If you’re not sure of the best ways to keep chickens safe from predators, there’s only a few simple rules you should be concerned about.



We don’t have too many predators in our area, but I still follow these rules as much as possible. While they won’t cost you very much, they’re still critical to keeping your chickens safe.


Who wants to raise a bunch of pullets only to have a predator steal them before they’ve even laid an egg?


I sure don’t!


Listen to this podcast, and in just 30 minutes, you’ll have a bucketful of ideas to implement today to keep your chickens safe from predators.


keep chickens safe from predators


You’ll learn:

  • My top 10 tips to keep chickens safe from predators
  • Why 1/2-inch hardware cloth might save your hens’ life
  • The lesson I learned from having to fix a coop in the middle of the night



Links we discuss:

Where to buy 1/2″ hardware cloth

Where to buy a game camera

How to know what’s killing your chickens

Grab the free checklist + 3 bonus tips

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I’d like to hear from you!

What are your ideas to keep chickens safe from predators? Leave a comment below!

Keep Chickens Safe From Predators Using 10 Expert Tips [Podcast]
Article Name
Keep Chickens Safe From Predators Using 10 Expert Tips [Podcast]
Predators got you down? Keep chickens safe from predators with these 10 ideas. Be sure to grab the free cheat sheet for an extra 3 pro tips!