The Light Brahma is honestly one of my all-time favorite chicken breeds. They are so incredibly beautiful and some of the sweetest chickens you’ll ever meet. Pair that with their egg-laying and dual-purpose functionality – and you have yourself prized chickens. 

Learn all the fun details about this breed of splendor. Read on…

Light Brahma hen standing in greenery with sunlight shining in around her


Light Brahmas feature a beautiful combination of white and black feathers, creating an elegant pattern. The word that comes to mind when I joyfully watch my Light Brahmas prance around the run is splendor. I just can’t get enough. I can’t tell you how many photos I’ve taken of these chickens (more than their fair share). 

Their large size and sturdy build further add to their majestic presence. With adorable feathered feet, feathered legs, and shanks they are truly full of unique charm. Additionally, they have deep red combs and wattles that provide a stunning contrast against their snowy-white plumage. My Light Brahmas keep their feathers clean and bright, it’s quite amazing.

Light Brahma roosters weigh an average of 10 to 12 pounds. The hens are about 8 to 9.5 pounds. They can grow up to 30 inches tall! They compete well with other large chickens such as the Jersey Giant.

There are also bantam-sized Light Brahmas! They are, of course, incredibly adorable. The males weigh about 38 ounces and the females about 34 ounces.

Brahmas come in other colors as well, such as Buff Brahmas and Dark Brahmas. My personal favorite is none other than the lovely Light Brahma!


Beyond their splendor in appearance, Light Brahmas are known for their amiable and docile nature. These chickens have earned a reputation as gentle giants, exhibiting a calm and friendly demeanor. Their friendly disposition makes them ideal for those seeking a breed that can easily coexist with other chickens and animals (and, of course, people). 

Even though they are large birds, they don’t seem to mind confinement much. They are pretty content chickens all around. Light Brahmas truly make a great pet because of how friendly and content they are.

Brahmas are hardy chickens that tolerate cool climates well. The ladies can be attentive mothers if you decide to let them raise their own chicks.

Lady hugging a Light Brahma chicken

Egg Production

Light Brahmas are not just amazingly beautiful chickens, they also excel in terms of productivity. As layers, these birds are known for their consistent and reliable egg production. Hens typically lay medium size to extra-large brown eggs, averaging around 300 eggs per year. 

This breed tends to maintain its egg-laying capacity even during colder months when other breeds might experience a decline in production. In order to keep your chickens laying well through the year, as well as enhance their taste, treat them to Best Eggs Ever Nesting Herbs! The eggs they will produce will be plentiful and have exceptional taste.

For good quality eggs that don’t have weak shells, you should also supplement them with calcium. My favorite way to do this is with oyster shells – check these out. This is especially important if you can’t, or don’t want to, free-range your flock.

Meat Production

Light Brahmas also possess excellent meat production qualities. Due to their substantial size, Light Brahmas yield a generous amount of flavorful, tender meat. 

Although not as fast-growing as some specialized meat breeds, their meat is comparable. It’s worth noting that many people choose to raise Light Brahmas primarily for their dual-purpose qualities, reaping the rewards of both eggs and meat.

History Snippet

The Light Brahma chicken breed has a storied history that adds to its splendor. Originating in the United States in the mid-19th century, the Light Brahma quickly gained popularity and admiration.

They were originally bred from larger birds imported from China and then crossbred with the Chittagong breed from India. The resulting chickens possessed remarkable size and hardiness, making them well-suited for both exhibition and utility purposes.

The Light Brahma breed soared to prominence, capturing the attention of chicken keepers, breeders, and even royalty. Queen Victoria herself developed a fondness for the breed, further enhancing its reputation. 

By the late 19th century, Light Brahmas had become popular in poultry shows and exhibitions worldwide. Today, they continue as a favorite among many.

How to Care for Light Brahmas


The Light Brahma chicken breed is a true testament to the splendor of the chicken world. From their majestic appearance to their gentle personality and remarkable productivity, these birds have rightfully earned their place in the hearts and coops of many chicken mama’s (and daddy’s). 

If you are looking for a backyard chicken that is friendly like a family dog, want good egg layers, has a quiet temperament, and is considered one of the best breeds around (in my opinion) – then go get yourself a Light Brahma chicken (or several of them).

Where to Buy Light Brahma Chickens

So now that you’ve learned about this breed, I know you want one (or more)! Where do you buy these fluffers? Well, they aren’t hard to find – but here is a list to help get you started in the right direction!

1. Cackle Hatchery

Find more information and prices here: Cackle Hatchery

Located in Missouri, Cackle Hatchery is one of the largest online chick retailers. Not only can you find more than 185 different kinds of chickens here, including broiler, egg-laying, and bantam species of all kinds, but Cackle also specializes in several rare breeds.

At Cackle, you can also find other species of poultry like geese, turkeys, ducks, game fowl, and more. You can also buy Brahma fertile hatching eggs if you want to raise your own birds from start to finish. There are also exhibition-line birds available for purchase, too. 

Cackle just has a 3 bird minimum, which is nice.


  • Bantam and exhibition birds available
  • Pullets can be purchased instead of chicks
  • Low average chick price
  • 3 chick minimum


  • Limited inventory of Brahma birds

2. Meyer Hatchery

Find more information and prices here: Meyer Hatchery

Meyer Hatchery is another large hatchery, this one located in Ohio. Along with a variety of chick breeds, you can also buy things like hatching eggs, books, coops, and pullets. 

One of the benefits of ordering from Meyer Hatchery is that you are only required to order three birds (as long as you order at opportune times of the year). This is a good option for folks who are interested in raising a small flock of Brahma chickens and don’t want to deal with the hassle of minimum orders of ten or more birds.

If you live close to the hatchery, you can even pick up on-site!


  • Only a 3-chick minimum 
  • Sells light, buff, and dark Brahma chicks
  • Sells other kinds of Brahma-raising equipment too


  • No substantial discounts for orders of more than 25 birds

3. Purely Poultry 

Find more information and prices here: Purely Poultry

Purely Poultry is a family-owned business that specializes in Brahma chickens along with chickens of other breeds. You can also buy things like waterfowl, turkeys, peafowl, quail, and more, here, too. 

If you’re buying baby Brahma chicks, you’ll be required to order at least three birds. However, if you’re willing to wait for adult birds, there are no shipping restrictions on how many you need to order. Located in Wisconsin, this company specializes in Brahma Bantams, Buff Brahmas, Dark Brahams, and Light Brahmas. 


  • All kinds of Brahmas available 
  • Minimum order of 3 birds
  • Has a live arrival guarantee 


  • No apparent discount for purchasing in bulk

4. Townline Hatchery

Find more information and prices here: Townline Hatchery

Townline Hatchery is one of the oldest hatcheries on this list, having been in business for more than a century. One of the greatest benefits of ordering with Townline Hatchery is that the company maintains its own breeder flocks. Everything is raised on-site so you can rest assured that your chicks are raised in the ideal conditions. 

The employees here are some of the best, attending to each and every chick each day as they gather eggs, set up incubators, and care for the fresh hatches. Townline also has excellent customer service –  you can tell that this hatchery has really worked out the kinks in its more than 100 years of operation. Located in Michigan, this hatchery is actually the oldest mail-order hatchery in the country!

You’ll have to buy chicks in minimum batches of fifteen, making it a less-than-ideal situation for people who want to raise Brahams in small urban settings. However, if you’re buying in bulk, Townline is the way to go, since this hatchery offers a discount when you order 100 chicks or more.


  • Has a solid reputation
  • Excellent customer service
  • Significant discounts for ordering multiple chicks


  • Has limited hatching availability around the  year 

5. Murray McMurray Hatchery

Find more information and prices here: Murray McMurray Hatchery

Despite the funny, somewhat repetitive-sounding name, Murray McMurray is one of the best places to buy Brahma chicks in the United States. You’ll find all kinds of poultry – of all ages – here, but it’s best known for its baby chicks. 

As one of the largest hatcheries in the country, it’s headquartered in Iowa. you can buy light, buff, or dark Brahma chicks along with pullets here. Unlike many other hatcheries, you’ll get a significant discount for purchasing sexed male chicks.


  • Male chicks are cheaper here
  • Pullets available 
  • Can mix and match breeds


  • Minimum order of six chicks

Private breeders nationwide

You can find a complete list of breeders (that are affiliated with the American Brahma Club) here.

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