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  1. Once again you have hit on a topic that I’m having trouble with & have given me the solution, I thank you so much for all the time you give to helping the rest of us to learn.
    Herdy Bell

  2. You have lots of very good ideas which I have been using with my hens. Thank you so much. Absolutely love reading all your updates. My hens in an enclosed wire netting rarea here in central otago New Zealand. We don’t have foxes thank goodness but stoats,ferrets and weasels a problem. Rats and mice a big problem. They make such A huge network of tunnels undergrounnd we have concrete in their nesting and roosting area but of course the raw and mice can still get in through their tunnel network and come up under feed box whicclh is just soil o the hens love it when freshly dug in their coop. Lots of fun scratching around. Anyway a big thank you for all your ideas!! Julie Alexandra NZ