Step aside for the Buff Orpington duck! This delightful creature has captured the hearts of duck lovers with its charming personality, productive egg-laying abilities, and, of course, its stunning appearance.

Join us on this quacky adventure as we explore the breed history, unique traits, egg and meat production, and the dazzling plumage of Buff Orpington ducks.

Buff Orpington duck laying in green grass

Buff Orpington Duck History Snippet

Our story begins in England during the late 1800s when the Buff Orpington duck (also referred to as Buff Duck) emerged as a breed. William Cook, a renowned poultry breeder from Orpington, Kent, brought these delightful ducks into existence.

Cook aimed to create a multi-purpose breed that excelled in both egg and meat production, while also possessing an attractive appearance. He succeeded beyond measure, and the Buff Orpington duck quickly gained popularity for its numerous desirable qualities.

Willam Cook is well known in the poultry world. He not only developed Buff Orpington ducks, but also chickens.

Personality Traits

Buff Orpington ducks are friendly and docile in nature. They often display a calm and gentle demeanor, making them a joy to be around. Their endearing personality traits make them wonderful pets and ideal companions for children.

These ducks, as well as many other duck breeds, can develop strong bonds with their humans and can even be trained to respond to their names. So, be prepared to form a delightful connection with your quacking friend!

Buff Orpingtons are a friendly breed and make good pets. The are relatively quiet and startle less easily than some other duck breeds, but they will alert if they perceive danger. They like to forage, although like most duck breeds, they need to be protected from predation as they do not fly

The Livestock Conservancy

Egg Production

If you’re looking for a duck that can lay a substantial number of eggs, the Buff Orpington female duck won’t disappoint. These excellent layers can produce around 180 to 220 large, creamy white eggs annually.

Their consistent egg production and warm and nurturing instincts make them great candidates for those interested in hatching and raising ducklings as well.

Buff Orpington Duck Meat

While Buff Orpington ducks are good egg layers, they also excel in the realm of meat production. They are considered a heavy breed and that speaks directly to their meat qualities. The male is larger and more appealing for meat, but both the hens and the drakes are sizeable enough.

Their flavorful meat makes them a popular choice for those seeking a delicious duck dining experience. So, if you’re considering raising ducks for meat, the Buff Orpington is a fantastic option that satisfies both the taste buds and the eyes.

Three Buff Orpington ducks standing on ground with leaves and twigs


These ducks have medium-sized, plump bodies covered in downy feathers and an oval head. They have lovely brown eyes. Their most prominent feature is their gorgeous buff-colored plumage, which ranges from a soft, buttery shade to a deep, rich golden hue. This beautiful coloration adds a touch of warmth to any flock.

We know about their buff plumage but what about the duck’s bill? Well, for starters, this breed proudly carries a medium-length bill. The drake’s bill is yellow, while a hen usually has an orange to brownish shade bill. They also sport a well-curled tail (which is one of my favorite feathers).

In both males and females, their wings are short and small. This is adorable, but it means it can’t fly well.

Basic Duck Care Tips

  • Ensure they have a predator-proof enclosure (at least overnight).
  • Provide constant fresh water (this is a bit challenging because ducks are very messy)
  • Allow free-range time if possible so they can hunt for worms, insects, berries, and other goodies
  • If they are cooped up in captivity all day give them some extra protein-packed treats like these.
  • Feed them high-quality feed that isn’t packed with fillers.
  • If you have access to a pond, they will be the happiest.


In the world of ducks, Buff Orpingtons stand out as a breed that combines beauty, temperament, and productivity. Their friendly nature, excellent egg-laying capabilities, and potential for meat production make them a beloved choice for duck keepers.

Whether you’re looking to add a charming pet to your backyard flock or to embark on duck cuisine, the Buff Orpington duck will likely exceed your expectations. So, why not consider inviting these delightful feathered friends into your life and experience the quacky charm of Buff Orpingtons firsthand?

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