So it’s that time of year again. It’s time to pull out the barbecue and start grilling!


I absolutely love grilling, it’s one of my favorite things about the summer time! There’s nothing better than a delicious barbecued meal eaten with family and friends am I right?


Now grilling can be a little bit tricky at times. You have to worry about temperature, texture, and flavor along with trying to perfectly balance how long you cook your food for (because nobody wants charred food, but you don’t want it raw either) And after a long winter, most of our grilling skills are a little bit rusty.

So I decided that since we’re coming into barbecuing season I would share some of my favorite grilling hacks and recipes with you, so at your next barbecue everyone will see you as the grilling genius.

Use two skewers for your kebabs

So my first hack for you to put two skewers through your kebabs. Why you may ask? Well I’ve spent many an evening making kebabs and fighting with all of the individuals pieces of meat.


Every time I make kebabs I have to make sure that each piece on the kebab didn’t rotate on its own when I tried to flip it. If you put two skewers in it prevents this from happening! You can easily rotate your kebabs without having to spend a ton of time checking to make sure each piece turned over in the way that it should have.

And while we’re talking about kebabs check out this amazing grilled steak kebab recipe! I love this recipe! It’s fairly simple to make, but one taste of this amazing recipe and your family will be begging you to make them every night! They’re that good. Seriously.

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Use an onion to clean off your grill

My next grilling hack for you is to clean your barbecue off with an onion. So the first time I heard this trick, I thought it was a little bit crazy to be honest with you. But it works so well! I just cut an onion in half and then use it to scrub my grill after each time I use it (wait for it to cool down first!) Not only does this add some amazing flavor the next time you grill, but the onion also does a great job of cleaning off your barbecue!

And just because I love barbecue sauce and onions check out this amazing Vidalia onion barbecue sauce recipe! This stuff is good! It’s super yummy on grilled chicken and it also goes great on your burgers!

Use tinfoil

So tinfoil is the best for creating delicious and easy meals on the barbecue. I use tinfoil for everything when I’m grilling. I cover my meat with one layer of tinfoil (almost like making a mini meat tent) when I cook it so that the moisture and flavor stays in the meat!


I also love cooking meals in tinfoil on the grill. One of my favorite meals to make is what I call tinfoil suppers. All I do is cut potatoes into cubes, carrots into small slices, mince an onion, slice a green pepper, and throw in whatever other vegetables I happen to have around. I lay about a foot and a half of tinfoil out on the counter and place all of my vegetables on to it with a hamburger patty on the bottom. After that I add about a teaspoon of water over the top, add a small slice of butter, and some salt and pepper.


Then I wrap it up with the tinfoil and then wrap another layer of tinfoil over the top of that. All you have to do then is throw it on the grill and cook it until your hamburger patty is done. It’s simple and I normally just add some ketchup and then eat it as is. Using tinfoil is a great way to simplify your grilling without compromising on taste.

I also use tinfoil to lightly scrub down my grill after I finish cooking. It gets off all of the gross stuff off of the grill and it’s an easy way to quickly clean after barbecuing.

Use the finger method to tell how done your meat is

Ok so this might sound a little bit crazy, but I found this amazing way to tell how done your meat is with your fingers on simply I hate that when I use a meat thermometer there’s a risk of losing the moisture and juices in your meat which is the worst!!!! Check out this awesome guide here on how to tell how done your meat is using your fingers. Keep in mind that this method will take some time to figure out. So you’ll probably have to keep using a meat thermometer (bummer) for a little bit until you figure out exactly how this method works.

If you don’t quite trust yourself to figure out how done your meat is (ME!) or you are overly worried about food poisoning (also me) I recommend that you get a instant read thermometer They’re awesome and I love that when you use one of these you know exactly when your meat is done.

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Use lemons when cooking fish


My last hack for all of you is to use lemons, especially when you’re cooking fish. Not only is it delicious (duh) but it helps prevent your fish from sticking to the barbecue which is the worst! I just put two or three lemon slices down on the grill and then put the fish on top of it! So you get your yummy grilled fish, without it sticking and you get extra yummy lemony flavor for your fish!


Check out this amazing grilled salmon recipe that is my favorite! It’s so easy to make and it’s a hit at any barbecue!
Do you have any amazing grilling hacks that you use? Help me out with my summer barbecues I’ve got coming up and share them in the comments below!



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