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  1. We keep a feeder of layer pellets in yard our chickens can eat from any time they choose to also have several large containers around yard of water,what else do we need to feed our chickens? they roam over our 6 acres during the day

    1. What can we feed our chickens along with layer pellets, we have several containers of water distributed in yard

        1. Thank u
          I get concerned they may not be getting enough to eat, we also go them bread about once a week, the 5 hens that r old enough to give us eggs lay one a day, every day

      1. My chickens love sweet corn ( out of a tin ) defrosted frozen peas and spinach along with the pellets

  2. Again thank you, I just went through making a desicion about changing the flooring of my coops, I have 2 one for the the bitties, I went from dirt to hay it has made a big difference. We keep hay around for the cows all the time anyway. I get something out of everyone of you posts.

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