Don’t you just love chicken themed decor?

I love my chickens, and so I like to add subtle chicken decor items to my home to show that! There are so many fun chicken decor items out there that I absolutely love! Today I decided to compile some of my favorite chicken themed kitchen decor!

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Rooster Paper Towel Holder

This rooster paper towel holder is perfect because it would blend seamlessly with a rustic farmhouse kitchen decor theme! It’s adorable and would add a fun rustic feel to any kitchen.

Find it here: Rooster Paper Towel Holder

Farmhouse Galvanized Metal Jars

These farmhouse galvanized metal jars are my favorite! They’re perfect for displaying in your kitchen and you could tuck away some treats you want to hide from the kiddos;)

Find them here: Farmhouse Galvanized Metal Jars 

Nested Hen and Chick Measuring Cups

These measuring cups are too cute! I’m obsessed with them! When you’re not using them they all fit together perfectly, so that you could leave them on your counter as decoration!

Find them here: Nested Hen and Chick Measuring Cups

Mother Hen and Chicks Sculptures

I think these sculptures would look perfect in your kitchen, possibly on top of your counters or your refrigerator. These would also be stunning as outdoor decor for the garden!

Find them here: Mother Hen and Chicks Sculptures

Metal Chicken Shaped Egg Basket

Isn’t this egg basket perfect for displaying your eggs from your hens! This metal chicken shaped basket is the perfect decor item for a kitchen!

Find it here: Metal Chicken Shaped Egg Basket

Farmhouse Kitchen Towels

These kitchen towels are fun and pretty! I love the cute sayings and the subtle black and cream colors of these kitchen towels! They would fit perfectly into any farmhouse style kitchen!

Find them here: Farmhouse Kitchen Towels

Metal Rooster 

This metal rooster is the perfect wall decor item for your kitchen! Display this in your kitchen or dining room to show your guests how much you love your roosters!

Find it here: Metal Rooster

Chicken Refrigerator Magnet

This magnet is so cute and would be the perfect addition to a refrigerator! This magnet looks like it came from a tree branch which means it would fit perfectly with rustic themed decor!

Find it here: Chicken Refrigerator Magnet

Yes I Really Need All These Chickens Mug

I love this mug! I would drink out of this every day! Because yes I really do need all of my chickens!

Find it here: Chicken Mug

Which of these chicken decor items is your favorite? 

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These Backyard Chicken Kitchen Decor Ideas Are Everything

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