I love outdoor decorations (Especially for the coop!) I think they’re so cute and fun!


I think that they really help to make any backyard feel more homey. I also love making outdoor decorations with the kiddos. I love anything my kids make because after awhile it becomes a fun keepsake!


I also try to incorporate sensory activities for my kids when I am doing crafts with them because both of my kids have autism. I think making decorations with your kids is a great way to decorate your yard and get in some amazing sensory activities all at the same time!
So here are 5 of my favorite DIY sensory activities/decorations that you can make for your yard!

Playdough cut outs

So personally I think playdough is on of the best sensory activities out there. And you can make so many fun things with it!


What I do is have my kids roll out the playdough flat (like you’re rolling out cookies) Then we use chicken shaped cookie cutters to cut out chicken shapes in the playdough! I then poke a small hole in the top of the playdough (make sure it goes all the way through!) and I then leave them out to dry for a couple of days.


After they’re completely dried I have my kids thread some twine through the hole in the top and we hang them in the backyard!


I’ve hung them outside of our chicken coop for a fun decoration, and I’ve also hung them in some of the trees in our backyard! It’s a super fun and easy decoration that you can make with your kids that is also a great sensory activity. Check out this awesome recipe for homemade playdough!

Sand foam decorated bucket

This is a super easy sensory activity/decoration that you can do with your kids! What I did is I used a regular sand bucket (you could also use a pretty pot) and had my kids decorate it, however they wanted to.


After they finished decorating we filled it with “sand foam” (check out the recipe here) Basically it’s just shaving cream mixed with sand and it makes an amazing sensory activity!


You can use spoons, or other toys if your kids don’t like to get messy. This stuff is so fun to play with! The texture of the sand and shaving cream together is really cool!

DIY Outdoor Quiet Area

I love having an area for my kids where they can go to have some alone time or just somewhere they can go and play. I think it’s important that there is somewhere my kids can go when they have a sensory overload or need a safe space.


I’ve seen a couple of amazing ideas online and I’m definitely going to have to try some of them out! I love that with all of these not only are you providing your kids with an area they can go to deal with sensory overloads, but they’re also really cute outdoor decorations.


I totally recommend that you have your kids help when you’re making an outdoor quiet area, so that they can be involved in creating the space that they think will be most beneficial to them.

This first outdoor quiet area is one of my favorites. It’s made out of pallet wood which is a huge bonus for me because we have tons of extra pallets lying around.


It’s pretty simple to make and after you finish you could have your kids help you decorate and add any sensory activities that they would like to! Check out the full instructions here.


Make sure that when you’re using pallets you know that they’re safe! I have an entire article about it that you can use as a guide to help you know if the pallets you are using are treated with chemicals.


I also love this DIY bean pole teepee! It’s super easy to create! You only need a couple of boards and some bean seeds are you’re good to go! Throughout the summer the beans will grow up the poles and create an awesome enclosed space for your kids to get away to!

This last outdoor space for kids is perfect for a reading nook! It’s small and could be filled with pillows, blankets, puzzles, books, or whatever your child loves the most!


You could also hang some sensory based activities around the playhouse for your kids to use if they needed to! Check out this AMAZING DIY tutorial for an outdoor reading nook here!

DIY outdoor sensory board


So I love sensory boards. I think they’re great for any kid and they keep my kids occupied while I get some me time:) This sensory board is made out of things from nature.



All you need to do is go outside with your kids and have them choose some nature items that they like the feel of (leaves, feathers, smooth rocks, sand, etc ). Then your just attach them to a board and you have a nature sensory board!


I also love this sensory board that incorporates lights, switches, and wheels! I think both of these would be a fun project to do with your kids and personally I think they add a fun touch to any backyard as a decoration.



Outdoor musical instruments


So I think outdoor musical instruments are a really fun way to incorporate different noises that your kids like into your backyard. And they add a unique type of decoration to your yard!

One of my favorite DIY musical instruments is a PVC Xylophone. This one is so easy and all you need are some spare PVC pipes in different sizes.


Kids love this because they can experiment with all of the different noises they can make when they blow into the different sized pipes. Here’s full instructions on how to make your own PVC pipe musical instrument.

I also love this DIY Music man project! It’s really easy and you can basically use any materials you have lying around your farm that make awesome noises when you play with them!


Basically it’s almost like a scarecrow made out of several different types of materials that make really awesome noises! This project is so easy and your kids will love helping your put this one together. Plus it doubles as a scarecrow for your garden! Bonus!


This last idea is one of my favorites. It’s a DIY outdoor music wall! I love that this wall incorporates different materials that are great for feeling as well as banging for making noise! Check out the full tutorial here.


What decorations do you have in your backyard that double as sensory activities? I would love to hear about them! Share your ideas with me in the comments below!

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