You’re going to love these gorgeous egg baskets which are perfect for collecting all those eggs in your chicken coop.

*(In this post, I give you the inside scoop on these lovely egg baskets which were sent to me by Harris Farms and Manna Pro Poultry to review. This review contains my honest and unbiased opinion. I test products to give you an idea of items you might enjoy on your homesteading journey.)* 

Product Description:

harris farms egg basket

The Harris Farms Free Range Egg Baskets come in two sizes: small and large.

The large basket holds up to 6 dozen eggs, while the small basket holds 3 dozen eggs. 

It’s made of plastic coated wire, and designed to fit the needs of the backyard flock owner.

The Good:

These stylish baskets are made of plastic coated wire, and the two I received were a neutral green color, so you can easily display the basket with all your eggs on your kitchen counter without it clashing with the rest of your kitchen decor.

The plastic wire also helps keep eggs from breaking as you’re loading them in, but that being said, it does pay to make sure you place the eggs in the baskets carefully. 

The wire also protects the eggs from getting damaged. My goats like to “help” me collect eggs, and broken eggs are a frustrating fate.

I found when using the basket, even if my buck crashes into me because he’s sure I have treats, the eggs are reasonably protected from an accidental bump.

It’s also solidly built, so the wire won’t bend or become misshapen, and the wire makes it easy to clean the basket, should manure get on it.

I like the wide opening that tapers into a narrower base – it makes the basket attractive, but still easy to put eggs into. 

The Bad:

There really isn’t anything bad about the Harris Farms Free Range Egg Basket. It’s simple, does the job, and at $13.99 for the large basket (on Amazon), you really can’t go wrong.

I suppose if pressed, I would say that you won’t be able to collect quail eggs in it because the gaps between the wire are too large to accommodate them.

The Bottom Line:

This is a well-made product that will serve you for years. In addition to being functional, it’s polished appearance makes it an upscale way to display your egg harvest before refrigerating them.

My recommendation is that if you have just a few chickens, then the smaller basket is for you. If you have a lot of chickens (I have about 50 layers), then the larger basket will fit your needs better.

You can learn more about the Harris Farms Free Range Egg Basket on

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