If you got chicks earlier this spring, no doubt they’re turning into young pullets and roosters now.


You likely have a million questions such as “when can I expect eggs?” and “how do I introduce them to my flock?”


Well, you’re about to get all those questions answered.


In this week’s podcast, I give you pro tips to helping your chicks grow into healthy pullets and roosters


(don’t forget my tip sheet: 7 Herbs For Healthy Hens!)


You’ll learn:

  • What you should feed them (and why certain supplements are critical)
  • How to train them so they know where their coop is
  • Why young chickens are even more vulnerable at night
  • The one thing you need to remember so your young chickens are safe while foraging



Links we discuss:

Manna Pro Poultry Website

Where to buy Manna Pro Grower Crumbles

Where to buy Harris Farms nesting boxes (TheFrugalChicken.com/NestingBoxes)

What Foods Can My Chickens Eat?



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