Chicks, raccoon drama, chickens rolling, and nesting boxes are all on the table for today’s episode of What The Cluck?!


In today’s podcast, I answer your questions, and we got some great ones this week.


Like you, I’ve run to the feed store to buy some chicks, so it seems appropriate that most of this week’s questions are all about them!


Around here, they just stock very basic breeds, such as sex links, production reds, industrial strain Rhode Island Reds, you get the picture.


They’re so cute, it’s impossible to not leave with some – I’m sure you know what I mean! (And your spouse is probably rolling their eyes just as loudly as mine is!)


But they’re impossible to resist, aren’t they?


Anyway, in this podcast….

You’ll learn:


  • Why keep chicks in the house is important to their health
  • How to tell whether a raccoon or an opossum has killed your chicks
  • Why chickens roll in dirt (and it’s not just about bugs)
  • How heat lamps are critical to your chick’s health
  • Whether chicks need to be trained to use nesting boxes



Links we discuss:

Where to buy decoy eggs

Nesting boxes I recommend

Free instructional videos about chickens


Coming soon!

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