This is a fun gift for your favorite chicken lady. Find it here: Chickens Coop Sign

Coop Protected By Crazy Chicken Lady Sign

This sign pretty much explains my life and my relationship with my chickens! I love them! This is a great gift for the crazy chicken lady in your life. You can find this sign here: Coop Protected Sign

Gifts Under $15

And last, but definitely not least here are my favorite gifts for the crazy chicken lady in your life that are under $15!

Chicken Socks

I’m kind of in love with these hilarious chicken socks. These would make the perfect stocking stuffer or gag gift! Find them here: Chicken Socks

Chicken Mug

This is so true! You really can’t have too many chickens! You can find this awesome mug here: Chicken Mug

Well that’s all for today! Which of these gift ideas was your favorite?


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The Perfect Gift Guide For Backyard Chicken Lovers

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These 9 Backyard Chicken Decor Ideas Are Everything

These 9 Backyard Chicken Decor Ideas Are Everything

Obviously, I love chicken themed home decor.

Personally, I think it’s a great way to tastefully show your love for your chickens.

You might laugh, and say “there’s no way you can tastefully incorporate chicken themed decor into your home.” Well folks, today I’m going to show you how. I stumbled upon some beautiful country chicken themed home decor ideas this week and I’m going to share them with you today.

So whether you want to add a farmhouse touch to your home or use it to show how much you love chickens, these decor items are perfect for you!

So let’s get started! Here are my favorite chicken themed home decor ideas!

[This page might contain affiliate links, which means for any item you purchase using our links, we earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thanks for supporting our website and being a part of the Pampered Chicken Mama family!]

Iron Rooster Weather Vane

I love that this rooster weather vane looks like a piece of an old homestead that could seamlessly blend in to your farmhouse home decor. It’s a subtle way to show your appreciation for your chickens and your homestead lifestyle. You can find it here: Iron Rooster Weather Vane

Decorative Rooster Stoneware Container

Don’t you love this little guy? This rooster stoneware container seems like the perfect place to hide some treats in my kitchen! This rooster would fit in perfectly into any farmhouse kitchen. Find it here: Decorative Rooster Stoneware Container

Galvanized Dozen Egg Carrier

Isn’t this container stunning? I love the rustic look of this container. It would look absolutely stunning with some decorative eggs, as a centerpiece for a dining room table! I also think it would look great with some fresh flowers placed inside each hole! You can find it here: Galvanized Dozen Egg Carrier

Pastel Stoneware Pig Planters

Ok, ok I know this isn’t chicken themed…but I had to throw it in here for all of you pig owners out there! These stoneware pig planters are precious and they would look amazing with your favorite herbs planted inside! Found here: Pastel Stoneware Pig Planters


Sliding Barn Doors Wall Decor

I love these adorable barn doors! One of our chicken coops is made from repurposed wood that looks like this, so these barn doors make me feel like I have a piece of my chicken coop in my home! Find them here: Sliding Barn Doors Wall Decor

Farm Breed Plates, Set of 4

I love these adorable farm breed plates (especially the chicken one). These plates would look so pretty hung on the wall of your kitchen or dining room! You can find them here: Farm Breed Plates

Simple Wood Farmers Market Sign

I love this cute farmer’s market sign! I think this sign would look amazing in a farmhouse style kitchen or dining room! You can find it here: Simple Wood Farmers Market Sign

Cotton Farm Animal Tea Towels

I love these farm animal breed tea towels! Especially the chicken one;) These tea towels are perfect for a subtle tribute to your farm animals that you can incorporate into your home decor! Find them here: Cotton Farm Animal Tea Towels

Galvanized Hanging Birdcage

I love this metal birdcage! It’s shaped like a barn (or a chicken coop!) and it would be a fun addition to your living room or your backyard. You can find it here: Galvanized Hanging Birdcage

Which of these chicken themed decor ideas is your favorite?

10+ Amazing, Must Make DIY Fall Decorations For Your Coop

10+ Amazing, Must Make DIY Fall Decorations For Your Coop

I LOVE fall! I know once August hits y’all are pulling out your pumpkin spice candles and counting down the days until you can start wearing sweaters. I’m with you!

One of my favorite things about fall is the decorations. I love decorating for fall and there’s nothing better than fall chicken coop decorations.

We’re building a couple of new coops and so I’m super excited this year to be able to try out some of these AMAZING chicken coop decorations!

DIY Pumpkin Vase 

I made this pumpkin vase for my chicken coop last year, and you can bet I’m going to make it again this year! It’s a cheap and easy project that is the perfect fall coop decoration! And when you’re done with this decoration your chickens can eat the pumpkins and the mums! For detailed instruction on how to make this cute vase you can read my article right here.

Looking for a cute fall decoration for your chicken coop? Make a vase out of pumpkins! (Hint: It's also super nutritious for your hens!)


Fall Wreath

I am loving this super cute fall wreath for a decoration for your chicken coop! Here’s a tutorial to make one yourself right here or if you don’t have time to DIY you can buy one right here.

Rustic Welcome Outdoor Sign

I love this rustic welcome sign. It’s so easy to make and you can adjust the wreath based on the season! I’m so excited to make this welcome sign for one of our coops and use a fall wreath! You can find the full tutorial for this welcome sign right here!


Recycled Bicycle Garden Planter

I LOVE this cute recycled bike garden planter that my friend, Adrianne made for her garden! I love that this garden planter can be used for different seasons too! For fall I’m going to fill the planter basket with orange and yellow flowers (and maybe even some pumpkins) to add a super cute fall touch to the area around my chicken coop!

Happy Fall Y’all Sign

I love this sign! I think it’s so fun! I don’t have a tutorial for this project, but it should be simple to make! All you need is a wood board, some paint, and a little creativity!

Fall Window Box 

I LOVE window boxes for chicken coops! We added this cute window box to one of the new coops we’re building here on the farm! It’s so cute and it’s perfect for fall! Looking for more window box ideas? I’ve got you covered. Check out this post with all of my favorite window boxes!

Backyard chicken coop window

DIY Fall Sign Post

This is hands down my favorite fall decoration I’ve seen! I LOVE this cute fall sign post! It’s quick and easy to make and it will look fantastic outside of your chicken coop! Check out the full tutorial here!


Isn’t this coop adorable! I love how they incorporated mums and pumpkins to give the coop a beautiful fall feel! Even if you don’t have a space like this one to place pumpkins on your coop, you can still place pumpkins around the coop! They’re a super cute and easy way to decorate your coop for fall! (And you chickens can eat them too!)

If you want the plans for this specific chicken coop head on over to my 55+ free coop plans article!

Painted Pumpkins

And speaking of pumpkins, you can also paint your pumpkins for a gorgeous coop decoration! I love this hello fall pumpkin!

I also love how simple it is to make this! All you need is a hello fall stencil (like the one below) and some white paint and you’re good to go! It’s a super simple project that makes the perfect decoration for your chicken coop!

 Corn Husk Wreath

I LOVE this! Not only is it a very inexpensive decoration for your coop, but it looks amazing! Check out the tutorial to make this corn husk wreath here!

View this post on Instagram

It's that time of the year again! Not many know this but I started my business off by just making wreaths about 4 years ago. I don't really make them much anymore, but I LOVE making these corn husk wreaths for fall. We've had ours for going on 3 years now and it looks just as good as the day I made it. 🎃🌽 . These are made to order and I will only be making a limited amount this year, they are listed in my Etsy shop link in bio. ☺️ . . #whimsicallychicboutique #handmadesign #etsyhandmade #sign #woodensign #walldecor #homedecor #decor #shoplocal #shopsmall #etsyseller #signs #woodsign #handmadewithlove #wallart #rusticdecor #farmhousechic #farmhousedecor #etsyshop #makersgonnamake #handmadeisbetter #smallbiz #mclsignmakers #signmaker #cornhusk #cornhuskwreath #falldecor #fall #wreath #fallwreath

A post shared by Whimsically Chic Boutique (@whimsicallychicboutique) on

Metal Cart

I love this cute metal cart because it would be so easy to add some cute fall decorations to! You could fill it with pumpkins or corn stalks and it would look amazing around your coop! You can buy this basket right here.

Fall Signs

I love this cute fall sign! And it’s a simple project that you can put outside of your coop! Chicken coop signs are an easy and adorable decoration that are awesome for any chicken coop!

Chalkboard Platter Wreath

So clearly I’m a little bit obsessed with wreaths…but I just love how cute they look on my coop door! I love that you can customize the saying on this wreath because it’s a chalkboard! Here’s the full tutorial!

Well that’s all for now folks. What fall decorations are you going to add to your coop this year? I’d love to here about it in the comments below!