13 Heartwarming Stories Of Animals Rescued During Hurricane Harvey

13 Heartwarming Stories Of Animals Rescued During Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey didn’t just impact millions of people – it was also devastating to pets and livestock who lost their families.


Rescuers have spent hundreds of man hours rescuing pets from the rising waters, braving the floods that could have killed them to bring dogs, cats, horses and more to safety.


Shockingly, in many cases, the animals weren’t just abandoned to save themselves – many of them were purposely locked up by their humans to meet whatever fate awaited.


Luckily, rescuers got to these 10 lucky pets before the rising waves ended their lives.


Here’s 10 heartwarming stories of humans who went out of their way to rescue pets and in some cases, reunite them with their owners!


This dog who jumped into a rescuer’s Jeep, and thanks to one man and the power of Twitter, was reunited with his family.


These 120 cats from the Cattery Cat Shelter who were evacuated by the SPCA of Texas before Hurricane Harvey hit Corpus Christi:



These adorable kittens rescued by a brave woman from underneath a porch in Houston:


These adorable baby squirrels who were taken in by the Wildlife Center of Texas:


These poor dogs thankfully rescued from locked kennel before the water got too high:


If you have animals and can't get them out let me know so I can come get them. To the sick assholes that left these two poor dogs locked in a kennel on your porch to drown, hope God had a special plan for you.

Posted by Jared Carter on Sunday, August 27, 2017


This lucky dog that was rescued from flooding waters by concerned citizens:

These panicking horses locked in a flooded pen and saved by a brave teen before the worst happened:

All animals were saved

Posted by Chance Ward on Monday, August 28, 2017


Frankie & Bear, two stranded dogs lucky to be saved by rescuers:


This unfortunate dog that was tied to a post and saved by a photographer:


This pet pig, whose family refused to leave him behind:

Family Flees The Hurricane With Their Pet Pig

When Hurricane Harvey hit, this family knew they couldn't leave their sweet pet pig behind 🐷💙

Posted by The Dodo on Friday, September 1, 2017


“Harvey the Hurricane Hawk” who took shelter in a man’s vehicle after becoming injured and unable to get to safety:



(Harvey is currently being cared for by the Texas Wildlife Rehab Coalition.)


This VERY vocal pig rescued from high water in Texas.

This herd of cattle who were thankfully moooooved to safety by Texas police:


Train Your Chickens To Come When Called In Just 3 Weeks!

Train Your Chickens To Come When Called In Just 3 Weeks!

There’s a lot of advantages to train your chickens to come when called, including keeping them safe from predators.


It’s also pretty fun to see these tiny little dinosaurs come running, excited for their treat (mealworms are a favorite).


We used to have a Rhode Island Red hen named Daisy who would not just come running, but would wait for us to pick her up!


Realistically, if you train your chickens to come when called, you’re giving them another way to defend themselves when you spot a predator, but in their free-range daze, your chickens might have missed (a good example are hawks or eagles – these predators like the element of surprise, and chickens pretty much have no chance once in their clutches).


You will also have an easy way to find them when they’ve wandered off out of sight. There’s been many times on our farm when we’ve been looking for a particular hen, who has gone off somewhere.


In this article, I’m going to show you how to train your chickens to come when called, and luckily, it’s pretty straightforward (especially if you train dogs or any other sort of animal.) All you will be doing is treat-training your chickens.

Decide what THE CALL will be

You will have to have a single call to signal to your hens that it’s time to come home, and use only that call.  


The call can be long or short, whatever works for you, as long as you can do it loudly, since your chickens might not always be close to you.


I use my voice, but you can use whatever signal you like, but be consistent.

Use a treat your chickens like, that they can specifically associate with your call

You want to choose a treat they love, and only give them that treat while you train them (continue to only give it after they understand the exercise, otherwise you will un-train them).


Pick something that you can be certain each chicken will be able to get, such as scratch, mealworms, unsalted pumpkin seeds, unsalted sunflower seeds, etc. Mine go nuts over mealworms, and they don’t get them all the time, so they’re perfect for us.


Specifically choose something that you can spread out over a few feet; if you don’t, then only some of the chickens will get the treat – and only some of the chickens will come home when called.

Train them to associate the call with the treat

Just like training a dog, you want your flock to associate the behavior (coming when called) with the treat.


Begin to train your chickens to come when called by giving them the treat in their coop. At the same time give your call.


Repeat this exercise at least once a day, and use your call each time. You can do it several times a day if you have the time.

Test whether they understand

After 2-3 weeks, test your chickens. Give the signal – do they come when called?  If so, congrats! Your chickens are trained.


If not, don’t worry – teaching any animal can take some time. They will get it eventually.

Pro tips to successfully train your chickens to come when called

There’s a few other things I’ve learned over the years to do this successfully. When teaching your hens, make sure your flock hasn’t just eaten. If they’re not hungry, they’re less likely to respond.


Of course, chickens are pretty big pigs, and mine are ALWAYS hungry, so this might not be an issue for you!


Similarly, if they’ve been cooped all day, and you want to get them to come right after they’ve been let loose, you’re less likely to be successful. Time their free-range time so they have at least a couple hours outside in the sun.

I’d like to hear from you!

Did you train your chickens to come when called? What are your best tips? Leave a comment below!

Keep Chickens Safe From Predators Using 10 Expert Tips [Podcast]

Keep Chickens Safe From Predators Using 10 Expert Tips [Podcast]

If you’re not sure of the best ways to keep chickens safe from predators, there’s only a few simple rules you should be concerned about.


We don’t have too many predators in our area, but I still follow these rules as much as possible. While they won’t cost you very much, they’re still critical to keeping your chickens safe.


Who wants to raise a bunch of pullets only to have a predator steal them before they’ve even laid an egg?


I sure don’t!


Listen to this podcast, and in just 30 minutes, you’ll have a bucketful of ideas to implement today to keep your chickens safe from predators.


keep chickens safe from predators


You’ll learn:

  • My top 10 tips to keep chickens safe from predators
  • Why 1/2-inch hardware cloth might save your hens’ life
  • The lesson I learned from having to fix a coop in the middle of the night



Links we discuss:

Where to buy 1/2″ hardware cloth

Where to buy a game camera

How to know what’s killing your chickens

Grab the free checklist + 3 bonus tips

 Butcher Box square

I’d like to hear from you!

What are your ideas to keep chickens safe from predators? Leave a comment below!