Real Homesteader Stories Episode 1

Updates from the homestead, y’all.


I’ve started something new, which is live streaming from my truck as I’m doing farm chores – and I’m giving y’all the straight poop about what it’s like on our homestead. I’m calling this series Real Homesteader Stories – and I hope you enjoy it.


This will probably come out once a week as I have time to download and slap the stories together. This week, I tell you all about:

  • The tornado that got my brand new shed
  • What it’s like gelding horses in the field & the umm…compliment? the vet gave us
  • Why breeding rabbits isn’t for the faint of heart & why one doe gets a lifetime pass on the farm

You can’t make this stuff up, I swear. I hope you enjoy it & I would like to hear your thoughts on it!


I’d like to hear from you!

Do you have any crazy farm stories? Leave a comment below!

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  1. It seems we’re going to have cold weather here in FL. I’m glad I haven’t put any of my seedlings out yet. I do have a Takara Hybrid Pepper that has sat out all year and it’s starting to grow . It’s the only green I have on my porch. HA HA

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