If you’re looking for a charming and docile duck breed, the Cayuga may be the perfect fit for you. Originally from North America, this black duck is known for its glossy feathers and calm demeanor. However, the coolest part about Caygua Ducks is that they can lay black eggs!

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Cayuga Duck History Snipet

The Cayuga duck is a breed of domesticated duck that is native to Cayuga Lake located in New York, United States. So, you might just call it American-made! It surfaced right around 1840.

This breed is thought to be a cross between the Black East Indian and the Rouen duck. This cross was then refined over many generations by selecting the ducks with the blackest plumage.

Cayuga Duck Appearance

The Cayuga duck is known for its beautiful, lustrous, iridescent green-black feathers that shimmer under the sunlight. The greenish-black feathers on their back and wings are mostly black, but they fade into a blue-green hue towards the head and breast. Their bill and feet are glossy black, adding to their overall striking appearance. They are truly beautiful ducks.

Their body is plump with a broad, rounded chest and a long, slim neck that curves elegantly. They have small, oval-shaped heads with dark eyes that complement their glossy black feathers. The drakes (males) often have a curl at the end – this is called the drake feather.

The Cayuga is a decent-sized duck, with females weighing in at around 4.5-5.5 pounds and males around 6.5-8 pounds.

Cayuga ducklings have black feet, black legs, and black bills and are as adorable as can be (and as you might imagine baby ducks).

Cayuga Duck Temperament and Personality

The Cayuga duck breed is known for being friendly and calm. These ducks are sociable and enjoy being around people and can be integrated with other animals. They are also pretty smart and can learn quickly.

Cayuga’s are generally quiet ducks, and aren’t obnoxious noise machines, making them an excellent choice for urban areas where noise levels may be a concern. They are also a hardy breed, as well as active foragers. They really enjoy finding insects that you don’t want around!

In terms of temperament, the Cayuga breed is very docile and easy to get along with. They do not tend to be aggressive and are easy to handle, so they are good for beginners or families with young children.

However, they can become anxious or nervous if they don’t have enough space or are overcrowded in a small area for long periods. This is quite typical for most all ducks.

Black Egg FB

Cayuga Ultra Cool Eggs

The coolest part is that Cayuga hen’s eggs start out as a charcoal black color. As time goes on they do fade but black eggs are very rare and so much fun for egg collecting. Here is a very interesting article about black eggs: Black Chicken Eggs AND the Fountain of Youth.

Cayuga duck eggs are considered a delicacy by many because they tend to be richer than chicken eggs. Often preferred by chefs specifically for baking, they are high in protein, vitamins, and minerals.

You might be wondering how we common folk can use them for cooking. Well, they can be used in the same way as chicken eggs. Duck eggs are often used in quiches, omelets, custards, and frittatas. They make lovely, large deviled, or pickled eggs as well. Super-sized fun!

They aren’t overachievers when they lay eggs, but they do produce about 100 to 150 eggs a year.

How To Care For Cayuga Ducks

  • Feed them a high-quality feed like this
  • Provide lots of clean, fresh water for drinking and for playing in
  • Be sure they have a predator-safe coop
  • Give them treats like this to keep them friendly and approachable

Where to Buy These Beautiful Ducks

If you’re looking for a beautiful and easy to care for duck breed to have as pets, the Cayuga is a great choice to add to your flock. They are truly beautiful birds with excellent temperaments.

You can find these lovely ducks here:

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