Aside from being the largest of the Mediterranean chicken breeds, the Minorca chicken has a lot of other attributes that land in the “big” category. This fun and spunky breed is an attention-getter for sure.

Follow me to learn all about this interesting breed.

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What’s the Big Deal About Minorca Chickens?

Funny you should ask. There are several BIG deals about Minorca chickens. Let’s go through each one together.

1. Biggest Mediterranean Chicken Breed

Minorca chickens look unusual – they’re mostly black, but with a white spot near the ears. They’re an old breed and have grey legs. Minorcas are named after their place of origin: the Island of Minorca, off the coast of Spain.

They are the largest of all the Mediterranean breeds such as Leghorns, Spanish, Andalusians, and Anconas.

2. Big Earlobs, Combs, & Wattles

These sleek and slender eye-catching chickens sport their accessories like none other. They stand out in a crowd and never cease to amaze the onlookers. Some call it elegant, some call it comical – either way, they are enjoyable to look at.

They have exceedingly large white earlobes that you simply can’t miss atop their black bodies. And if that isn’t enough to catch your attention, then their extra large combs (that are floppy) certainly will. Pair those with their really large wattles, and you have yourself a chicken with its own backyard show.

3. Big Eggs

Although Minorca chickens are not stars when it comes to the number of eggs they lay, they make up for it in size. These ladies lay some whoppers! They may not be the size of duck eggs, but they are definitely runner-ups.

They lay about 200 large white eggs per year, and the hens don’t tend to go broody.

4. Big Personalities

Some call them feisty, some call them funny – but one thing for sure is that their personalities aren’t just plain Jane. Minorca chickens have a reputation for having interesting and appealing personalities as well as an enjoyable temperament.

Minorca Chicken Breed FAQ

What Do Minorca Chickens Look Like?

There are a few colors of Minorcas (like white, blue, and buff) but the most impressive – and most popular – is the Black Minorca. They have a sleek look, with a shimmer when the sun hits their feathers. They generally have slate-colored legs (light to dark slate) and a long tail.

With their long, muscular bodies, the Minorca is known as a beautiful chicken. Some describe them as angular birds due to their almond shape. They have large wide feathers.

There is something alluring about an all-black chicken. Read about several all-black breeds here.

Are Minorca Chickens Hardy?

Yes and no. Since they are a Mediterranean breed, they are built for heat. So they are heat hardy. They do well in warmer climates, so it’s a good option if you live in a warm area.

They do not fair as well in super cold climates. Their big earlobes, combs, and wattles are prime candidates for frostbite. This can be quite painful and problematic.

Be sure to take care if you decide to heat your coop as it can be dangerous.

How Many Eggs Do Minorca Chickens Lay?

While they aren’t award-winning egg layers for the most eggs laid, they are at the top for the size of eggs. So it all evens out if you think about it. You can fry up one extra large egg instead of two smaller eggs.

Minorca chickens lay around 200 to 280 large eggs each year. Not bad egg laying. In fact, I would say they are good layers.

Do Minorca Chickens Like to Free-Range?

Yes! They are excellent foragers and love to free-range. They love to spend their whole day finding their own protein. Depending on the time of year, you may still want to give them treats to supplement their protein intake.

How Big Are Minorca Chickens?

They aren’t super-sized like a Jersey Giant, but in the class of Mediterranean breeds, they are the largest. Minorca roosters are a bit larger than the ladies. Hens weigh around 7.5 lbs and roosters weigh as much as 9 pounds. That’s pretty impressive.

Do Minorca Chickens Come in Rose Comb?

Yes, there is a variety of rose comb Minorcas. But the floppy comb is really one of the most adorable attributes of this breed. If you are in an area with cold weather, you might consider the rose comb if you are set on trying this breed.

Are Minorca Chickens Broody?

No, they are not known to be broody. The Minorca hen is also not the best of mothers, so it’s best that they are not broody. In the unlikely event that your Minorca does become broody, read this article to help deter her if that’s what you decide to do.


Most Minorca enthusiasts consider them to be the most interesting of their flocks and you might just feel the same. If you want big eggs and big personality, you don’t live in a super cold climate, and you desire their unique look – you might just consider this breed.

Where to Buy Minorca Chickens

It’s not necessarily easy to find this breed. Here are some leads to help you out.

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