Now that it’s November it’s time to start thinking about winter decor for your home.

While I love Christmas decor, I prefer decor items that have a more subtle winter feel, so that I can leave them up in January as well! It’s so fun to transform your home for the winter season because there are so many stunning winter decor ideas out there!

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite rustic winter decor ideas with all of you! Some of these items are specifically for Christmas, but most of them you could leave up in your home through the entire winter season!

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Real Cotton Wreath

This cotton wreath is stunning and versatile. In the winter it would add a white accent to your home, but it could also be a great accent piece in the summer!

Find it here: Real Cotton Wreath

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Farmhouse Throw Pillow 

I love old rustic red trucks (you’ll know this if you’ve read any of my other decor articles). They’re so cute and add such a fun vintage flair to any home. This throw pillow is perfect for bringing a vintage winter feel to your living room.

Find it here: Farmhouse Throw Pillow

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Distressed Cream Area Rug

This distressed cream area rug would add a very subtle winter feel to your home. The light blue and white accents are perfect for the winter season.

Find it here: Distressed Cream Area Rug 

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Christmas Tree Shiplap Wood Sign

Ah shiplap. Shiplap always adds a beautiful touch to any wall decor. This shiplap Christmas trees sign is perfect for the holiday season.

Find it here: Christmas Tree Shiplap Wood Sign

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Cotton Buffalo Check Throw Blanket

I love decor items that are functional. So throw blankets are a go to decor item for me! This black and white checked blanket would add a cozy feel to your home.

Find it here: Cotton Buffalo Check Throw Blanket 

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White Lantern

This distressed white lantern is perfect for adding light to a living room. The flicking candle light would bring a cozy feel to any reading nook or office!

Find it here: White Lantern

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Birch Logs

Aren’t these birch logs stunning? These birch logs would look amazing next to any fireplace to add a rustic feel to your home.

Find them here: Birch Logs

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Which of these winter decor ideas was your favorite?

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