A few months ago, I purchased some 4-week old cuckoo maran pullets, which were to ship November 17. After living in warmer climates for a few years, I conveniently forgot that in most places, November means cold weather. So order baby chicks for delivery in November I did. And all but one lone, scrappy little pullet died before delivery. So I now have a house chick who hopefully will one day give me nice chocolate eggs, and who now happens to think she’s a human. It’s kind of nice having a pet that can ride (and poop) on my shoulder, but she needs to realize she’s a chicken, and not try to steal my sandwiches. I found a breeder that has 4 week old chicks, so hopefully I can buy my maran some friends, and she will be less lonely. Right now she’s terrified whenever I turn off the lights, and she isn’t fully feathered out so she can’t live outside. I’m also kind of afraid Leedle Leedle will attack her, as he has kind of a tendency to go after the weak.


On the hatching eggs front, I’m still shocked I haven’t killed these chicks yet. I just checked, and they’re in there moving around, but for the love of god I cannot get this incubator to rise above 100* and settle at 102*. It wants to hover around 93*. One thing I’ve learned in horse breeding is fetuses, if they’re strong, can survive a whole lot, and if it’s fertile and meant to be, those dang fetuses will be born.

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