First and foremost. The Cinnamon Queen really isn’t made of cinnamon. It’s a chicken, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t made of everything nice!

This egg laying chicken has made quite a name for itself when it comes to its egg production These 6 pound hens produce a plethora of lovely brown eggs whose production starts early on in a hen’s life.

What’s even better is that they are sex-link chickens, so even when they are downy little handfuls of fuzz, you will know what your batch will be: layers or roosters.

These reddish brown chickens are quite friendly and are solid additions to any flock. Best of all, the abundance of eggs ensure that anyone wanting a self-sustaining diet will be most pleased. 

So where can one go for these spicy girls? Below is a list of some of the most available locations where these egg layers can be found. 

What Are Cinnamon Queen Chickens?

cinnamon queen chicken on grass

Cinnamon Queens are sex link chickens that are similar in their egg laying abilities to other sex link chickens, like Isa Browns. The females of this cross breed are known for their ability to lay up to 250-320 large brown eggs each year.

They perform very similarly to Isa Browns as well as other sex link chickens with other genetics, like Golden Comet sex links or similar hybrids.

Unlike standard heritage breeds, Cinnamon Queens are incredibly productive and reliable. One of the modern day production breeds, they can lay eggs in as little as 4-5 months (compared to the 6 or 7 it takes for some other heritage breeds!).

Cinnamon Queen chickens are crossed between Rhode Island Red males and Rhode Island White females. With a rich brown egg shell color and fast egg production and body development, these birds are some of the most reliable chickens you can raise.

10 Best Hatcheries to Buy Cinnamon Queens

red sex link cinnamon queen chicken

1. The Georgia Mad Hatcher

Pullets: $5.00

The Georgia Mad Hatcher is based in Hawkinsville, GA, and provides a number of selections of the finest fowls under the sun or moon. Being based in the south, they provide high quality service and correspondence with famed Southern hospitality.

They have been in the hatchery business for over a decade whose expertise runs the spectrum of chickens and a number of water fowl. Although they are based on the south side of the East Coast, they are a fantastic source of all chicken needs, considering they ship to ALL 50 States!

Here’s what customers had to say:

I couldn’t be happier with this company! By far the friendliest and most helpful service I’ve ever had. Being newbies to the chicken raising game, the owner was incredibly helpful answering questions for us and giving us tips for incubating. What really impressed me was how kind he was to our children, giving them their own little chick to raise. And all of our little chicks are doing wonderful!

Tia Messer


  • Substantial bulk rates.
  • Free shipping on hatching eggs. 
  • Live poultry available for pick up during first 72 hours of hatching
  • 100% healthy guarantee. 
  • Ships to all 50 States.
  • No minimum order limit.


  • Live chickens are pick-up only. 

2. Cackle Hatchery

Female Chicks Price: $3.81

Cackle Hatchery proudly boasts that they have been hatching and shipping since 1936. A third-generation hatchery based in Missouri, their mission is to provide customers with quality poultry for showing, meat, enjoyment, and eggs. They ship throughout the USA, including Alaska, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii. They offer nearly 200 different types of chickens at all stages. 

Cackle also offers many other kinds of poultry including ducks, water fowl, game birds, turkeys, and other fowl. They are also a good source for supplies and books.

One other thing you need to pick up while you’re shopping? Feed. For the very best layer feed to support the needs of your Cinnamon Queens, check out this great chick starter blend.

Cinnamon Queens are available only as baby chicks, and they are a very seasonal bird, available only early March through July.

Here’s what customers had to say:

Received four cinnamons in my mixed order and boy do they look healthy. Alert, active, happy looking chicks. First time ordering and I will never buy from the feed store again!

Ashley from Maine


  • Discounts if you buy male or not-sexed day-old chicks.
  • Vaccinations available.
  • Only need 3 birds to ship (or just one for male birds).


  • Limited availability. 
  • Sold as baby chicks only.

3. Purely Poultry

Not Sexed Day-Old Female Price: $4.53

As a family-owned business, Purely Poultry has some of the best customer service around. They pride themselves on their knowledge of their products, selection, and how-to details related to everything they offer, including ducks, chickens, geese, and lots of other birds! 

Located in Durand, WI, they guarantee live birds with every order, which is a good promise, indeed! Without a doubt, Purely Poultry is one of the 10 best hatcheries to buy Cinnamon Queens.

Here’s what customers had to say:

The baby chicks arrived healthy and sweet. They are growing into beautiful chickens fast!! 

Joyce N.


  • Each order backed by live arrival guarantee.
  • Small order minimum on chicks with discounted shipping on bulk orders. 
  • Other kinds of poultry offered, too.


  • Not a huge advantage to buying multiple chicks – discounts are minimal.

4. The Chick Hatchery

Average Straight Run Chicken Price: $2.85

The Chick hatchery is Michigan’s “premier source for superior quality poultry.” With a creed that revolves around the sharing and joy of raising chickens, they operate in no-kill facilities. They raise their chickens humanely, with any unsold chicks going to Amish farms.

Much of the experience of raising chickens is the awareness of the individual chicken and the relationship between food and our own health.

Their Cinnamon Queen Chickens are available from February to September. Don’t forget to pick up some treats to keep your chicks healthy too!

Here’s what customers had to say:

When the chicks were shipped I received a tracking number so I knew when the chicks arrived at the post office. Picked up the chicks first thing in the morning. When I opened the box all the chicks were active and I received more chicks then I had ordered.

Angela Celeste


  • Ships a minimum of 3 of each sex.
  • All poultry guaranteed live delivery.
  • Offers discounts on orders of larger quantities of birds*. 


  • Limited availability – February to September.
  • Does not ship to Hawaii or outside the USA.

5. Valley Farms Hatchery

Average Straight-Run Chick Price: $2.45

Valley Farms Hatchery is located in Alabama and is one of the few large commercial chick hatcheries located in the southern United States. If you live in the south, that’s one good reason to give Valley Farms a try – you won’t have to ship your new Cinnamon Queen chickens long distances, which can cut down dramatically on shipping stress.

You can buy fertile hatching eggs along with Cinnamon Queen chicks from this hatchery. You’ll find some of the lowest price, here, too, with a minimum order of just three chicks.

If you buy males, interestingly, the order minimum is just one bird. Buying in bulk poses several advantages though, especially if you can buy more than 50 birds at once – you’ll get significant savings.

Here’s what customers had to say:

The chicks are great too! Love the low prices that include shipping….


  • Each order is backed by a 100% live delivery guarantee, no matter where you live.
  • One chick minimum order if you’re buying males.
  • Optional Marek’s vaccination.


  • Limited shipping dates

6. The Chicken Depot

Unsexed Chick Price: $2.58

The Chicken Depot is a one-stop poultry shop that boasts the largest variety of poultry and fowl in Michigan. With its location in Gladwin, right in the middle of Michigan, it gives founder Roberta a great location through which to share her love of chickens with others all throughout the USA.

When not taking and fulfilling orders, the staff is busy interacting with the abundance of fowl on the farm. 

Here’s what customers had to say:

This is my second year getting birds from The Chick Depot. Last year we had chicks shipped. All arrived healthy and happy. Not a one died and all are thriving and friendly today. They are some of the friendliest birds I have ever had!

Tammy Harrison


  • Ships a minimum of 3 female or unsexed, or a single male!
  • Live arrival guarantee and replacement policies. 


  • Limited availability.
  • As of 7/14/2020, no longer booking shipped orders due to postal delays. 

7. Hoover’s Hatchery

Unsexed Chick Price: $3.21

Hoover’s Hatchery is a massive poultry production hatchery located in Rudd, IA. Hoover’s supplies many farm and garden supply stores in the United States with their chicks, making them a smart choice if you want to skip the middleman and order from the hatchery directly.

Plus, Hoover’s offers free shipping on practically everything you order. You’ll have to buy at least 15 chicks; so Hoover’s might not be the best option if you live in a city with chicken restrictions.

However, as long as you’re willing to buy in bulk, it’s a smart choice. You can even mix and match your order by adding other birds of other chicken breeds along with poultry species like pheasants, turkeys, guineas, ducks, and more. 

Here’s what customers had to say:

We are so very happy with Hoover Hatcheries they have excellent customer service and they deliver what they say they have. We got 10 Babies Cinnamon Queen Chicks and are so very happy with them. They come running when I go out to their pen in the garage where we have them for now. I would recommend this company to all my friends and family. Thank you Hoover Hatchery keep up the great work. I will be ordering from them again this summer. Thank you very much

Katherine Newsome


  • Excellent guarantee and refund policy in case of shipping problems
  • Hatches chicks during the winter, one of the few hatcheries to do so
  • Discounts on increased orders up to 25+.


  • Large minimum order (15 to 20 depending on size)

8. Country Max

Chick Price: $2.99

If you are in New York State, chances are that Country Max, whose headquarters is in Victor, NY, is the place for you. They have 17 conveniently-located stores primarily in Central to Western, NY to help make all of your pet supply dreams come true.

In addition to a diverse selection of chickens, they are home to hundreds of products relating to pets and homes, form dogs, to lawn and gardens, to horses. They got their start as a small farm supply and feed store in 1985, and have since branched out tremendously. It truly is a one-stop shop for all your out-of-house needs. 

The only exception? Nesting herbs. If you’re going to keep your chickens happy and healthy while they’re laying lots of eggs for you, you’ll want to swing by this link to pick up some nesting herbs for your girls, too.

Here’s what customers had to say:

Besides being SUPER helpful and ALWAYS courteous, they ALWAYS have what we are looking for & the staff is consistently knowledgeable on the items we know very little to nothing about. 



  • Offers a 30-day full money back guarantee. 
  • Free shipping for orders over $49.99. 


  • Minimum order of 6 units. 
  • In-store pickup only. 
  • Limited information about their poultry. 

9. Mill Valley Chickens

Sexed Chick: $19.99

Holistic and humane, Mill Valley takes pride in the love they raise their chickens with. Indeed, they ensure that all bedding is devoid of metal wiring, that their chickens receive only the highest quality organic feed, and ensure plenty of natural lighting.

With all this care and attention, they have a single goal: to get you the highest quality chicks in the best possible health. From their headquarters in Marin County, CA, they not only raise chickens, but they design coops, and offer courses on raising chickens. 

Here’s what customers had to say:

We are beyond thrilled with our experience with Leslie. Not only does she know her stuff, but she was great at helping us pick chics that were perfect for our family. When you visit her place, you can see how much she loves what she does and really cares about her business. I wish I could give her more stars!

Shannon Vogel


  • All chicks are a flat rate (unless otherwise noted). 
  • Provides a number of hatching dates. 
  • All chicks come vaccinated for Marek’s Disease. 
  • Offer a 90% sexing guarantee for all chicks.


  • Cluttered product web page. 
  • Pick up or limited shipping. 

10. Abendroth’s Hatchery

Straight Run Chick: $1.95

Since 1965, starting with a single incubator and dreams of 4-H success, the Abendroth Hatchery has been producing high quality chicks. Then, in 2000, the hatchery really took off in the form that it is now, located in Waterloo, WI.

Chickens have become the heart of multiple generations of the Abendroth family, and with this, they provide tremendous customer service and scads of knowledge to help answer all of your chicken questions. 

Check out their pdf for information about all of your family’s poultry needs. 

Here’s what customers had to say:

They are knowledgeable and share their wisdom freely. Chickens are healthy, good stock and sturdy. I am done getting my birds from anyone but Abendroth!

K Laurie


  • All hatchery information is conveniently available in a single downloadable pdf. 
  • Guarantees that all birds will arrive alive and healthy. 
  • 95% sexing accuracy. 
  • Ship all over the USA.


  • Closed on the weekends. 

Where to Buy Cinnamon Queens

red sex link chickens at hatchery

If yo’re in the market for a flock of egg laying hens, you’ll have lots of breeds to choose from. Whether you’re interested in pullets, chicks, or adult hens, sex links are the way to go.

Black sex links and white sex links are great, but if you really want to upgrade your flock-raising experience, you’ve got to consider red sex link chickens like Cinnamon Queens. They’re friendly, productive, and easy to raise – what more could you possibly want?

Consider shopping at one of these 10 best hatcheries to buy Cinnamon Queens. You won’t regret it!

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