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  1. I clean my coop every day planted mint ,limon balm under my best box clean runs everyday they run get to roam in shady part sun chicken yard still bafttling flies clean the poop up in the yard use dod poop bags to put it in I call them my chiclky poop bags I’m going to use you tips thank you so much

  2. Thanks this is good info love to use natural solutions to problems! I have 9 girls and want to keep them happy because they provide yummy eggs for me❤️?

  3. Hanging lavender in the coop also helps repel insects. We use it in our house too!!

  4. I am just starting out with three little chicks. I am reading and taking everything in I can.
    Any suggestions would be great!!

  5. Keeping the coop clean and using herbs are an essential part of my routine. Also I have found the some garden grade lime and cedar chips help alot as well to keep smell and flies at Bay.

  6. We use Sweet PDZ, a non-toxic mineral that absorbs and neutralizes odors like crazy. It’s meant for horse stalls but works great sprinkled in the coop bedding. I even use it in the brooder box when my chicks are old enough to stink! Also, over the years I have found that sand makes the ideal bedding for my southern climate. I scoop it like a litter box and dump the doodoo into the compost bin. Since our soil is such heavy clay in north Georgia, sand is a good soil amendment.

  7. Zip lock baggie filled 1 third water and about 2Tbs. Sugar
    Hang in the coop open and flies will drown in the sugar water.

    • Yep, that works well! Any ideas how often you should change it though? When we tried, it got stinky so fast.

  8. I had heard that cedar isn’t good for hens…the aroma can overwhelm them. Is there a trick to knowing how much to add?

  9. I’ve used cedar chips in the Hen house for years! It doesn’t seem to bother my hens at all and have eggs year around!!! That’s all I put in my nesting boxes! And the Hen house always smells great!!!
    I live in south Mississippi and raise my flock like my grandparents always did!!! I’ve had great luck for many years with cleaning the coop once a month and adding grass clippings and pine straw after each cleaning! Also new cedar shavings in there nest boxes…