Using store-bought chemical cleaners in your coop is a recipe for disaster.


On our homestead, we try to stick with all-natural cleaners – who wants an egg full of toxins, right?


I’ve found that essential oils are a great natural alternative that promote a healthier living environment and might even help your chickens lay better!


(A lot of you ask which oils I personally use in my coop. Here’s everything you need to know!)


In this episode, you’ll learn about essential oils you can use to make 5 different sprays to help your chickens live healthier lives.


You’ll also learn the dos and don’ts of essential oils, how they are a cost-effective alternative to store-bought cleaners, and how to buy them wholesale. 


You’ll learn:

  • The 5 ways essential oils can help you create a healthy coop for your hens
  • How to make your own coop sprays with oils
  • Why I don’t currently recommend using oils for medicinal purposes on your flock (and what to do instead)


Links we discuss:

Manna Pro

Where to buy Poultry Protector

The essential oils I use


(Ready to grab some essential oils so you can get bugs out of your life for good? Here’s everything you need to know!)