Keeping mice and rats out of your chicken coop is no easy task, but it CAN be done.

We do have the occasional mouse build a nest in our coop, and with all the grain we have on our farm, we’re ripe for an infestation.

herbs for backyard chickens

Preventing mice is definitely better than trying to exterminate, so use the pro tips in this week’s podcast to prepare for the chances that a rodent freeloader will try to make a nice home in your coop.

You’ll learn:

  • My favorite battle-tested way to prevent mice in your coop
  • Why your bedding matters
  • The secure ways to make sure your feed doesn’t attract rats
  • How to make sure your coop is prepared to fend off a mouse visit

Links we discuss:

Manna Pro Poultry

Chickens: Naturally Raising A Sustainable Flock

I’d like to hear from you!

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Keep Your Chicken Coop Mice-Free This Winter! [Podcast]
Article Name
Keep Your Chicken Coop Mice-Free This Winter! [Podcast]