How To Care For Baby Chicks Weeks 7-16

How To Care For Your Baby Chicks Weeks 7-16 [Podcast]

Last week we tackled your backyard chicken’s first 6 weeks, and in this episode we take on weeks 7-16!


(Want to listen to last week’s episode first? Click here!)


Weeks 7-16 are a little bit different then weeks 1-6 (especially weeks 11-16!) so we break down how you should care for your chicks each week so they grow into healthy layers.


You’ll learn:

  • What to feed,
  • How to introduce your chicks to your existing flock
  • How to keep them safe outside (in and out of the coop)
  • And more!



Links we discuss:

Manna Pro

Chickens: Naturally Raising The Sustainable Flock



I’d like to hear from you!

Are you getting baby chicks this spring? What breeds? Leave a comment below!

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