So, either I can’t count, or the ducklings are spontaneously reproducing.


I’ll swear on the Bible that there were only 10 ducklings when they hatched, but they finally slowed down long enough yesterday for me to do a head count.


And there’s 11. Not 10.


So, I’m the proud owner of 16 ducks. Which is a LOT of quacking.


Some of the ducklings are starting to have voice changes – and at least 1 is developing a deeper, louder, more insistent quack.


If you don’t know, these quacks indicate they’re female. So, we might have a hen or two in the clutch!


I can’t believe all the different colors they are. I figured since the eggs were mostly khaki campbell and the drake is the same breed, they would all look like the parent stock.


Let’s just say they didn’t breed true, LOL.


We clean out and refill their pool twice a day, so twice a day, they have a good swim.


We’ve also been giving them lots of mealworms and shrimp to help them grow. They devour them, and LOVE that the treats float on water.


The Fluffy Butts Keep Escaping!

This weekend, we’re tackling adding trusses and a roof to my chicken run.


The fluffy butts keep getting out!


One night, we had LOTS of rain. While I’m sure the ducks were happy, a couple hens refused to return before night fall….and are regretting their waterlogged decision this morning!


They were more than happy to run into the coop for breakfast, LOL! They’re fine, just wet, and it’s still 90 degrees here. There’s PLENTY of places for them to get out of the rain on the farm besides the coop.


We’ve been giving them lots of Best Eggs Ever! and Fluffiest Feathers Ever! to help the hens lay again now that it’s not so hot all the time (herbs + calcium + protein = happy hen) – and it seems to be working!


Might We Have A Mouse As A Pet??

Feeding the chickens this morning, I kept hearing loud squeaks! It sounded like baby rabbits in some serious distress, so I searched the area and found a baby mouse that’s injured.


Now, I’m not a fan of mice. BUT I’m also not a fan of watching young animals suffer and not do anything about it.


The mouse is old enough that it should be weaned, so currently, it’s in a bucket of alfalfa, drying off (it rained ALL last night and the mouse is soaked – another reason I didn’t want to leave it).


Once it’s dry, we can see how injured it is. Fingers crossed it’s just a momentary thing, and we can release it later today.


Otherwise, we might have a pet mouse. Not that I want one.


We’ve been giving it Fluffiest Feathers Ever! – it seemed to like it and maybe it’ll grow fluffier fur?? LOL!

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