What chicken coop DOESN’T need an adorable sign or some other accent piece to make it feel like home?


The right sign or toy for your flock can turn a ho hum chicken coop into a eye-catching piece of your property.


And in this week’s Adorable Coop! series, we’ve got some coop signs that you’ll want to DIY for your own coop! (You might also want to check out our rustic Welcome sign tutorial here, from guest writer Jenn).


None of these coops signs look too hard to recreate, and you can be sure to give it your own special flair so it compliments your flock’s home perfectly!


And if you need inspiration for building your own coop, here’s 55+ free chicken coop plans!





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If you've named your chicken coop you no doubt have a sign, right? Can I be honest here? Can I tell you that it's taken me months (as in several handfuls of weeks) to set aside the time and actually have all the materials in the right place at the right time. It really shouldn't be "hard" to get my act together and do as Nike (so affectionately says) "just do it". Truth is I usually have expectations that outweigh my abilities and I'm so easily distracted in such a wonderful way that well, this guy. This guy right here:he set aside some time, and made the magic happen. And for that I am grateful. He's my love. He's my life. Sometimes I want to stick a fork in his throat but mostly I just love, love, love him (and all of his power tools 🎯💃👍🏻) #thecoop #justdoit #chickencoopsign #doitalreadywillya #barnwoodmakesmehappy #signs #t4ccoopproject #luvthisguy #backyardchickens

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And here’s a coop that just looks really cool: