We’ve all heard all the hype about fake news. What about fake eggs? There’s no end to false information being passed around, but do black chicken eggs fall into this category? You might just be surprised by the answer. Grab your basket and go on an egg hunt with me…starting…NOW.

Up close of hands holding 4 black chicken eggs

Black Chicken Eggs – Fact or Fiction?

I suppose it depends on how you ask the question. If you ask me if there are black chicken eggs? I’ll say yes. On the other hand, if you ask me if they are naturally occurring? I’ll say sort of. Keep reading to get the full scoop.

Before I tell you the super secret explanation to that mysterious question let me talk about something else.

There are ALL kinds of reports online about all manner of topics. Black eggs are one such topic. Some claim there is such a thing, and some claim there isn’t. And isn’t that just the way things are today? It’s hard to tell the fakes from the real deal. Have no fear, I will tell you the truth as best I can research it for you.

Black Egg Details

There are indeed black chicken eggs that are naturally occurring. However, they don’t come out of the chicken black, and they aren’t painted with synthetic paint or food coloring either. Okay, I’ve got your attention. So here’s the deal.

Black Eggs of Hakone’s Hell Valley

In Japan, there is a place called Hakone’s Hell Valley. It’s a volcanic valley heavily laden with sulfur. They boil eggs in the hot springs there and the naturally occurring sulfur colors the eggs charcoal black. And there you have it, naturally occurring black eggs. So, yes, there are all natural black eggs – but just not straight out of the chicken.

It’s more mysterious than that though. The Japanese believe that if you eat just one of these eggs you will add seven years to your life! Whoa. I’m not sure I believe it, but I think I’ll try hard to buy into this fountain of youth and see if I can find one (or two) of those charcoal black eggs for my birthday!

It’s a big tourist attraction in Japan, as you might expect with claims of prolonging your life. Even if it is extremely expensive to visit the valley, not to mention potentially dangerous due to active volcanic activity – it still may be worth going. It’s incredibly beautiful and welcoming.

Read all about it here.

Black Eggs of Hakone’s Hell Valley tourist area

Don’t Ayam Cemani Chickens Lay Black Eggs?

Have you heard about an Ayam Cemani chicken? They are literally ALL black chickens, and I’m not just talking about black feathers. They are black from their heads (including their combs, wattles, and beaks) to their toes and everything in between. When I say in between, I mean it. Even their organs are black.

Because Ayam Cemani chickens are all black, inside and out, there is a big misconception that their eggs are also black. It sounds right to me, but it’s just not. It doesn’t seem to fit the mold, but they lay a white to a cream-colored egg. Go figure.

Ayam Cemani chickens aren’t the only black chicken breeds out there, but they may be the most unique of them all (a close runner-up are the Kadaknath chickens). Some of the other mostly black (and beautiful) chickens you can read about are the Black Copper Maran, the Silkie chicken, the Black Australorp, the Minorca, and the Sumatra chicken (these are either black or have a black variety).

You can read about all kinds of black chicken breeds here.

Do Emu Lay Black Eggs?

Okay, so an Emu isn’t a chicken and they may not make great pets (since they are exotic). But we are trying to find black eggs somewhere outside of Japan. So do Emu lay black eggs? Some sources say yes, but it appears that they do not.

Emu eggs are a neat blueish-green color (which is sometimes a dark enough emerald green that they appear almost black) and they have been all the craze from time to time. They can weigh up to 2 pounds and are known for being a culinary delicacy. Read about the craze egg here.

Emu eggs laying on a sandy ground area

What About Cayuga Duck Eggs?

The third time is a charm, right? So they aren’t chickens, but they are close. At least closer than an Emu is. Cayuga hens actually lay black eggs…sometimes. They can start out black and then gradually get lighter and lighter as they lay. They are really the only birds you are likely to find that will give you some black eggs.

This breed of duck is stunning as they sport a beetle-green sheen. However, the coolest part about them is when they lay black eggs. As you can see, black eggs are rare – so that makes it extra fun to find them in your duck house.

Black Egg FB
Cayuga Duck Egg – Black – Photo from Facebook

Colored Chicken Eggs

Even though you may not be able to get basketfuls of black chicken eggs, you can still have a variety of egg colors. There are blue eggs and chocolate-colored eggs, there are pink eggs and speckled eggs, and there are green eggs and brown eggs. Bird eggs come in all colors and sizes.

Read about blue egg layers in this article Chickens That Lay Blue Eggs: Buyer’s Guide. Read about the potential for chocolate-colored eggs in this article Black Copper Marans – Do They Really Lay Chocolate Eggs? Read about several colors of eggs in this article 12 Chickens That Lay Colored Eggs: Blue, Green, Chocolate, and Pink!


If you want to add some color to your backyard chicken flock in the way of eggs, you can certainly reach that goal. It’s just not going to be black eggs. I hope it’s not too disappointing, but at least you know the truth. And you have one leg up in the next trivia game you are involved in.

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