Whether you’d rather raise chickens for eggs, meat, or as pets, the Wyandotte chicken is an excellent choice. Not only does this illustrious bird lay up to 200 eggs each year, but it also produces a respectable carcass for the dinner table, weighing in, on average, at 7 lbs.

This bird is a real stunner to look at, too. There are multiple variants of the breed, including the silver-laced, gold-laced, and partridge Wyandotte. 

The result?

You’ll have plenty of colors to choose from when you raise Wyandottes. Luckily, you have plenty of hatcheries to choose from, too. Here are some of the best places to buy Wyandotte chickens.

What Are Wyandotte Chickens?

adult wyandotte chicken

The Wyandotte chicken breed is an excellent chicken breed for people who are interested in keeping hens and roosters alike. Quiet and unassuming, this chicken breed can be broken down into several sub-breeds and variants, including:

  • Golden Laced Wyandotte
  • Silver Laced Wyandotte
  • Partridge Wyandotte
  • Black Wyandotte
  • Buff Wyandotte

…and many more! There are even bantam varieties to choose from. A classic American breed, the bird has a rose comb and a compact body. It weighs around five to eight pounds and has a deep, well-rounded breast. In addition to rose combs, Wyandottes have red earlobes and wattles. They can be prone to frostbite but as long as you are careful about preventing drafts in the coop, you shouldn’t have to worry.

These chickens have all kinds of beneficial characteristics to offer, from being a friendly breed to laying plenty of eggs for you, too.

It is a dual-purpose breed raised for meat and for eggs. It is known for its respectable egg production. Wyandottes are decent egg layers who produce around four large brown eggs each week.

These birds are active foragers that make life easy for individual chicken keepers. They are a great addition to any backyard flock and are quite cold-hardy, handling the winter months with ease.

Still not convinced that the Wyandotte chicken is right for you? Here is some of the praise heaped upon this breed by the I Love Backyard Chickens Facebook group:

I had the Silver Laced variety. My experience with them was is this : Amazing layers of tan eggs and very eye catching. Cold tolerant and quite healthy overall.

Ashley Gagnon

I have 2. They are quiet, friendly but not needy, don’t like to be handled, great layers and I feel their quiet nature helps the flock. One of my girls has huge spurs and the other doesn’t. When they do speak, it is a very soft whistley type of sound. They are large, beautiful, and their feathers feel like silk.

Rachel Nelson

10 Best Places to Buy Wyandotte Chickens

wyandotte chick on windowsill

1. Meyer Hatchery

Location: Polk, OH

Average Straight-Run Wyandotte Chick Price: $3.24

There are actually two Meyer Hatcheries in the United States – while one is located in Pennsylvania (and spelled “Myers”), the other is located in Polk, OH. They both offer exceptional deals on baby chicks, but Meyer Hatchery in Ohio is one of the best places to buy Wyandotte chicks, hens and roosters alike. 

Here, you’ll find all kinds of Wyandotte chicks for sale, including Black Laced, Silver Laced, Blue Laced, and Columbian Wyandottes. Straight-run chickens start at just $3.24 per bird, with discounts available for male chicks as well as for purchasing in bulk (buying 100+ chickens will save you roughly $0.80 per bird).

Meyer Hatchery has a minimum order of only three chicks and you can order at just about any time of the year. There’s on-site delivery as well as other products for sale, like books and coops. You can even buy fertile hatching eggs!


  • Small minimum chick order
  • Fertile hatching eggs also available
  • Discounts for buying large flocks


  • Chicks don’t always meet breed standards for exhibition purposes 

2. Cackle Hatchery

Location: Lebanon, MO

Average Straight-Run Wyandotte Chick Price: $3.90

Cackle Hatchery is not a small chick hatchery by any means. In fact, at Cackle, you’ll find well over 185 different kinds of chickens at all stages, including fertile hatching eggs, baby chicks, and pullets, too. The hatchery sells a variety of rare breeds, bantams, and other game species, too. 

You will have to buy at least 15 chicks, in most cases, but Cackle offers several kinds of Wyandotte birds for you to choose from, including Black-Laced Golden, Columbian, and Splash laced Red. 


  • Can reserve birds head of time
  • Vaccinations available
  • Discounts for male chicks 


  • Birds only shipped seasonally

3. Murray McMurray Hatchery

Location: Webster City, IA

Average Straight-Run Wyandotte Chick Price:

Shop for chicks with Murray McMurray, and you’re sure to find anything and everything you might be looking for. Located in Webster City, IA, this breeder sells sexed, male, and female Wyandotte chicks. 

There are several colors available, including Blue Laced Red and Columbian. You can order just one or two chicks (with some restrictions) or you can buy as many as 100 or more. It’s important to note that female and straight run chickens sell out more quickly with this hatchery, but the beauty of ordering with Murray McMurray is that you can specify your order date well ahead of time. 

You will need to order a minimum of fifteen chickens (although some chicks, when purchased at Murray McMurray, can be bought in small batches of six birds). If you order before April 1st, you must order 25 chicks to help your birds stay warm. You can always mix and match your flock, too!

Don’t forget to stock up on all the things you need to prepare your chicks for the exciting days ahead, either. A good chick starter like this one is essential!


  • Mix and match options available for all breeds
  • Multiple kinds of Wyandotte chickens available
  • Discounts for bulk orders


  • Must order 25 chicks when buying in the winter 

4. California Hatchery

Location: Walnut Creek, CA 

Average Straight-Run Wyandotte Chick Price: $4.99

You’ll find all kinds of Wyandotte chicks when you shop with California Hatchery, including Gold-Laced, Silver-Laced, and White. These chicks are some of California Hatchery’s most popular. 

You can buy male, female, or straight run chickens when you shop with California Hatchery, with noticeable pricing differences between all three options. If you’re willing to pay a few extra dollars per bird, you can get a Marek’s vaccination, too – something that’s valuable for many people.

California Hatchery ships just about everywhere in the United States. You’ll get a safe arrival guarantee with your order, too, so you don’t have to worry about something going wrong with your chicks. 

One more tip to prevent problems with your chicks? Take care of the coop. Regular cleaning and adding nesting herbs, like these for dust baths, is extremely helpful when it comes to preventing lice and mites.


  • All chicks backed by safe arrival guarantee
  • California Hatchery raises exhibition-quality stock 
  • Several types of Wyandottes available


  • Costly per-chick price 

5. Chickens for Backyards

Location: Phillipsburg, MO

Average Straight-Run Wyandotte Chick Price: $3.95

Chickens for Backyards, located in Phillipsburg, MO, offers some of the best chicks and the highest level of customer service, too. Here, you’ll find all kinds of chicks along with pullets and cockerels, too. 

The company is known for its superior communication. When you order, you’ll receive an estimated hatch date within just half an hour of submitting an order. The date is so accurate that your chicks will usually arrive within a day or two after that estimated hatch date. 

This is great because you can be guaranteed that your chicks will arrive safely and healthy. You don’t have to worry about them dying in transit, as they are shipped so close to their hatch date. 

Chickens for Backyards sells all kinds of Wyandotte chickens, including Black-Laced Red, Silver-Laced, Golden-Laced, Blue-Layed, and even Black Wyandotte bantams. 


  • Large variety of Wyandotte breeds
  • Superior customer service
  • High survival rate on baby chicks


  • Shipping fees are not included

6. My Pet Chicken

Location: Monroe, CT

Average Straight-Run Wyandotte Chick Price: $3.25

From fertile Chocolate Wyandotte hatching eggs to six-week-old Wyandotte pullets, you’ll find everything you could possibly want (and then some!) when you order from My Pet Chicken. This hatchery is known for its excellent customer service and high-quality chicks. 

Although My Pet Chicken sometimes offers only limited availability, the company does allow you to select your hatch date ahead of time. You can buy female, male, or straight run chickens, with discounts available for large orders. 

You can purchase as few as three chicks or as many as 100 or more. Vaccinations are available for chicks, if chosen, too. 


  • Discounts for large orders available
  • Can select your hatch date
  • Fertile hatching eggs available too


  • Chicks aren’t always suitable for exhibition purposes

7. Hoover’s Hatchery

Location:  Rudd, IA

Average Straight-Run Wyandotte Chick Price: $2.61

Hoover’s Hatchery is another top hatchery located in Rudd, IA. This company offers a variety of Wyandotte chicks, in addition to many other products. Hoover’s sells other kinds of poultry species, too, including bantams, geese, pheasants, guinea keets, and more. 

When you buy Wyandotte chicks from Hoover’s Hatchery, you can buy Wyandotte chicks by themselves or you can buy them with other kinds of poultry. You only need to order a minimum of five chicks per breed. This is ideal for people who want to start a small flock of Wyandottes and aren’t interested in hundreds of chickens running around!

Several types of Wyandotte chicks are available, including Silver Laced Wyandottes. Male, female, and straight run chickens are all options. You need to buy a minimum of five per breed as well as per sex. 


  • Good chick availability
  • Can select ship date
  • Minimum order of 5 per breed and sex


  • Some orders require a minimum of 15 chicks to be ordered

8. Welp Hatchery

Location: Bancroft, IA

Average Straight-Run Wyandotte Chick Price: $2.94

Located in Bancroft, IA, Welp Hatchery has been around for nearly a century. This company is one of the best, with shipping points in New Mexico, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and of course, Iowa, depending on the kind of poultry you order.

The benefit of this is that, in many cases, your chicks don’t have to travel quite as far to get to you. This can result in a flock that is healthier overall. 

When you buy chicks with Welp, you will need to order a minimum of 25 birds. Free shipping is standard on all orders, a huge advantage when you’re buying chicks online. 

You can buy various strains of Wyandotte chickens, like Blue Laced or Blue, or you can buy an assorted package (these tend to be cheaper). 


  • Assorted packages available
  • Free shipping
  • Multiple ship points in the United States 


  • Limited availability 

9. Valley Farms Hatchery

Location: Spring Valley, AL

Average Straight-Run Wyandotte Chick Price:$2.60

One of the few Southern hatcheries, Valley Farms is where you’ll find a wide variety of chicks at low prices. You only need to purchase three chicks at once. You can purchase as few as one, in fact – as long as you buy a male.

Each order is backed by a live arrival guarantee. You can also buy things like chicken raising supplies and hatching eggs, too. 

When it comes to Wyandotte chicks, Valley farms offers Gold Laced Wyandotte, Columbian Wyandotte, and Blue Laced Red Wyandotte. You can also purchase a general brown egg layer chick package, which frequently contains Wyandottes along with other chicks that will ultimately lay brown eggs. 


  • Low overall chick price
  • Each order backed by live arrival guarantee
  • Hatching eggs available 


  • Poor availability at certain times of the year

10. North Star Poultry

Location: Hamilton, MT

Average Straight-Run Wyandotte Chick Price: $15

North Star Poultry is one of the few hatcheries you will find in the northern United States. Located in Hamilton, Montana, this hatchery sells a variety of chickens that are recognized by American Poultry Association judges as some of the best in the United States. 

In addition to Blue Laced and Red Wyandottes (all of which are show-quality), you will also be able to buy five exclusive varieties of laying chickens and Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats here, too. The hatchery is a member of a variety of professional organizations, including NPIP and APA, and is also registered as an Avian Influenza-Free Flock hatchery.


  • Registered, exhibition-quality chickens
  • Hatching eggs and laying pullets available
  • Chicks can be marked with leg band or toe web punch


  • Pricy chicks

Wyandotte Chickens: Right for Any Coop

Great for beginner and expert chicken keepers alike, the Wyndotte chicken is a friendly breed of chicken that requires very little background knowledge to raise.

Whether you’re shopping for day old chicks or pullets to fill your chicken coop, this poultry breed is one to put at the top of your list for so many reasons.

mother hen with wyandotte chicks

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