6 Automatic Chicken Waterers That Are Pure Genius

6 Automatic Chicken Waterers That Are Pure Genius

It’s really important to make sure your backyard chickens have constant access to clean water – and it’s easy to do with an automatic waterer.


You can buy one, or make one yourself. It takes just a few minutes!


(I have a full tutorial here. It cost me $12 to make this waterer, but a reader recently told me she did it all for free. Better than spending $50 on Amazon for essentially the same thing!)



Here’s a collection of DIY chicken waterers we found on Instagram – they look pretty easy to make, too!


Automatic waterer out of an old barrel

This one looks pretty easy to make. Some nipples, a drill with the right bit, and you’re good to go. Just make sure if you buy a used barrel, it only contained food and is food-safe.


We use barrels in this DIY horse feeder tutorial – they previously had coffee in them.


Use PVC for easy install

This waterer uses PVC. You can’t see the rig outside the coop, but if you had a rain barrel outside the coop, then the waterer could stay full by gravity.


The set up below should only cost a few dollars to make – PVC is pretty cheap. Something else to consider is keeping it unfrozen during the winter. It will either have to be insulated or you can try PEX.

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Hey Laura @thechickenfountain! Our girl Etta wanted to know why Frank hasn't invented a mealworm flavoring system for the Chicken Fountain yet! 😂 We all love our automatic waterer from @thechickenfountain – I love it because I don't have to lug buckets of water out to the coop every day (it is hooked up to a rain barrel that collects water off the roof of the coop!). And the birds love it because it's easy to use & they get a supply of fresh, clean water! 👍 #WinWin #chickenfountain #chickenwaterer #mealworms #freshwater #farmlife #farmanimals #farmproblems #farmchores #homesteader #automatic #homesteading #iamcountryside #backyardpoultrymag #backyardchickens #birdsofinstagram #thepopahomestead

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Add nipples to a 5 gallon bucket

My tutorial up there uses a dish as the bottom of the waterer, but you can also try hanging the bucket. This one looks easy to build – you would just need the nipples and a drill, and a sturdy place to hang the waterer.


These 6 Adorable Fall Window Boxes Ideas Are Darling!

These 6 Adorable Fall Window Boxes Ideas Are Darling!

I love the looks of a window box, because it gives every coop a nice, polished appearance.


And it’s so easy to do, and easy to change for every season. With fall coming up, and the days getting shorter, we’re falling in love with the colors of autumn.


From mums to pumpkins to late summer blooms, there’s an idea here for every chicken coop. So get ready to get inspired!


Worried about your flock snacking on your flowers? Take a page from this genius fluffy butt owner, and put chicken wire over your window box!


We love how this coop uses the colors of fall – and they’ll never fade!

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How about this gorgeous arrangement?


Or these summer blooms:


Got green shutters on your coop? This home uses splashes of pink to complement them! Love!


And this is just a really cool looking coop (and we’re jealous!):

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Built this the other day #chickencoop

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Happy fall!

These 6 Adorable Fall Window Boxes Ideas Are Darling!

5 Fall Coops You’ll Love

Fall is nearly here – and that means fall decorations and colors.


And what’s better than celebrating the changing season by changing up our chicken coops?


If you love fall (and are definitely ready for cooler weather), you’ll love some of the inspirational ideas below.


Here are 5 beautiful Fall chicken coops that you and your chickens will love!

These 6 Adorable Fall Window Boxes Ideas Are Darling!

6 Adorable Coops You Need In Your Backyard!

It’s time for this week’s Adorable Coops! Here’s 6 original and beautiful chicken coops you’ll love!


Who wouldn’t want these in their backyard??




Adorable Coops: Reader Talent Spotlight!

Adorable Coops: Reader Talent Spotlight!


Ever see an awesome coop and wonder how the owner made it?


Well, this week’s adorable coop is a spotlight on reader Patrick Ober, who sent me these awesome coop photos!


I especially love the size of the coop and the windows – it’s easy to put windows in your coop to let in extra light and ventilation, and it looks like this coop will have plenty of both!


It looks like solid construction that’ll last for year and years! Congrats Patrick on such an Adorable Coop design!





6 Chicken Coop Roofs That Are Pure Genius

6 Chicken Coop Roofs That Are Pure Genius

Yeah, I get it – talking about chicken coop roofs is not exactly sexy. At least not as sexy as nesting boxes, right??


But here’s the cold hard truth: The roof of your coop is really, really important. The last thing you want is a roof that retains water or is structurally unsound in snow.


I’ve seen HUGE buildings (horse barns) cave in because of the weight of snow.


The roof of your coop is also space you can repurpose – it doesn’t JUST have to be a roof. For example, you can grow a garden on your coop – a garden of lettuce for your flock. How’s that for local food, LOL!


So today’s Adorable Coops article features 6 coops that have FABULOUS roofs that will inspire you!


This coop blends well into the rest of the buildings around it, and appears to have a vent between the wall and the roof. This is a great idea for super hot climates to increase ventilation!


This beautiful coop has a tin roof that rain will roll right off of – very important to keep your flock dry!! (I also want to steal that rooster statue!!)

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A few folks have been asking if we still like the chicken coop that we built using modified plans from @thegardencoop.diy, and the answer is YES. . We've made a few modifications since the coop first opened—we added a gutter and rain barrel, we added a pop door in the back, and we added a watering tube system so we don't have to go inside the coop to give the ladies and gent water. We also screw in plastic greenhouse panels over the outside of the run in the winter to serve as a windbreak. . The back of the coop is now connected to a fenced in 1/2 acre pasture that the flock cruises around every day (when we first got the chickens we free-ranged, but we have a lot of neighbors who don't control their dogs). . We actually doubled the size of the plans we used (The Garden Coop is the one we bought—affiliate link up in my profile), and it, in theory, has enough room to hold 16 chickens full-time. But since our flock roams a pasture and likes to roost in the open air of the coop and not in the hen house, I think we could easily house 20+ chickens in here. Right now, we have 11 (although we just ordered three new chicks). Highly recommended! . . . . . . #homesteading #backyardchickens #chickenkeeper #chickenkeeping #backyardeggs #backyardflock #rainboweggs #hens #chickencoop #chickencoopsofinstagram #chickens #chickensofinstagram #farmlife #farm #coop #crazychickenlady #urbanchickens #chickensaspets #flock #chickenlady

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How cute is that sign! The angle of this roof means snow won’t build up.


Another adorable coop with an angled roof!


The corrugated roof makes it hard for snow to stick around! And the hens seem to love it, too!



You know you want an herb garden on your coop’s roof. I would make it 6 inches deep to make sure there’s enough soil, and be sure to use some sort of liner!