This week on Real Homesteader Stories, I tell you about our duckling drama & an update on the baby bunnies!


It’s been a couple weeks since my last Real Homesteader Stories (TM), and that’s because I’ve finally got the cough that wouldn’t die to go away. BUT I’m back now, with more stories about our farm!


Things were interesting as we tried helping a renegade duckling that broke free of the brooder and swallowed a string. You also get to see the baby bunnies (including the fosterlings) up close & personal!


(BTW, if you’re wondering, after three weeks of misery, I applied Eucalyptus + Melaleuca daily for 4 days using a roller bottle. Neat, no dilution. Learn more here.)




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  1. I enjoyed your episode it has been so long since I had rabbits. I had some angora rabbits in the winter they shed their hair and they were not good mothers either. My dad took care of the breeding and I feed and care for the rabbits. We had so many babies, and of course I played with them. Again please continue telling your stories.

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