Yeah, I get it – talking about chicken coop roofs is not exactly sexy. At least not as sexy as nesting boxes, right??


But here’s the cold hard truth: The roof of your coop is really, really important. The last thing you want is a roof that retains water or is structurally unsound in snow.


I’ve seen HUGE buildings (horse barns) cave in because of the weight of snow.


The roof of your coop is also space you can repurpose – it doesn’t JUST have to be a roof. For example, you can grow a garden on your coop – a garden of lettuce for your flock. How’s that for local food, LOL!


So today’s Adorable Coops article features 6 coops that have FABULOUS roofs that will inspire you!


This coop blends well into the rest of the buildings around it, and appears to have a vent between the wall and the roof. This is a great idea for super hot climates to increase ventilation!


This beautiful coop has a tin roof that rain will roll right off of – very important to keep your flock dry!! (I also want to steal that rooster statue!!)


How cute is that sign! The angle of this roof means snow won’t build up.


Another adorable coop with an angled roof!


The corrugated roof makes it hard for snow to stick around! And the hens seem to love it, too!



You know you want an herb garden on your coop’s roof. I would make it 6 inches deep to make sure there’s enough soil, and be sure to use some sort of liner!

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