Preparing your chicken coop for winter is easy, but I have a few hard and fast rules about it.


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In this very first FrugalChicken podcast, I discuss 5 tips to prepare your coop for winter, and which of my “rules” about raising chickens I sometimes break during the winter.


I decided to start a FrugalChicken podcast first, to help a larger audience of chicken owners.


Second, sometimes is easier for me to just TELL you what the heck I’m talking about, and sometimes it’s easier for readers to listen to chicken talk while cleaning or working out.


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I expect to come out with a new podcast every week.


I have an article about this topic coming out on another site, which of course I will share with you. 


In this podcast, I discuss 5 tips to help you winterize your coop including:


  • Different ways to keep your flock warm
  • How to make sure they stay healthy and producing eggs
  • Tips about what NOT to do
  • How to fight winter boredom
  • And other tips and stories


Where to buy the items I discuss in this episode:



Further reading:

Here’s an article I wrote for Manna Pro’s Hearty Homestead blog!


I’d like to hear from you!

Which if the tips in this episode will you use this winter? Email me at or comment below!

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  1. we have 15 acers in chesterton in. and would like to have a small flock for our consumotion.

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