For this review, Omlet sent me two Eglu Go Modern Chicken Coops to test. We tested purple and green coops.

We tested the Eglu Cube previously (you can read that review here), love it, and still use it daily, so we were excited to test the Eglu Go also!

We’ve found everything we’ve tested from Omlet to be well made, durable, and great for backyard chicken owners, and couldn’t wait to give the Eglu Go a test drive.

Below are our first impressions, testing results and overall recommendations! Read on to find out about our experience.

eglu go chicken coop

What it is

The Eglu Go is a chicken coop with an attached run that’s designed to be mobile. The unit itself sits entirely on the ground, and has wheels to move it. 

The coop itself is thick plastic, with two doors – one on the back for the human to use, and one on the front for the chickens to enter and exit into the run area. The run is wire.

Inside the coop, there is an area for hens to lay eggs, and the coop includes a tray to catch manure.

Where to buy the Eglu Go

You can purchase this feeder on Omlet’s website right here. 

What the company claims

  • Modern and Stylish chicken coop design
  • Ideal for beginners to backyard chicken keeping
  • Suitable for up to four medium sized hens
  • Quick and Easy to Clean
  • Predator Proof
  • Extendable Run with Changeable Door Position
  • Durable material prevents the build up of red mite
  • Twin wall insulation ideal for all seasons
  • Add Eglu Wheels for easy movability

eglu go coop

Our experience

The Eglu Go Modern Chicken Coop arrived in several boxes. We were prepared because we’d already tested the Eglu Cube, and knew the coops needed assembly.

The coops were easy to put together, with easy to follow instructions. Anyone with a screw driver can put the coop together.

We tested the coops over several months over several different parts of our farm to test its ease of use, whether it was predator proof, and whether the chickens liked it.

We’ve housed hens AND roosters in it, as well as ducks and younger chicks.

We really liked the design. It was easy for chickens to get in and out of, and after the first day, they understood that the coop was a place to rest.

We received our coop in the early spring, when the roosters were just coming out of their winter slump. They needed to be separated from the hens!

We first tested it by keeping 3 hens in the Eglu Go. Because the coop is designed to keep predators out, it also does a great job of keeping randy roosters at bay. 

We immediately noticed our hens were happier, and they started laying eggs again. Hooray!

They enjoyed sitting together inside the coop at night, and loved that each day, we moved the coop to a different patch of grass.

Moving the coop was very easy. The coop is designed to lift when the wheels are engaged, and anyone (even my 5 year old daughter) can easily move the coop.

We’ve noticed that moving slowly is better for the chickens, and be sure to remove any feed or water bowls before moving it.

Later on, we ended up sequestering rooster in the Eglu Go. While the hens love it, their feathers grew back in just a few weeks (thanks to all the green grass they got when we moved the coop each day!).

Like the hens, the roosters quickly understood the Eglu Go, and enjoy their daily tours of the farm. They go into the coop at night, and enjoy spending the day hunting bugs in their run.

Even though we have established predators on our farm (skunks, coyotes, and raccoons), we haven’t lost any chickens. We attribute this to the Eglu Go’s unique design that keeps predators from getting into the coop.

Does Omlet’s Eglu Go Modern Chicken Coop live up to its claims:

Yes! The Eglu Go is a modern and sleek coop that’s perfect for beginners and experienced chicken owners alike. It keeps out predators, is easy to use and keep clean, and the chickens love it. Omlet claims the material will help prevent mites. We didn’t see any on our chickens during the testing period, and because the plastic is so easy to keep clean, it’s easy to keep the coop mite-free.

eglu go chicken coop

What don’t we like

When we tested the coop with ducklings, the little ones didn’t understand to go into the coop itself at night. Because the run isn’t built for humans, it was REALLY hard to squeeze into the run to get the ducklings into the coop. So, it might take some trial and error on your part to get little chickens and ducks to understand the coop’s purpose.

Is it useful for chicken owners? 

We recommend the Eglu Go Modern Chicken Coop for flock owners with less than 4 chickens. We’re impressed with how easy this coop is to use, but there isn’t enough space for more than 3 hens or 4 bantams. 

We tested it to keep roosters away from hens during peak breeding season, and it was EXCELLENT for this use. The hens returned to laying, and were able to regrow their feathers.

For urban chicken owners, this is the perfect coop to add to your backyard that’ll let your chickens free range without complaints from the neighbors.

We’ve tested several products from Omlet, and their predator proof coops are the real deal.

What to watch out for:

Watch out for the coop doors in the summer. Because they can easily be shut by children, a chicken can easily be trapped inside for hours. There’s no standard mechanism on the coop to prevent the doors from being shut accidentally.


The Eglu Go is a sleek, useful coop for backyard chicken owners. We give it 5 stars for design, usefulness, safety, durability, and ease of use! Our chickens use it daily and love it!


Maat van Uitert is a backyard chicken and sustainable living expert. She is also the author of Chickens: Naturally Raising A Sustainable Flock, which was a best seller in it’s Amazon category.  Maat has been featured on NBC, CBS, AOL Finance, Community Chickens, the Huffington Post, Chickens magazine, Backyard Poultry, and Countryside Magazine. She lives on her farm in Southeast Missouri with her husband, two children, and about a million chickens and ducks. You can follow Maat on Facebook here and Instagram here.

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