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  1. I used to live in Gastonia, NC. And I used to go t a big flea market there. In that flea market, I used to buy 2 dozen double yold eggs every week. My ex used to love them. A man used to sell tons of them. His hens layed that way continuously.

  2. I am new to raising chickens and ducks. I just cracked open 5 duck eggs for dinner and 4 of them were double yolk!!!!

  3. Despite the supposed science that claims double yolks are ‘common’, in 50 years of cracking at least one egg a day and usually more, I’ve never once come across one, let alone seen one in real life.

    Today, I crack one open and discovered a double yolk.

    You bet I’m going to buy a lottery ticket…to heck with some crusty nerdy scientist trying to rain on my parade while looking down his sour snout, pontificating the ‘odds’!