If your chickens are not laying, it’s a super frustrating position to be in.


In this session of What The Cluck?! we discuss the various reasons why hens stop laying and what you can do about it.


We cover:

  • Ages chickens start laying
  • Vitamin and mineral deficiencies that can slow egg production
  • Nutritional needs of laying hens
  • What you can feed to improve egg laying performance


Resources I mention in this podcast:


Chicken Nutrition: Feeding Your Hens From Chick To Layer From FrugalChicken


Chicken Nutrition: A step-by-step system to feeding your hen from chick to layer (free e-book)  —> Get it here.





Feeding Your Hens Right (coming soon!)


How to calculate protein in your homemade chicken feed:

  1. Identify the amount of protein in each ingredient
  2. Add those amounts together
  3. Divide by the number of ingredients

This formula assumes a 1:1 ratio of ingredients.

(I didn’t explain the formula very well in the podcast, so I wanted to give you a better resource.)


Here’s where you can buy:



Further reading:

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I’d like to hear from you!


Have you experienced problems with your chickens not laying? What did you do about it? Email me at editor@thefrugalchicken.com or comment below!

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  1. after coyotes killed my rooster all of my hens stopped laying could the stress of this be the cause

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