7 Kitchen Decorations Perfect For Holiday Gatherings

7 Kitchen Decorations Perfect For Holiday Gatherings

The holidays are just around the corner and I’m starting to think about redecorating my kitchen.

With guests coming over more than usual for holiday parties I really want my kitchen to look just right for the holiday season. I’ve found some really great farmhouse kitchen decor ideas that I wanted to share with you this week!

So let’s get started! Here are some of my favorite kitchen decorations that are perfect for holiday gatherings!

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Gather Sign

This rustic gather sign would look absolutely stunning in any farmhouse kitchen or dining room. You could dress it up for the holidays by adding some garland around the top! Find it here: Gather Sign

Rustic “Eat” Sign

I love this rustic metal “eat” sign. We all secretly love the holidays because of all of the yummy food, so remind your guests about what they’re really in the kitchen for…the food! Find it here: Rustic “Eat” Sign

Vases With Metal Holder

These rustic vases with their simple metal holder would look absolutely stunning on a dining room table. You could fill the vases with festive holiday stems to bring a subtle Christmas touch to your kitchen! Find them here: Vases With Metal Holder

Rustic Metal Pitcher

I love this metal pitcher! This rustic pitcher would look stunning on your kitchen counter! Fill it with some holiday flowers and foliage and it will bring the perfect holiday feel to your kitchen! Find it here: Rustic Metal Pitcher

Rustic Metal Cookie Jar

This cookie jar is perfect for holding your favorite holiday cookies and treats! It will look stunning in any kitchen! Find it here: Rustic Metal Cookie Jar

Stove Top Custom Wooden Cover

You always need extra counter space during the holidays for serving food. This wooden stove top cover is perfect for protecting your stove top and providing you with a little bit of extra counter space. Find it here: Stove Top Custom Wooden Cover

Floating Shelves

These floating shelves are stunning! These shelves are perfect for displaying your favorite holiday knick knacks! Find them here: Floating Shelves

Which of these kitchen decorations is your favorite?
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7 Kitchen Decorations Perfect For Holiday Gatherings

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8 Must Have Dining Room Decor Ideas

8 Must Have Dining Room Decor Ideas

With the holidays coming up I’ve been thinking about redecorating my dining room.

The dining room is one of the main gathering places in your home, especially during the holidays, so how it’s decorated is very important. I’m looking to incorporate a farmhouse theme to my dining room, so I’ve been looking all over for cute décor pieces I can add to my dining room and I’ve decided to share some of my favorites with you today! Here are some of my favorite farmhouse style dining room décor ideas!

Covered Metal Tray

I absolutely LOVE this metal tray! This covered tray would be perfect to keep the flies away from your food for your final summer barbecue. I’m also imagining how stunning a homemade pie would look in this tray! This tray would look fantastic in any dining room! Find it here: Covered Metal Tray

Patterned Stoneware Spoons

These spoons are adorable! I love the bright colors and patterns! They would add the perfect pop of color to your table or you could use them to display! Can’t you just imagine eating a big bowl of ice cream with these spoons? Find them here: Patterned Stoneware Spoons

Stoneware Pig Salt and Pepper Shakers

Seriously, I’m in love with these salt and pepper shakers! I have to have them! I love the adorable cork noses! I think that these pig salt and pepper shakers would look adorable on any dining room table. Find them here: Stoneware Pig Salt and Pepper Shakers

Cotton Hand Towels With Southern Sayings

I love these! Since moving to the south I’ve definitely picked up on a couple of these sayings, so these hand towels gave me a good laugh. I love the simple cotton look and the fun sayings and I think these are perfect for a kitchen/dining room. Find them here: Cotton Hand Towels With Southern Sayings

Round Jute Woven Placemats

Don’t you love these? I think these jute place mats add a subtle farmhouse vibe to your table setting. These would look absolutely stunning on a wood table with some pretty white dishes! Find them here: Round Jute Woven Placemats

Rectangular Marble Cutting Board

Isn’t this elegant marble cutting board stunning? I love the dark color and that you could easily hang it for a decoration when you weren’t using it! This would add the perfect farmhouse character to your dining room or kitchen! Find it here: Rectangular Marble Cutting Board

Round Wood Folding Table

I love this! Normally folding tables are pretty boring, but this folding table is absolutely stunning! This would be perfect for extra seating for a holiday party or for everyday use! Find it here: Round Wood Folding Table

Decorative Metal Display Pedestals

I love these pedestals! These would be perfect for displaying pie, cookies, or candy at your upcoming holiday party! I love the rustic farmhouse look of these metal pedestals and I think they are the perfect addition for any dining room décor! Find them here: Decorative Metal Display Pedestals

Are you starting to get excited about the upcoming holidays? Because I definitely am! Are you adding some new décor items to your dining room for the holidays? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!