Easy Pumpkin Spice Lip Balm Recipe You Can Make At Home!

Easy Pumpkin Spice Lip Balm Recipe You Can Make At Home!

Yes, it’s that time of year – pumpkin spice time.


You knew it was coming! Soon, everything will be coming up pumpkin spice, and you won’t be able to get away from it.


Pumpkin spice lip balm combines two of my favorite things – healthy, all natural lip balm made with beeswax and essential oils!


When making lip balm with essential oils, though, do me a favor – don’t buy oils off Amazon or oils that might have synthetic ingredients in it.


You’re putting this stuff on your lips and into your body, and you work hard to live a healthy life – don’t blow it on the easy stuff like essential oils.


I personally use Young Living essential oils – they’re high quality, pure, and smell great. I get the oils I need sent to my home every month – super convenient, and makes living a green, organic life super simple.


I love this lip balm because it contains a hint of fall while also keeping your lips moisturized (we all know how the chill air can be – it loves to dry our skin!)


You’ll love the scent also – it definitely will remind you and help you celebrate all the wonderful smells and freshness of fall!


Pumpkin Spice Lip Balm is easy to make & you'll love how it smells!


Making Pumpkin Spice Lip Balm

The oils you’ll need for your lip balm are:

  • 2 drops Clove
  • 4 drops Nutmeg
  • 2 drops Ginger


You can get these essential oils here: https://thefrugalchicken.com/YL



Other ingredients you’ll need:

2 tablespoons olive, avocado, or grapeseed oil (THIS is the oil I use)

1 teaspoon beeswax pastilles (I like this brand)

Lip balm tubes like these or lip balm pots like these

Funnel like this one to make filling the tubes or pots easier.



I use both pots & tubes when I make lip balm.  The pots are a bit easier to fill when the mixture is melted, but the tubes are easier for application. Both work well, so choose the best one for you.



In a mason jar, combine the oil and beeswax.


Make a double boiler by placing the mason jar in a pot of water. Heat until the beeswax is melted, stirring occasionally so the ingredients mix well.


Once melted, remove from heat & add the essential oils. Stir a couple times to evenly distribute the oils.



Next, use a funnel to pour the mixture into tubes or other lip balm container. Allow to cool undisturbed. When cool, cap the containers & use as needed.

Fall In Love With Feeding Pumpkins To Your Chickens + Fall Coop Spray Recipe! [Podcast]

Fall In Love With Feeding Pumpkins To Your Chickens + Fall Coop Spray Recipe! [Podcast]

T’is the season for pumpkins…but do you know why they’re so healthy for chickens?


Do you know how to safely feed them? How about how to get them for next to nothing?


Well, get ready and get on the edge of your seat, because you’re about to discover just how beneficial pumpkin can be to your coop AND your wallet this season.


In this podcast, you’ll learn:

  • Why pumpkins are a great addition to your flock’s diet (but why they shouldn’t REPLACE their diet)
  • How to safely feed pumpkin so your flock gets the most benefit
  • Where to find pumpkins for free and how to ask for them
  • My recipe for a fall spray to help keep your coop clean and smelling fresh


Links we discuss:

These are the essential oils I use


Wondering if you can feed pumpkins to your backyard chickens? You can, and here's why you should!


2 Ingredient All Natural Hand Wash For Chicken Mamas!

2 Ingredient All Natural Hand Wash For Chicken Mamas!

Nobody likes having dirty, smelly hands after being in your chicken coop, which is why I developed a simple 2 ingredient hand wash that smells good and leaves you extra sparkly.


Now this isn’t to say that chickens are dirty – they’re sweet, intelligent, lovable creatures.


But I wouldn’t be a good expert if I didn’t advise you to wash your hands – and the hands of your little ones – after touching your hens.


The truth is that people CAN pick up yuckies from their backyard chickens, and it’s better to know that and work around it, rather than find out the hard way (like I once did….with a diaper full of the STINKIEST green poop I’m ever likely to experience in this lifetime – lesson learned, people.)


2 ingredient hand wash for kids


How can you protect yourself?

According to the Center for Disease Control, the best way to protect yourself after handling your chickens is to wash your hands with soap and water for 30 seconds, making sure to scrub your hands.


Is it a cure-all? No, but it’s better than not doing it, and hand scrubbing is scientifically proven to reduce diseases.


You can buy soap (like my calendula hand soap here) or make your own (goat milk soap is a wonderful thing). Either way, you’re being a responsible owner by keeping yourself healthy.


Bacteria can really become a problem when your hens have a high “bad bacteria” load in their guts. A simple way to counteract this is to give them probiotics.


2 ingredient all natural hand wash


The idea is the probiotics help good bacteria proliferate, which crowds out the “bad bacteria” such as salmonella, campylobacter, and E. coli.


Giving your hens apple cider vinegar and fermented feed is a step in the right direction.


2 ingredient all-natural hand wash

After using soap and water, you can follow up with a second wash that includes aloe and essential oils.


Two of my favorite oils for this recipe are Young Living’s Thieves essential oil blend and Animal Scents Infect Away.


2 ingredient hand wash


I only use a few drops and the bottles last quite a while. You can use any essential oil brand you like, just be sure the company is reputable and the oils are 100% pure.


Really do your homework, because the oils you see at big stores say they’re 100% pure on the box, but there’s no guarantee the oils in there are properly distilled or even the oils they claim on the label.


Which essential oils do I use?

I like using Young Living’s Thieves oil blend, which includes Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus Radiata, and Rosemary essential oils.


If you’re wondering about the name, it’s inspired by a story originating in the Middle Ages.


According to legend, thieves would use a combination that included of fresh spices, and the essential oils would keep them healthy as they pilfered the possessions of people who had died from the Black Plague.


The story goes that because of the combination, they didn’t get sick from the Yersinia pestis bacteria said to cause the disease that killed nearly 50% of Europe in the 1300s.


The other oil I like to use, Infect Away, is formulated specifically for animals (although it’s also great or people) and comes pre-diluted with a carrier oil.


You’ll also need aloe gel which will help soften and keep your skin healthy.


2 ingredient hand wash


Making 2 ingredient hand wash

To 6 ounces of aloe gel, you can add 30 drops of your oil of choice. I like using Thieves so I use 30 drops of Thieves oil.


Shake to combine, and leave on your shelf to use after you wash your hands. You don’t need to wash your hands after putting the aloe gel mixture on; doing so would reduce the effect of the gel.


If I’m in a rush, I’ll just use the 2 ingredient hand wash.


If your hands have chicken poop on them, then by all means, don’t skip the soap and water step, though! The last thing you want is bacteria or some other parasite in YOUR body. (Yes, parasites can happen too, especially with children who have weaker immune systems than adults. Ask me how I know.)


My favorite 2 ingredient hand wash is also great after you come in from gardening or playing with other pets! I hope you enjoy making it!

How To Infuse Oil With Herbs For Traditional Home Remedies

How To Infuse Oil With Herbs For Traditional Home Remedies

Wondering how to infuse oil with herbs? It’s really simple – and incredibly useful.


For millennia, humans have used herbs for all kinds of things – health, cooking, for religious purposes, keeping livestock healthy, and more. So, it’s nothing new to infuse oil with herbs for your own purposes.


And there’s a reason for our species dependency on our plant friends – herbs have natural properties in their essential oils that are useful for seasoning dinner and medicinal uses, such as calming an upset stomach.


When it comes to herbs, there’s various ways to use them such as eating or drinking them or applying topically – on yourself or your animals, including your backyard chickens.


To use herbs for things like cuts and scrapes, to promote healthy skin, as an anti-inflammatory, or more, you can apply the plants by themselves (there’s lot of traditional and historic records of humans using plants alone.)


OR you can infuse them in an oil, which makes the plants easier to spread over a large area and concentrates the natural chemical constituents of the plants.


How to infuse oil with herbs


You can also do other things with the infused oils, such as make lotions, salves, and more.


For your backyard chickens, using infused oils can be better than using the plants themselves. Chickens are less likely to pick at the oil and eat the plants, and it’s easier to keep oils on an animal that likes to run around and forage.


For complicated applications, such as open wounds, oil can make it easier to apply and “stick” the herbs, and get around folds of skin that might otherwise harbor bacteria.


Imagine trying to keep a bandage full of herbs on a hen! It CAN be done, but it’s just easier and better peace of mind with infused oils.


Infused oils also mean the essential oils of the plant – the part that helps the most – is more concentrated and bioavailable to your chickens.


In this article, I’m going to show you how to infuse oils with herbs…and we’ll use two GREAT medicinal herbs – comfrey (botanical name Symphytum uplandicum) and plantain (botanical name Plantago major).


Both have a long history of helping maintain healthy skin, regrow skin after injury, reduce pain from sprain, strains, and more.


Multiple studies have shown that comfrey aids in relieving pain from sprains and strains, and you can easily use oil infused with comfrey to make salves.


Now, there’s plantain the herb (botanical name Plantago major, also known as broadleaf plantain) and plantain the fruit (banana cultivars of the genus Musa) – they’re two different species of plants with nothing to do with each other. 


The plantain we’ll use in this recipe (Plantago major) is a traditional home remedy for insect bites and as an anti-inflammatory.


how to infuse oils with herbs

What oils should you use?

There’s lots of options here. The easiest oil to use is a high quality olive, although you can use sunflower, grapeseed (which has lots of antioxidants and vitamins), jojoba, coconut oil (fractionated or not) or any other oil you can imagine.


I would stay away from corn oil, which is likely to be impure and genetically modified, and anything with soy. I’m also not 100% sure how well peanut oil will work.


The key is to use a 100% pure, high-quality oil.


How to infuse oils with herbs

This is probably the simplest thing you’ll do all week. To get the benefits of the herbs in the oils, all you need to do is soak the herbs in your oil of choice.


I use mason jars to infuse oils with herbs because they’re easy to clean, keep on a shelf out of sunlight, and are readily available.


Place the herbs in the mason jar – for this recipe I used a 1:1 ratio of comfrey and plantain, about ½ a cup of each. For a pint mason jar, 1 cup of herbs total is what I use – that way, the oil soaks all the bits of plant and nothing molds or invites bacteria into the mixture.


As long as the herbs are covered in oil, they won’t mold, but if any air pockets remain, there’s the potential for them to rot.


Pour the oil over the herbs until the jar is full, then top with a mason jar lid.


Allow the mixture to infuse for up to 6 weeks. Realistically, you can do it for much longer than that, but you’ll want to use the mixture as fast as possible and in my experience, any longer than that has diminishing returns.


After 6 weeks, pour the mixture through a mesh strainer and into a clean mason jar to separate the oil from the herbs. Your infused oil is now ready for other recipes!


Depending on the herbs you’ve infused (calendula is one of my favorites!) you can also cook with this oil or use it as a salad dressing.


What herbs can you infuse oil with?

Pretty much any herb you want. A great alternative to plantain and comfrey are oregano and, as mentioned before, calendula and rose, which have great properties to promote healthy skin.

Last minute DIY gifts for Mother’s Day

Last minute DIY gifts for Mother’s Day

So you forgot about Mother’s Day. Oops. Or you ran out of time and can’t make the amazing DIY project for mom you were planning on.

Don’t worry I’ve got you. Here are some of my favorite last minute Mother’s Day gifts that your mom will definitely love.


Polaroid Photo Coasters

These cute polaroid photo coasters would be a great gift for mom. And since you only need photos, modge podge, and a ceramic tile it would make it a great last minute gift.


Gardening Essentials Gift Basket

My next idea is to make a gardening essentials gift basket! Fill it up with those gardening essentials that are often forgotten. Fill up a small planter or pot with:

You could also throw in a couple packets of seeds, a small shovel and you’re good to go! Check out this link for more planter gift basket ideas!


Homemade Soap

Homemade soap is an awesome gift. And making soap doesn’t have to be hard! This recipe only takes 10 minutes to make and it only has a couple of ingredients! This would be an amazing last minute gift for your mom.


Or you can buy great smelling handmade goat’s milk soap in our store right here!


Sweatshirt Garden Gloves

Ok, so this idea is my favorite. These gloves are made out of an old sweatshirt and they only take about 10 minutes to make! They’re so easy to make and it’s a great way to reuse some of your old sweatshirts!


Homemade Body Butter

Ok, so I have a pretty amazing recipe for a coconut oil, lavender whipped body butter, if I do say so myself. It only has two ingredients and you could make some as an easy gift for mom. Check out the recipe and instructions here.

Floral Tea Bags

So I love herbal tea. And my mom loves herbal tea. So these cute floral tea bags are a perfect gift for Mother’s Day. Plus they only take about five minutes to make.


DIY Essential Oil Reed Diffuser

Essential oils are the best. Which is why I love this DIY essential oil reed diffuser. This won’t take long to make and you may already have everything you need at home.

Gardening “Coupons”

Tight on funds? Remember when you were a kid and you would give your mom “coupons” she could redeem for a back rub, cooking dinner, or an extra chore?


I definitely gave my mom quite a few of those as a kid. If you live close to your mom, why not give her some gardening themed “coupons” now?


You could give her one for a lawn mow, an entire yard weeding, or you could offer to plant and take care of a garden for your mom if she’s getting older or doesn’t have time.


You don’t have to spend money to give an amazing gift! Go spend some quality time with your mom out in the garden chatting, weeding, and enjoying your time spent together in the outdoors!


Do you have anymore fast DIY gift ideas? Share them with us in the comments!