Please, don’t make these 5 common mistakes I see chicken owners making.


In this podcast episode of What The Cluck?! we cover 5 mistakes I see chicken owners making, and how to avoid these pitfalls. 


These are simple mistakes to make, but can have a big – and long term – impact on your flock. 


You’ll learn:


  • Why happy neighbors are crucial to raising healthy chickens
  • The biggest mistake I see, and how to avoid it
  • Why preparing before you get a new flock is critical
  • What to do if your vet doesn’t specialize in chickens



Links we discuss in this podcast:


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5 Ways To Feed Your Hens Right – Today! (free audio course)


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FrugalChicken Facebook Group


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What do you think are the most common mistakes a new chicken owner makes? Email me at or comment below!

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